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The Garage is looking to rebuild one of its walls and make some much needed improvements to the rest of the building.
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Checking in

Posted by Sam Bush (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Apologies for being somewhat out of touch since you all so generously donated to The Garage's renovation. Since we've received the funds we've installed new flooring, new lighting, a hanging system for our art, a new sound system for our concerts; we've redesigned our website and purchased a camera for our recently launched Garage Video Sessions project - and we couldn't have done ANY of it without you!

We wanted to check in with you in case there are any missing rewards or any mixups. T-shirt receivers, is everything fitting OK? Ping Pong Tournament attendees, the tournament is Saturday, June 1 (this applies to all who are interested)! Poetry buffs, what do you think of Guion's poetry? Guests of Honor, the updated calendar of shows can be found below.

Please visit our website at for further news. In the meantime, we will be forever thankful for your support and encouragement. We hope to see you on the hillside for a show very soon.

Thanks again, -Sam

Upcoming Events:

May 19 // Luke Winslow-King 

 May 24 // Laurelin Kruse w/ James Moore 

 May 31 // Sarah White 

 June 10 or June 11 (TBD) // Cat Martino 

 June 20 // Tall Tall Trees w/ Prypyat 

 June 21 // Alpenglow 

 July 8 // Graph Rabbit w/ Jesse Harper 

 July 9 // Caroline Rose 

 July 15 // Valley Young 

 July 17 / Courtney Gallagher 

 July 19 // Kyle James Hauser 

 July 21 // Andrew Combs w/ Toy Soldiers 

 July 22 // Sam Moss 

 August 2 // Anna Vogelzang 

 August 3 // Psalmships 

 August 18 // Valley Young


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