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$380 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Laura Abdel Pascarella
$380 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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Babies keep us busy and family can be far away. Hababy allows parents, grandparents and close friends to personalize the way they keep up to date with the one or many children in their lives. Hababy is a private social network that gives parents the power to share real-time events, experiences, and memories with family and friends in an easy and secure way. Hababy is fun, trustworthy, and thoughtfully simple. We combine usability with elegant design to ensure customers of any age or tech-experience can enjoy their time with Hababy. Parents have ultimate control over their child’s profile and can elect to keep private or share experiences with whomever they choose.

We've got a beautiful prototype! Now you can help Hababy build the actual product and enhance user testing.

Hababy was imagined by a working mom who:

1. Just welcomed beautiful baby number two!
2. Wants to help unite families spread around the world, especially those in the military and foreign service
3. Is part of a big, loving family living across the United States, Italy, Canada, and Egypt, with crazy schedules and varying levels of tech knowledge
4. Is in need of an easier way to sort and share the at least 10,000 pictures of her two boys (and that's only from the first three years and three months of their lives!) 
5. Is in love with her network of fellow moms, new parents, and friends living across the globe! 


New parents (before and after new baby arrives), Baby Boomer grandparents, other family members and friends of new parents, especially U.S. military and Foreign Service families, moms, child care providers, and families or friends that are geographically dispersed.  

What Drives Us 

Family. Collaboration. Innovation. Hababy seeks to help families and friends near and far build relationships with the growing children in their lives. To make early childhood rearing easier on busy parents. To establish word-of-mouth markets of moms that trust and look forward to their time with Hababy. To establish sustainable business practices and revenues to contribute to the betterment of children and families in need around the world. To generate customer loyalty that encourages the growth of the company on to new platforms enhancing family experiences in creative ways.

The Plan

After obtaining quotes from multiple mobile app developers and firms, it is clear that $25,000 to 50,000 is where we need to be to get started. With the Hababy trademark published by the USPTO, Kickstarter is our path to a viable product that begins to build our customer base and brand excitement. The Hababy app generated by this $25,000 will employ our current business plan and allow us to further evaluate Hababy's value to families, the booming baby industry and commercial partners, and the average mommy mobile user determining which baby apps to trust. VC inquiries may be in our future as we continue to build from there, but your help now is where it all starts! 

Join us today and THANK YOU for your contribution! Every bit helps! 

Grazie    شكرا    Gracias     Dankie     谢谢    faleminderit     dank je     Salamat     ধন্যবাদ       mèsi        Danke      mahalo     תודה      धन्यवाद      Merci       ありがとうございました        متشکرم         ధన్యవాదాలు       Asante    hvala ti     Děkuji     고맙습니다    Хвала вам    شکریہ   mahadsanid

Risks and challenges

Twelve years of working in the international community, public affairs, web content management, user experience, and customer service fields means much of our outreach plan is in the bag.

Hababy's biggest challenge will be securing the right company or person(s) to build our final product. With wide-ranging estimates from Virginia, D.C., and California companies, we want to embark on a trusted valued relationship that creates a high-quality product to be the foundation of Hababy itself! Finding the right, most qualified fit will be key.

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    If your babe's belly laugh gets the most attention online, he or she could be the laughing Hababy clip we need to promote our baby biz.

    Curious to know more? The name "Hababy" is born from the Arabic word "Habibi," meaning "my love" or "sweetheart." Our company name and trademark embraces the inherent affection of that word with a salute to the teeny, tiny, tots our application lives to serve. Hence, "Ha" "baby".


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