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Discover a humorous poem or epic story told through receiving and sharing beautiful, handwritten postcards.
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Hi everyone! I wanted to check in on the progress of getting the postcards put together. A lot have been added but there are still quite a few missing. If any of you haven't received your postcard yet please let me know because everyone should have theirs by now. Also if some of you aren't on Facebook yet you can still join in or if you prefer you can email me your postcard(s) and I will email to you what has been found so far and keep you updated as they are added. 



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Ready to mail!

The postcards have all been printed and the story has been finished and written on them. All that's left now is to send them out for you to put back together. Those of you who have filled out the survey will have your postcards in the mail tomorrow. If you haven't filled it out yet please do so when you get a chance so I can send out your reward. I will be sending invites to the Facebook group within the next couple of days and when you get your postcard(s) don't forget to go on there and add yours to the story. I look forward to seeing it all come together and I hope you like it! 

Postcard Paper Ordered!

The postcard paper has been ordered! I have ordered the high quality postcard paper that will be  used in creating your portion of the story. It will be sent out to you by December.While waiting on the paper I will be working on the story and pictures. I have a story in the works that may be the one used for this project. I have one paragraph finished that I have shared with a couple of close relatives and they are really into it and want to know what happens next. So far it is a mystery/paranormal story.

There is an update with the pictures as well. I will be going to Disney World at the end of the month and I hope to take some cool (not touristy) photos of things that I can't find in my area to add to the variety of postcard pictures.