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33cm Rondeau and 33cm Skillet-lid. Lighter, more conductive, more durable than cast or old stainless: no clad/ply welds/rivets/screws.
33cm Rondeau and 33cm Skillet-lid. Lighter, more conductive, more durable than cast or old stainless: no clad/ply welds/rivets/screws.
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Oz KS13 is a stainless rocket ship! Humbled and full of gratitude for our Solid Supporters.

Posted by Rebecca Ramsay (Creator)

Dear Solid Kickstarter Family:

The subject of this Update shows the range of emotions here at Solidteknics: excitement seeing our biggest first day ever; amazement that our Lovers sets sold out in 2 hours; a deeper sense of gratitude for our growing Solid Support base, and ever-stronger sense of responsibility for the movement we're creating: a new era in wrought seamless cookware that is loved.

Thank you all for your overwhelming demonstration of faith in our vision for healthy, sustainable, and local cookware manufacturing. We will never forget it was YOU who build this brand and business from zero to solid in 4 years. It is looking increasingly like we may build a strong enough foundation to achieve our multi-generation sustainable business, in line with our cookware durability. And it is all because YOU had faith in our vision, and backed up that faith with real pledges.

Wow, what an amazing and exciting time we all had on the Solidteknics Cookware Lovers Group, with the fun comments and posts flying at rapid speed. We even learned about our 100 Lovers series selling out in 2 hours on social media! If you haven't joined yet, you're really missing something extraordinary unfolding:

What drives us? Initially it was Mark Henry's engineering curiosity. He knew rivets and disposable toxic synthetic coatings had to go, if we were all committed to a sustainable future to pass on to coming generations. Then, as we saw our following grow, and many more cooks put their faith in our vision, that drove us to push through all the tough barriers. Cookware manufacturing in Australia and the USA is no joke, with all the high costs and all the might of the big established importers. It hasn't been easy, but we're committed because you're committed.

More practical Updates will follow in coming days. For now, we just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for turning our dream into a reality. Like we always say, we are building this movement together.

Bless you and Happy Cooking!

Mark, Rebecca, Natasha, Kara, Lara, and the Solidteknics Team.

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      Kath on

      What a joy to be part of something Solid that is making the preparation of food even more sustainable and regenerative. Hooray for pans whose non stick coating is so renewable, where things that get cooked by "Burnie" (My distracted alter ego) are not a disaster, and for knowing that the pans I buy now will be still in use long after I am gone. Thank you Mark Henry, and thanks to your team!

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      JANE HEALEY on

      It’s our pleasure investing in the best quality cookware in the planet! Thank you Mark & Co for having the foresight,