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The Land seeks resolution and healing in a region fraught with conflict.

The Land seeks resolution and healing in a region fraught with conflict.

The Land seeks resolution and healing in a region fraught with conflict. Read More
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After one cancelled attempt to Kickstart our project (which we successfully funded privately at that time) we are Kickin' it off again!

The Land is an original, three act play about ordinary people like you and I, in the so-called Holy Land , who are devastated by the ongoing cycle of violence that began before the formation of the State of Israel in 1948. Two families ( one Israeli, the other Palestinian ) struggle to find common ground, while this war without end tears apart the fabric of their lives. Beginning during the Second Intifada in 2000 and ending with the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's response to the eight year Rain Of Rockets from Hamas, The Land takes no sides, but exposes the political agendas of the current Zionist, Hamas and Fatah governments who all benefit by keeping the conflict going.

The Land is currently being workshopped in Taos, New Mexico with a multi-cultural, local, fifteen member cast and crew - We are Jews, Palestinians, Native Americans and Hispanics. Anglo, Afro, Italian, Chinese, Norwegian, German, French melting pot Americans - We are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan and Jewish. (That's me in the photo above, with my daughter Genevieve, who plays Catherine, an American journalist in The Land) Our message is simple: There is no 'Other'- we are One.

We have staged three performances at the Taos Community Auditorium and are now armed with a pretty impressive press kit, and thanks to our sponsors, wardrobe, props, sets and rehearsal space! We are getting ready to do a few regional shows this Fall - our intention is to take this play on the road and inspire American audiences to get involved with a new, bi-cultural grassroots movement for change in the region.

We are seeking immediate funding for theatre rental deposits, transportation, accommodation and other misc. costs to keep this project on its feet until it begins to support itself. In exchange for your pledge of $10.00 or more, we'll send you The Land poster once we reach our funding goal.
Please visit our blog for more information, video, cast pictures and frequent updates!


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