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$13,196 pledged of $50,000 goal
$13,196 pledged of $50,000 goal

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Android Module & Summer Moto Glove - they're here!

Sync, Answer, Record, Play
Sync, Answer, Record, Play

You Asked!  We're Delivering!

 New, lightweight, perforated leather summer BearTek gloves are coming to market.  We've launched a short campaign on Indiegogo to fund the pre-order of these exceptional gloves.  These gloves and modules are 50% of the price they'll eventually be listed for on  We expect to deliver the newest entry into the BearTek line of gloves to our backers this spring.

New Gloves!

We are working on the 3rd revision (of possibly 4 or 5) of the new short cuff warm weather motorcycle gloves.  These new gloves include the module-sized pocket on the back of each hand, a microUSB cable for charging, discreet knuckle protection, perforated leather for increased breathability, Adjustable wrist strap, and gel padded palm with a second layer of leather for extra comfort and protection.

As per the design of all BearTek gloves, if you already own a module from a previous purchase, it'll work with these gloves perfectly.

New Functionality

For those who haven't kept up, we now not only control smartphones (including Androids), we can now control your GoPro Camera!  See the video on our campaign page.

 Go to Indegogo to PRE-ORDER your BearTek Summer Motorcycle Glove & Android Module. The new Android module & gloves are compatible with all current products! Gloves and modules on the Indegogo campaign are HALF OFF what the full retail price will be – act now! For more images and information, please visit our campaign at


The Team at BearTek

Time's runnin' out!

Hi Backers!

The deadline for getting free shipping coupled with the $30 discount is running out using the BACKERS1309 promo code.  September 30th is the last day that code will work - act now!

Cheers to you all!

-Blue Infusion Technologies

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BearTek Gloves - Get yours!

Hello BearTek Glove backers, 

As you know, we've launched our new site and things are going well. If you have not taken advantage of the premier sale price and the free shipping, now is the time to do it. Time is running out. 

Remember to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@BearTekGloves), and use your Promo Code: BACKERS1309 

Wanna see BearTek Gloves in real life? Find us at Biketoberfest in Daytona, FL from October 17th - 20th. You can also find us at the AIMexpo on October 16th - 20th in Orlando, FL. 

The list of places you'll find us is continually growing and we love to meet our awesome backers and fans! Let us know on Facebook if you'll be at any of these events - definitely come say 'hi' and see what's coming NEXT! 


Use: Promo Code BACKERS1309 

Follow: @BearTekGloves 


Thank you!

The BearTek Team

One Day Left! Get Your Own BearTek gloves!

Hello BearTek Backers, 

This is your friendly reminder that BearTek gloves launch in limited quantities on  Get yours with free shipping using promo code BACKERS1309.  Read below for a little more information about what's coming.

Promo Code: BACKERS1309 Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @beartekgloves.

Extra info: 

  • The size of our module has literally been reduced by more than 50%. 
  • Smaller and alternative sport glove development coming soon! 
  • Blue Infusion Technologies attended both the Snowsports Industries Association Trade show in Denver, CO and the Indianapolis Dealer Expo show in Indiana and made a huge splash at both. We’re on the map.

*** As a result of the Trade Shows, we've received some notable media mentions*** 

Looking forward to seeing you at

The Blue Infusion Team

BearTek Gloves Available September 9th

Hello Kickstarters,

We are pleased to announce the launch of BearTek gloves on September 9th, 2013 on our redesigned website (going live on launch day).  A SPECIAL OFFER FOR OUR KICKSTARTER BACKERS – DISCOUNTED PRICE AND FREE SHIPPING WITH PROMO CODE BACKERS1309.  We have limited quantities of BearTek gloves in stock, so order as soon as we go live!

  • Questions: Can I share this promo code with people I know? Yes – we don’t have a means of tracking who uses the code, so just by virtue of you sharing the code (hint: Facebook/Twitter/blogs/forums), your friends and family get the same offer. 
  • Does this code have an expiration date? Yes – It’s good for September 2013. After that date, the code will no longer work. 
  • What happens if you are sold out before I get to buy? We will honor your code for any back-orders which may occur. 
  • Am I going to love my gloves? Without a doubt! 

Promo Code: BACKER1309 

Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @beartekgloves. There is already a ton of activity there!

Want to know what's been going on over the last several months since our campaign?  Find out on Facebook!  You REALLY want to see what happened in February!  It's been amazing.

All the best,

Willie and Tarik

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