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MiniToy 3D Printer - The World’s First Kid-friendly and STEAM Ready 3D printer.
You missed out on the MINITOY Kickstarter campaign?
You missed out on the MINITOY Kickstarter campaign?
263 backers pledged $74,834 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Garrett Grenier

      Long shot but anyone have any luck with customer service (cough cough... I said it was a long shot) my printer isn’t receiving power anymore and I need some help.

    2. Missing avatar

      Yvette Masullo on

      CAN ANYONE OUT THERE SHARE THEIR CURA SETTINGS PLEASE???? I'm so confused. Nothing sticks to the bed, and now my filament won't feed. HELP HELP HELP

    3. Missing avatar

      Blake Lee on

      Found this international phone number for them. (086) 755 8669 9130

    4. Chip Plunkett

      I have tried via all mediums and as you stated they do not answer. Do you have any suggestions?

    5. Mike on

      Chip, you can try via Kickstarter, Facebook or Email ( The problem is they do not answer …

    6. Chip Plunkett

      Does anyone know how to get in contact with the company?

    7. Garrett Grenier

      Anyone else's printer stop receiving power? Any suggestions?

    8. Mike on

      I think we should all report the project to raise awareness:

    9. Chip Plunkett

      Where has this company gone? My printer bed does not raise up at all. This is a disgrace

    10. Missing avatar

      Salman Al Rasheed on

      I too have a non-functioning Minitoy since it was delivered! Faulty device and no response from @creator!
      A total waste of money :(

    11. Mike on

      @creator are you still around?

    12. Mike on

      This is ridiculous. Since end of February I have a broken MiniToy and Weistek is ignoring all requests.

    13. Missing avatar

      Blake Lee on

      To go along with Portable's comment below... do you have an ETA on the items discussed in the FAQ? Such as going to the website to have STL files sliced into usable code, library with thousands of items, etc.?

      I am not having any luck with CURA working. Not to mention, this was designed for children and my 10 year old is having issues remembering everything I am showing him. Find the file, import it to CURA, make sure Hess settings are right for base and support, convert to G code, insert SD, save as specific file name, etc.

      Due to limited library, this is definitely not as kid friendly as the original videos used to suck us into backing this project. Don't get me wrong, I am playing with it too, but I am having issues trouble shooting because of these work around a. A child definitely would too.

      Overall though, we are having fun when it works. Thanks!

    14. PortableTech on

      I know they have released two update files, one with Fruit and Veggie markers, and one with more Zodiac items. But they do not say how they should be added to the SD Card. Do they just go in the default folder, or unzip them in the top level? Anyone use these two new files?

    15. Annie Tsai on

      This is a joke. I only received the damn color ink rolls but NO PRINTER!!! Where IS THE DAMN PRINTER?

    16. Mike on

      Another 10 days without reply. Can you please answer my emails. Thanks!

    17. Man Greig Farin

      What are the Cura specs for the Mini Toy?

    18. Missing avatar

      Gary Hoffer on

      @weistek I have not heard from you in 2 weeks. I would like an answer to my email to you. Would you please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      Betsy Crafton on

      I have lost the power cord for the 3D printer. How can I get a replacement?

    20. Missing avatar

      Neal Bicker on

      Please also respond to my emails. Thank you.

    21. Mike on

      @weistek again a week without replies on my emails ... please respond and offer a solution for my technical problems. thanks.

    22. Garrett Grenier

      Thank you for the reply I just sent the email as requested with photos attached

    23. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      @Annie Tsai
      We have sent email to your mailbox,please check it,and any question please contact us thank you! E-mail :

      Yours Sincerely
      MiniToy Team

    24. Annie Tsai on

      I only received a box of SPOOLS and no printer. And I've tried to reach out through Kickstarted three times once January and no reply. What gives?

    25. Missing avatar

      Hsiao Ming Chun on

      it didn't work well,can I got a new one?
      even a easy ABC letter,it can't done it
      the letter always move with the machine which move around.(don't know how it call)

    26. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      Sorry for the late reply,we have received your feedback,but based on your descriptions, this seems to be an unusual technical issue for us too.Therefore, it is taking a little longer for us to investigate and reply to you.We will get back to you shortly.

      Yours Sincerely
      MiniToy Team

    27. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      @Japheth Dillman
      Please discribe your problem or take some photos,and send email to

    28. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      @Garrett Grenier
      Can you take some photos and send them to,we will try to check the reason for you.

    29. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      @Neal Bicker
      We have sent an email to you about your parcel,please check your mailbox.

      Yours Sincerely
      MiniToy Team

    30. Mike on

      @weistek do you plan to answer any emails? I am waiting for weeks now on an answer to my hardware problems. Sent to,, here in the comments and as direkt message to the creator.

    31. Garrett Grenier

      Mine worked great used it last night and several times before. Went to turn it on tonight and nothing... no power at all. Any suggestions?

    32. Bastien Favre on

      @everyone facing quality issues:

      I too have removed the tube with spring, and even the blue box. I have disconnected the fan as suggested by Miky_Mike. I am now getting better results. I will post pictures on facebook forum tonight.

      Of course, you should know what you are doing, and keep an eye on your minitoy while it's printing. So far so good.

    33. Japheth Dillman on

      My Mini Toy does not work. Who do I contact to resolve this issue?

    34. Missing avatar

      Neal Bicker on

      Still waiting for mine. Anywhere I can get a shipping update?

    35. Garrett Grenier

      @nick what temperature are you printing with blue? I have seen in the comments that it prints at 220 regardless of what you set but I don't know how to confirm if that is true or not. Mine is not just a little more brittle, it is super loose or the layers don't stick together for a lack of a better description. Almost no comparison to a correct print with other colors.

    36. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      I have been disconnecting the feed tube right before the extruder housing, there's a 10mm nut holding it in place, and that way it doesn't waste as much filament when loading. I have used blue and it seems OK, a Little more brittle than red or yellow but not as bad as some people have said.

    37. Garrett Grenier

      Enjoying my minitoy for awhile now, no real issues. I have a few questions though.

      What is the maximum build plate size I can insert into cura? The size that came with the file you provided for us doesn't seem to utilize the entire print bed. I feel as though it could be set slightly higher.

      Is it possible to pause a project and change colors in The middle of the print or to switch to a new roll of filament?

      Anyone have any luck hooking this up to a raspberry pi?

      The changing of filament still seems to be wasteful and time consuming there has to be a better way then what I'm doing which is to cut the filament near the hole that you insert it into near the spool and hitting load filament like 6 times until it all comes out.

      Has anyone had any luck printing with blue

    38. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      @JoJa Dhara
      We are sorry for the problems that arise, after all, the first time we have launched this type of product.
      You mentioned the blocking material, as well as the fan sound too big problem, we are trying to improve, some have completed improvement. In this year we will introduce improved version, these problems we will improve.
      At the same time, we will vigorously improve from the user experience, to ensure that users have a better experience.
      Thanks again for choosing our products.

    39. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      @kamil szczudlik
      Thank you for your choice.
      If you need to buy a direct mail can or

    40. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on

      @Martin Eichelmann
      @Betsy Crafton
      Thank you for your patience.
      The following is the step of feeding.
      Feeding steps:
      1, start the machine, turn on the power switch;
      2, open the APP, the device connected MiniToy;
      3, select "connect", the upper right corner of the connection indicator light into a green;
      4, select "load filament", until the temperature rose to set the temperature (about 50 seconds);
      5, to be prompted to feed the APP screen, the material into the right side of the machine "feed hole", forced to push filament, until the nozzle outflow filament.
      You can contact us via

    41. Missing avatar

      Tommy Jen

      Finally waited for the android app. Opened the box, and started the machine as directed.

      Now printing the animal toy as I write. Sound not as bad as I read in the comment.

      Some issues
      1. Sometimes not connecting to the machine, need a few tries
      2. Loading filament also needed few times, error in operation. But after few tries, managed to heat up to temp

      Next up will try finding external stl files to print

    42. Bastien Favre on

      @Joja : On Iphone, I have this problem, you need to kill the app then restart it. Once I left the iPhone for very long (by accident), it did connect... Android might be the same?

      @Miky_mike, thanks for your hints!! I'll be trying that shortly and let you know!... through the fb forum though? (I don't like the way it works, but at least it's easier to find previous posts).

    43. Gary Lee

      UPS tried to deliver the Minitoy to me today. Sadly I had to reject the shipment because the declared value seems to be wrong. They wanted to charge me VAT too! Weistek please check!!

    44. JoJa Dhara on

      With the Ipad still had a printing problem that he keeps saying Waiting... now i have an android version... did connect ..did load the filament but still print says Waiting... then I turned him of for a couple of hours. Try to reconnect again and now problem is he does connect to the wifi but not connect to the app.... any ideas?

    45. Missing avatar

      kamil szczudlik on

      How do I order additional filament?

    46. Miky_Mike on

      LAst, i switch off the fan on the head. To disconnect the black and red cables.

    47. Miky_Mike on

      @Bastien, @team, @all
      I tried to connect the printer with Simply3D in wifi, it does not work. It would take octobpint can be and a rasberry card. And that will not change much because we send a command in g-code.
      The solutions, because there are plenty of problems.
      I removed the debleu cage from the head, disassembled the ptfe tube and the system that held it above the fan, remove the spring. This is of no use except to constrain the filament and make vibrations and noise.
      I made a hole on the blue plate of the Z-axis, slightly above the feeding hole. I placed a piece of ptfe between these two holes to avoid friction on the fairing. Thus the filament is no longer constrained and circulates better towards the print head. And if you have to change it, you cut off the extruder. More filament loss ...
      Then to have a good extrusion and thus a good impression, it takes a good temperature. And avoid that the nozzle gets blocked or is full and that the extrusion does not happen, you enter the extruder jump, clack, clack, clack, like that ...
      It is therefore necessary to adjust the temperature of the filament in the g-code to 200 ° C. for the PLA of this brand. Or in your slicer.
      You know, the more complicated is the enemy of 3d printing.
      When one can dispense with a piece that does not have anything, it must be done.
      The filament must undergo the least stress, the heating temperature must be adjusted to the speed and to the filament, see at room temperature.
      Put the least amount of metal parts, if you can replace them with plastic parts, this avoids vibration sounds.

      I now have good impressions.

      For those who have types of problems, I hope you have helped a little.

      French 3D printer !

    48. Weistek Co., Ltd. Creator on


      Hey, guys! MiniToy App for Android is now available on Google Play store! You can search “MiniToy” on Google play or click this link below to download it.…

      MiniToy Team

    49. Bastien Favre on

      I haven't studied all possibilities, but I still hope at some point we could get an windows (mac) app with more control on the printer, that could also allow us to heat PLA, take it out the reverse way (not the way extruding), in order to replace PLA. Possibly do this with gcode?? Also, I hope we can learn a bit about firmware editing?... let's dream a bit still... kickstarter is a place with many surprises, disappointment, hopes!!

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