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Discover a humorous poem or epic story told through receiving and sharing beautiful, handwritten postcards. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 19, 2012.

Discover a humorous poem or epic story told through receiving and sharing beautiful, handwritten postcards.

About this project

*Milestone 2 has been reached! That means this will be a short story*

I love collecting & sharing postcards

I have been collecting postcards since I was a kid. I display them together to remind me of all of the awesome places I've seen, or I send them to friends so they can live vicariously through me on my journeys. Some of my favorites include postcards from Port Aransas, Texas where I lived on a sailboat; the one from Graceland with a cool image of Elvis; the holographic one I got in Florida from the Kennedy Space Center (Ok so I didn't really go there yet, but I bought it in the Orlando airport); and the ones from my own back yard that show images of my Native American heritage. Not only do they have good memories behind them, but they also make an eclectic piece of wall art. 

Another reason that I love postcards is the story that goes with them. This is where I use my passion for writing. I want to make some beautiful,  one-of-a-kind postcards for you Kickstarters using my fine arts background. Through these postcards, I will tell you a hilarious poem or an entertaining story. 

How it Works:

When you and others decide to support this project and increase the number of postcards to be sent out, by pledging to support my project  - it changes the type of tale told through them. 

Each 6x4 postcard will be hand-written, signed, and numbered so you know which order your piece of the puzzle will fit into (there will be at-least 5). Once you get your postcard in the mail, you can go to a secret Facebook group I have created only for those getting the postcards. Using your number(s) you will put your card into the correct order with everyone else's and you can either post an image of your postcard or type in the text, whichever is easier for you. The more postcards that are involved in this project, the more exciting it will be gathering them all together. Once all of the pieces are collected, then everyone gets to read them and enjoy! If some time has passed and there are still postcards missing from the assembly, then I will fill in the gaps to make sure that nobody is cheated out of the story or poem. 

The postcards will be sent out over a two-week period from different locations once they are created to ensure that everyone doesn't get them at the same time. 

What kinds of images are on the postcards? Because this is a unique postcard experience, each postcard is going to be original! Not only are you sharing what's written on the postcard, but you can also share its decoration  (if you want). The first two rewards will be postcards that come with a photograph printed on them that I will take. You will be surprised and hopefully pleased with the image and my love of nature and what I find to be artistic in my surroundings. It could be from nature, something industrial, one of my pets, one of my art pieces, or anything else I think will make a good, displayable picture. 

 Milestone 1. REACHED

5 - 15 Postcards

A funny (adult humor) poem written by me that you are sure to enjoy. 

Milestone 2. REACHED

16 - 100 Postcards 

A short story. What's it about? You won't know until the postcards are put together!

Milestone 3. 

101 - 250 Postcards

A long story. Who's it about? Maybe some of your names will show up in it!

Milestone 4. 

250 + Postcards

This is the big one. The one you have possibly been waiting for * drum-roll* it's a novel! A whole novel put together from postcards. 

More Rewards Possible: 

Each milestone reached in this postcard experiment will unlock a new reward - each more awesome than the last. 

Milestone 1

When milestone 1 is reached, hooray! The starter goal has been accomplished and the project will happen....however small but mighty it is. At this level, a new reward will pop up that will allow me to make handmade, beautiful postcards that will only be slightly higher in pledge price than those with photographs. 

Milestone 2

When milestone 2 is reached, another reward will be unlocked. At this level, for slightly more than that of the last reward, you get to choose the inspiration for your postcard! It will have a customized look that you may want to display in your home. 

Milestone 3 

When milestone 3 is reached, a reward will be unlocked and I will send 5 extra blank postcards to you to send to others! The pledge amount will be slightly more than the previous ones due to shipping and the supplies to make them. Show some postcard love. Another bonus of this milestone is that someday I will make another project similar to this one for those who like this project and want to experience it again. Thank you so much for making this happen! 

Milestone 4

When milestone 4 is reached, wow! That's a lot of postcards! Good thing I never get tired of them. This level is a biggie. A reward will be added to of course, receive one of the postcards. But also to pre-order a signed paperback book version of the collected postcards! Additionally, the person that pledges the most will get to help me decide what genre the postcard novel will be! I will send them a list of genres that I think would be great for this, and they get to pick the one! 


The funds raised in this project will go toward the supplies needed to make the postcards like the paper, ink, postage, and Kickstarter fees. Whatever is left over will go toward me continuing to make original artworks. 

Why Pledge?

Pledging to this project will allow you to be a part of a unique story being told in a unique way. By pledging, you are essentially joining a group of people who love postcards and want to bring them together to make something bigger.  It will be like putting together a puzzle and working as a team to find all the pieces (I love making puzzles as well). Not only do you get to read a poem, story, or novel at a very low price thanks to crowd funding, but you'd also be supporting my art, which will make me eternally grateful. 

If you want to see some stuff I have written and see what other projects I'm working on, then go to my blog here: 

Thank you for sharing in my love of postcards and story telling!


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    Receive 2 6x4 photograph postcard pieces of the poem, short story, or novel length chosen at random. (Add $1 if being shipped international)

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    Receive 1 6x4 hand drawn/decorated postcard with a piece of the poem, short story, or novel. (Add $0.50 if being shipped international)

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