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Australian-made 'Pan Grill-it' inserts convert your regular flat-bottom pan into a cast iron grill: healthy & tasty, outdoors/indoors♥♥
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    1. Rebecca Ramsay 18-time creator on

      Hi Roger,
      We're glad you love the Pan Grill-its and 2014 first year Sauteuse pan! We're not sure we understand though: do you mean you're surprised the two large PGs are the same, and the two small PGs are the same? It's the first we've heard that there was confusion over these rewards and we think we were pretty clear in the description of the rewards. One way to think of it is the additional large PG and additional small PG were free, but exactly the same models as the paid small and large PGs. Here's the original reward text:

      "2 x Reward A + 2 x Reward B + Reward C

      Reward C: Rare First Year 2014 casting of AUSfonte 24cm Sauteuse pan, only while stocks last!


      TWO (2) x AUSfonte Pan Grill-it SMALL size (180mm) + TWO (2) x AUSfonte Pan Grill-it LARGE size (304mm).

      All the same specs as reward A and B, just double. For Sauteuse pan specs see our website:"

      Apart from being very generous about giving the two free PGs, we also know they are very useful as a pair: you can do a lot of great grilling between two pre-heated PGs: steaks, paninis, anything you want grilled faster.

      I hope that answers your question and you're happy with the two pairs of Pan Grill-its and Sauteuse pan. Please let us know if you need any further clarification.

      Best Regards and Happy Grilling,


    2. Missing avatar


      Got everything yesterday and it is fantastic, but both of the Grill-It's for the large size are the same, and the small Grill-it's are the same. Was hoping for one of each in both sizes.