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The Broken Contract Miniature Starter Set is a set of 8 models depicting 5 Breakers (rioting miners) and 3 Prods (security officers).
The Broken Contract Miniature Starter Set has been funded. Follow the continued development of the game on the Broken Contract Design Blog.
The Broken Contract Miniature Starter Set has been funded. Follow the continued development of the game on the Broken Contract Design Blog.
63 backers pledged $4,221 to help bring this project to life.

We've Entered the Final Hours!

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Pushed too far!
Pushed too far!

We've entered the final hours and that means its time to make that final push. We're so grateful for all of your support thus far but we really want to push it a little farther. I added a middle Stretch Goal to help give incentive to share this Kickstarter campaign with your friends. 

We've discussed the value of adding extra pewter Weapons and Equipment to do weapon swaps or to use as dropped items since there are rules for Fumbling. Having a shovel laying on the ground is much cooler visually than putting a counter down. We want to make that happen, so if we reach a Stretch Goal of $4250, a pack of both Breaker and Prod weapons will be given to everyone who backs at FerrumSky Administrator or above! 

To recap our Stretch Goals:

  • $3500 Stretch Goal - Free Two Pack of Surveillance Drones
  • $4250 Stretch Goal - Free Weapons and Equipment Pack
  • $5000 Stretch Goal - Free Restraint Drone
The coveted Restraint Drone!
The coveted Restraint Drone!

To help us make that final push I'm going to do something 6 months ahead of schedule. I want to offer one last final Add-On. This is a pack of two more models. These models WILL NOT be exclusives as will be added to the scenarios that will be included in the final version of the rulebook later this year. They are Talla Kellerman, the Progen Technician, and a yet to be named Prod Gen-Mod. This 2 Character Add-On is only $12!

Talla Kellerman - the Progen Technician
Talla Kellerman - the Progen Technician
Prod Gen-Mod concept art by John "Geng" Gendall
Prod Gen-Mod concept art by John "Geng" Gendall

I think these additional Characters are pretty exciting. Talla Kellerman, as you can see, is all sculpted and ready to go. She carries a Big Wrench and Tools that can be used to do useful things, like Remove Restraints, but as a Progen she will need a little convincing to get her to break. The Prod Gen-Mod is something I've wanted to do for a while, and the rulebook scenarios really needed a "boss monster" to face off against, and a crazed Gen-Mod the size of Trest was a fun solution. And he has Shock Fists! 

That's all we have left up our sleeves I think. Go for the $12 Add-On if you can and share the campaign where you can. Let's end strong together!

Thanks everyone!


PS. How do you like this Prod Gen-Mod? He's a first draft. Keep those comments and suggestions coming!

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    1. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on April 9, 2015

      @Nick, cool that should make playing and playing against those characters interesting. will there be extra apparatus to pick up in each scenerio or will they be very scarce?

    2. Nick Baran 4-time creator on April 9, 2015

      @Tom Yep! And when you're a big guy with a saw, expect people to be gunning to take you down! ;)

    3. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on April 9, 2015

      @Nick, Cool, I take it the same applies to Trest as hes Gen-Mod?

    4. Nick Baran 4-time creator on April 9, 2015

      @Tom He did a rendition with chest armor earlier today that I'll post up in a bit in a new update.

      And yes, the Gen-Mod Apparatus can be triggered to negate the effects of Shocked and/or Drugged. It also restores 2 Wounds when activated. Once used though, it needs to be replaced.

    5. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on April 9, 2015

      @Nick/John, My thoughts on the armour, On upper torso just chest armour leaving his arm muscles on show and add some armour to his thighs too. maybe just a black ribbon tied around his arm to show hes Black Squadron Security.

      Do the Gen-Mod Apparatus affect play?

    6. John Gendall on April 9, 2015

      The Shock gloves are based on modern riot gauntlets, his mask is (I hate to say it) a "gimp" mask. If he looks like anything from another game it's pure coincidence. I've been trying not to make him look like Bane (from Batman) to be honest! :) I've just done a quick version of him in armour, which I'm now sending to Nick to post. See what you all think and keep the ideas coming and I'll do different versions of him, to put on Nick's blog next week.

    7. Nick Baran 4-time creator on April 9, 2015

      @Robh Having separate arms that slot in at the forearm is an easy option to make gauntleted and not gauntleted options. Modelers would want to putty it because there would be an obvious gap, but its doable for sure.

      I forget about Vor. One of our Backers gave me the Vor book when we worked together at GW in 2000 or 2001. I think I still have it in my attic. I'm pretty sure he painted up a few Growlers(?) and Neo-Soviets. But I digress...

      I think @RobertFerrick is onto something with the chest armor. The Overseers and Executives would want to protect him, not decorate him. That's my feeling anyway. I'd give him an arm band too (you'll see that on a lot of the Prods to designate they are from Black Squadron Security).

      I also had the idea of maybe doing one at some point that is hunched down with a giant riot shield that acts as a living battering ram so they could plow down a hallway hurling Breakers to and fro. I'd have to work out the mechanics but it could be good fun. :)

    8. Robh on April 9, 2015

      Thanks for joining the discussion John.
      I don't think he needs to be bare chested, give him a tattered uniform shirt with the Prod shoulder armour. With the shirt front open enough to show the gen-mod apperatus.
      Also l have been thinking where l saw the mask and huge gauntlets before and realised the Neo-Sov chem brutes have the same look in the old (excellent) Vor game. I would like to see an image without gauntlets, just bare hands and a length of steel beam as a club. More like a huge powerful version of a normal Prod, an OgreProd as it were.

    9. Nick Baran 4-time creator on April 9, 2015

      @Robert Ferrick Great ideas!

      @Tom I forgot to answer, the thing over his heart is part of his Gen-Mod Apparatus. Gen-Mods are fitted with this because they can work themselves to death. It monitors the heart and can deliver a direct adrenaline shot to bounce them back from being Shocked, Drugged, or taken Down/OutofAction.

    10. Robert Ferrick on April 9, 2015

      I am thinking that one way to emphasize the fearsome power of the gen mod would be to beef up the armor on the gauntlets. Giving the Prod Gen mod a Chest plate for his implants to be attached to and also as body armor would emphasize the fact that he is working for the Prods. I am picturing some kind of inch thick studded pile driver bracers overlapping the shock gauntlets. Basically an armored bracer but the part at the back of the wrist extends out over the back of the fist and is rigid with three round studs on a flat plane pointing the way the knuckles would for a fist. Only difference is these knuckles are charged up as well as being made of heavy metal.

    11. Nick Baran 4-time creator on April 9, 2015

      @Tom and @Robh One of the things that separates Gen-Mods from the rest of the population is their deliberate dehumanization. They are living machines, treated as equipment, so they wouldn't be given luxury items like coats. Instead, it would more likely have the "Black Squadron Security" portcullis logo branded into its chest. He'd be the big monster to fight at the end, but I guess saying "boss monster" might have created confusion about their place in the BC universe. He's lucky to have shin guards. ;)

      Now as for the weapons: Using a massive sledgehammer is very Snowpiercer (highly recommended movie from last year by the way). They had a scene exactly like that. When I originally envisioned him, I envisioned Shock Lashes (electro-whips) but was thinking of saving that for later. But maybe now is as good a time as any. Shock Lashes are melee weapons but have a 3" range, so he'd just need to get close to start taking people down. That would be a challenge.

      We also could go the route of not over-emphasizing his strength and give him 4 Actions instead of the usual 3. That would make him a total terror. ;)

      Keep the suggestions coming! I love it. :D

    12. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on April 9, 2015

      @John, Thanks for comming in to the comments, nice work on the concept art so far,

      Imo i think the Gen-Mod Prod should be bigger than Trest like a Super Gen-Mod, so Trest would have to really think twice before challenging him, if you have the Gen-Mod as a boss you want him impossing to everyone.

      I Agree with @Robh you want him to tie into the prods more, maybe adding a hat or trenchcoat/arm-less trenchcoat or both hat and trenchcoat, maybe his Prod badge grafted onto him on the oppersite side to his heart monitor or what ever it is (what is it exactly?)

      If you keep the electro gloves maybe some wires going to them coming out of his arms, i like how the gloves are grafted onto him.

      Other weapons for him maybe massive lead pipe, massive sledge hammer, just big metal gautlets/gloves, electro whip or two and for the Prods maybe elctro whips too

    13. John Gendall on April 9, 2015

      Hi all, I'm the Artist who draws most of the concept ideas for the miniatures. The Prod Pro-Gen is in first draft. As Nick thought you might all like to have a look at the design process and contribute.

      @Robh I was initially trying to get the Character similar to the other Pro-Gen in shape and style. The mask is the same, just added to, for example. Made it black and amoured to echo Overseer Billins.Yes your right, at the moment, the only thing that ties him to the Prods, is his legs.(and belt buckle) to at this point I normally ask Nick what else he wants, now we get to ask all of you. So any suggestions welcome.
      @Dave Farr I personally was thinking of him dragging a beaten breaker by the leg! That way it I shows his scale and savagery. I really do like the idea of different items that you can put in his hand to customise him. Like yourself, I'm always kitbashing/converting my miniatures. :)

    14. Robh on April 9, 2015

      Great to see some real progress. You already know I think the tool sprue is a great idea.

      Regardi g the Prod Pro-Gen, I am unsure about the concept art. Trest has enough similarity to the breakers that he looks like a part of the same group. The prod does not, there is nothing apart from the shinguards that unifies him with the other prods. It is a cool concept but he looks like a figure from a different game.

    15. Nick Baran 4-time creator on April 9, 2015

      @David Thanks for the feedback! The concept was submitted roughly 5 hours ago, so we have plenty of time to tweak him. He's a big model, so maybe we can do pieces for more than one build. I like the I-beam idea. :)

      What are some other "Hulk-smash" ideas? :D

    16. David Farr on April 9, 2015

      Pretty excited to see what the last 48 hours bring. The thing I loved about the first Gen-Mod was the beefy saw it was carrying...I think having a Gen-Mod wielding a iBar or something would be pretty cool. Something that demonstrates their massive power. If it is more feasible to do it more like the pic, it would be cool to have the hand open a bit for those of us that want to kit-bash it. :D