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The Garage is looking to rebuild one of its walls and make some much needed improvements to the rest of the building.
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Almost there!

Posted by Sam Bush (Creator)

Hi folks,

First off, I can't thank you enough for your generosity and support for this project. We've raised 85% of our goal in one week and it looks like we could reach $10,000 well before the January 18 deadline. It's been extremely encouraging and humbling to see how many people care about The Garage.

We would still love your support to help get the word out to others. Many people - even those who love The Garage - haven't heard about the Kickstarter project. All it takes is sharing the link below on Facebook or e-mailing a handful of friends about it. Even if we meet our goal early, the more people that know about who we are and what we're doing the more our community can grow.

If we end up going over $10,000, there's so much more we can do! We're hoping to document art openings and concerts which will help The Garage have a stronger web presence and the better equipment we have to produce these videos, the more we'll attract high caliber musicians and artists from around the country (for example, we have our eyes on a decent camera for $380, but a much better one is only a few hundred dollars more). As a non-profit, we would also like to pay bands a small stipend ($20) to ensure that they receive the support they need to tour. After the deadline, Kickstarter and Amazon take 10% of the donations so overshooting the mark will help us get to where we actually need our budget to be.  We're now hoping to raise $13,000.

Again, we're so grateful for your support. It should go without saying that The Garage wouldn't be the special place that it is without the wonderful people who are a part of it. Please help us exceed our goal of $10,000 by spreading the word and encouraging more people to be a part of this community!

Thanks again,

P.S. Here are the outtakes from our Kickstarter video shoot to show you what The Garage community is actually like:


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