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The Guardian's Spell - An Otome Game Dating Visual Novel's video poster

A romantic school comedy about a girl whose life turns upside down when she meets a magical cat. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 5, 2014.

A romantic school comedy about a girl whose life turns upside down when she meets a magical cat.

Stuart Ritchie
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Stuart Ritchie

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About this project

Thank you all for supporting us and making this project possible!

Download the demo here:

Senior High School Student, Haruka Yokokawa, seemed to pass off as a typical, plain, standoffish, and awkward high school Girl. With her average grades, average looks, and general shyness, she was the type that rarely got noticed. There were times when she thought it was sad, but then, at most, she preferred to think that she was satisfied with her life and that she was happy with just having her best friend, cats, and the Internet. However, things changed when a cat she adopted online magically changed into a boy and made not one, not two, but three of the most well-known guys in her school have a crush on her. Now she’s got the attention she’s not even sure she wanted. According to the mysterious owner of the adoption center the cat-boy is from, Haru could undo the spell by changing and improving her average life.

Reluctantly, she accepted the challenge and started the mission to change her life... with the help of her best-friend, the pet and the three boys with false affections towards her.

However, what happens when she develops romantic feelings for one of those three boys? Will she still pursue the chance to break the curse or live her usual life with a false lover?
The Guardian's Spell is an Otome Game; a story-based video game that is mostly targeted towards a female market wherein its main goal is to get the female player character to form a romantic relationship with one of several male love interests.

It is also a Visual Novel, you can imagine it as a “pick your own adventure game” crossed with the modern age of computers.

You can experience the entire story in a different manner than a traditional book. The characters, their facial expressions, backgrounds and many other scenes are visualized and brought to life by the high-quality works of art and music. The story, however, is not limited to the words, images and music.

You will also come at certain points where you have to decide which choice is the right one for you. This way you decide how the story unfolds and experience it in many different ways based on the choices you make.

This game is more than just telling a story. You are the part of the story and with every choice, that ultimately leads to one of several different endings, the story becomes your own.

• Four sexy guys with whom you may develop a relationship.

• Create your own story by picking choices throughout the game.

• Fifteen endings which include Friendship endings and a Canon one.

• Original and beautiful music.

• Gorgeous and detailed visual art including backgrounds, sprites and CGs.

• Full voice acting by:

Haruka - Helene Daviau

Aiko - Sheila M. Gagne

Aki - Jonah Scott

Cato - Lee Turner

Ryouta - Alejandro Saab

Koneko - Ethan Nakashima

>>Main Character: Haruka Yokokawa

A seemingly ordinary girl with a weird sense of humor and an even weirder thought process due to the multiple websites she frequents in. Her two principles are: "They'll come when they'll come' and 'The lesser attention you get, the lesser drama and trouble you deal with' have caused her to live life to its not-so fullest.

She plays the ordinary, nondescript school-girl persona quite well and seems to love taking full advantage of it whenever she can. Her best friend has insisted that she really is an interesting person all in all and that she doesn't understand why she's so persistent on not being more outgoing. She then retorts with 'It's a drag.' or 'I don't really aim high'.

But now she has to make a quick drastic change in her life lest she'll have three guys fawning over her forever and ever and ever...

>>The polar opposite of the MC who's also her best-friend: Aiko 'Rai' Mariano

A charismatic Filipino girl who migrated to Japan to live with her mother and a new stepfather. She may be a rowdy, childish tomboy, but she’s been through a small number of relationships with guys back when she lived in the Philippines. She’s loud, energetic and happy-go-lucky. She also has the kind of fashion sense where she likes to stand out and look unique, hence her unnatural hair and eye color.

Haru met her in their second year of Middle School. She noticed that she wasn’t taking down notes and looked frustrated, so she lent her a pencil. Turned out Aiko lost hers and since she was a new student, she was kind of hesitating to borrow from someone on her first day. Haru was the first classmate to voluntarily extend her kindness. They’ve been best friends ever since.

>>The annoying little pet who ruined everything: Koneko

Haruka thought she just adopted a cute, innocent little cat, but she couldn’t be more mistaken. Imagine her shock and surprise when she found out that it could turn into THIS boy. He claimed to be a genie at first, then cupid, then a fairy godparent. He said he came into Haruka’s world because he had heard her innermost pleas and he wanted to grant her wish. Whatever he is though, he is obviously far from a normal human being.

To Haru's dismay, he doesn't assume his cat-form all that much and doesn't hide his ears and tail, so she introduces him to people as Wakahisa Koneko, a cosplayer friend she met online.

>>Intimidating and violent? A dude Haru is really scared of: Ryouta Akamatsu

Aiko's step-brother who’s famous for being a guitarist and vocalist of a popular band. He goes to school because he said he doesn’t want to forget about his education. He used to have many bodyguards before, but now they’ve all disappeared. His fans are usually afraid of approaching him what with the rumors of his hair-trigger temper and him hitting and shouting at everyone and everything that annoys him, regardless of gender. Plus, there’s that scary look he always has which causes even the teachers to get intimidated by him.

Despite her best friend saying he’s a nice guy deep down, Haruka is still terrified of the thought of interacting with him.

>>The foreign (yes-man) gentleman: Cato Bennett

A guy from the UK, who moved countries many times with his writer father, who raised him all by himself. He’s been held back in High School by two years due to moving in the middle of a couple of semesters. They settled in Japan when he was eighteen and he has finally continued his studies then.

Since he’s the eldest student in school, he’s referred to by everyone as Big Brother Cato. He’s one of the smartest students in Haruka’s class and often gets the highest rankings in tests. And to top it all off, he seems like he’s not even trying to get the top spot. He’s clumsy and almost always late or absent in class due to unfathomable reasons. He is a bit of a doormat though and grants everyone’s favors to the best of his ability. He was everyone’s favorite for being the Student Council president, but he didn’t run for the position much to everyone’s confusion.

>>The Casanova dude that's secretly a dork--able: Aki Kaiser

A Half-German and Half-Japanese teen model. He is craved by almost every woman in the campus and most of the town. He likes to flirt with women, but never enters an actual relationship. He would have had his own fan club, but he kindly and most likely seductively asked the supposed founder to not push through with it because that’s not really the kind of thing he wanted.

Haruka admits that Aki Kaiser is a good-looking, sweet, young man and she knows that despite his flirtatious attitude, he’ll make his future girlfriend, whoever she might be, happy. They seem to have a past together and when her best friend asks her about it, she dismisses the subject and claims it’s nothing big. She did, however, note that he and Aiko kinda have a lot in common or used to have a lot in common. She also laments the fact that his feelings for her were only stirred-up by Koneko's magic. 

• £350 - Music

• £1100 - Sprite and CG

• £350 - Backgrounds

• £350 - Writing/Production

• £350 - Programming

• £3000 - Want more of Guardian Spell? We do, too! At this goal, we can extend the story and make it even richer, delve deeper into the lives of the characters, add more art, and possibly add more unlockable endings!

• £4000 - More Secrets! Everybody loves them and we will hide them for you! Can you discover the amazing secrets the boys have to hide?! Yes you can, if we reach this stretch goal.

• £5000 – Discover a new Hidden Character! Take on a refreshing point of view on the Guardian’s Spell by following his route.

After developing our first free project, Pyrite Heart, we decided to dedicate ourselves to make a larger and even more enjoyable visual novel. Please feel free to have a look at our previous work on our website: 

The Guardian's Spell is our second visual novel and otome game. After finishing the first one, Pyrite Heart, many of our new-found supporters had requested to make a visual novel which would contain more content and have a longer lasting storyline and thus, this project was born.

However, such a big project requires funding. With your help we want to make The Guardian’s Spell a project with an exciting soundtrack, many backgrounds and a large amount of high quality artworks and characters. The game will hold a total of 15 endings, a long and engaging story, as well as a lot of other features! We are looking forward to make this dream become a reality, together with your support.

We hope that this will help you to understand what kind of visual novels we are trying to make, as well as the quality level we are aiming for. If you’re not accustomed with Visual Novels, The Guardian’s Spell will be a good choice to start with!

Together we can make this idea come true and bring another beautiful otome game to life. Every form of support will mean a lot to us.

Risks and challenges

One of the biggest challenges for us developing this product was locating funding. The Guardian’s Spell will be the largest and most ambitious project we started yet and as it is being created by a small independent team we rely on the funding from kickstarter in order to complete this project to the standard it deserves.

The main risk we face is that of failure. If this project is not successful then it may hinder our future efforts to create more ambitious projects like this one. However, we are confident in our own skills and capabilities and with your help we will be able to deliver a high quality and enjoyable product, provided there is enough support from backers on kickstarter and beyond.

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