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A feature-length documentary about the world of frequent flyer miles and some of its most enthusiastic participants.
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Gabriel Leigh

310 backers pledged $18,907 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Frequent Flyer progress

Hi all,

Rest assured that I'm working hard on coming up with a schedule I can be sure to stick to. My original timeline was wildly out of line with reality--that I know now. At the same time, nonfiction filmmaking is an unpredictable endeavor, and my main priority is to not put out something mediocre in order to stick to an arbitrary schedule. I'm going to make this thing great and I hope you'll understand if that takes extra time. And the film will get done. I'll get back to you with a new timeline as soon as I can. In the meantime if you'd like to discuss what direction the film is taking and how it's shaping up, feel free to email me!

Thank you, as always.

Progress report and what to expect from here


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January update!


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Fall final shoot update!

Hi everyone, thanks for your continued patience with this project. I'm busy at work setting up what should be the final round of shooting, and I'm looking for some new people to put in the film. Have a look here for all the latest:

Thanks again, have a good weekend, and as always, happy flying.


June update

Hi backers, I'm terribly sorry for the continued lack of frequent updates. For those that don't know, I did have a baby in May – and babies tend to be a pretty good excuse, right? I also moved countries a few times. But never mind about that. My main message to you today is:

1) The film is still progressing even though I've missed a few target completion dates. Don't worry!

2) I'm only going to be done with this film when I'm convinced it's going to be good and I have everything I need to make it so, and that's taking some time. But rest assured it will be completed eventually and it will be good when it is. I want it to be worth your while (and your backer dollars). And mine.

There are plans brewing now, which I can't reveal the specifics of just yet, for a way to really hunker down and complete this film after the summer – that includes clearing the decks to be able to focus on it fully for a while, and pursuing an interesting new storyline or two. 

In the meantime, for those of you who haven't seen it yet I've launched a little side project which will act as a complement to the film as well as be host to its development –, my new site about miles & points, flight, and the travel they make possible is where I'll be posting updates, promo spots and trailers from the film as they're ready. I'm hoping the first round of this will be coming in the next few weeks. (I'll be sure to mention it here too when it is.) 

There's a dedicated film page on and there's lots more content elsewhere on the site for you to browse while you continue to wait for me to get this film done. I'll be posting on the blog there pretty constantly as I do so, and I do hope you'll join me over there.

Thanks again so much for your patience and I'll be in touch again soon.