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A 15 minute, 2-4 player card game that proves you are absolutely no good at listening. For couples and friends alike.

Stretch Goal #1 - $13,000 - UNLOCKED

30 "write-your-own" cards. These 30 blank cards include a mix of all cards in the game: Talk, Action, Question, Demand, New Subject, and Refresh cards as well as Starting Emotions, Settings, and Comments. The mix of cards is statistically proportionate to the mix of cards in the game.

Stretch Goal #2 - $15,000 - UNLOCKED

The long box! The game box will be long and thin, rather than small and flat. It will both leave room for future expansions of "What?!? Oh..." and also look really fantastic on your shelf. 

The box's size and style - note that the content on the box side may change
The box's size and style - note that the content on the box side may change

This is the game box I have always imagined the game in but was unable to offer it at the 10K funding goal / $25 a game. However, if I reach 15K, I can cover the increased shipping cost.

And the website game companion! Also unlocked is a mobile friendly website for players. It includes:

* A larger list of Starting Emotions, Settings, and Comments.

* The ability to use the site to start new games of What Oh - just tap a Starting Emotion, Setting, and Comment and a random one of each will appear. Then you can use these in your game.

* User submitted Starter cards will show on a 'global feed.' Visit the site every day to see what cards other users created and play your own game with their ideas.

Updates and Events

November 5th - Second stretch goal added! The long box!

November 2nd - Our Second Review! The Nerdlyweds played our game, loved it, and wrote a glowing review for it.

October 31st - First stretch goal announced, new pledge levels and holy smokes we're almost funded!

October 25th - We crossed 50%!! Also, What?!? Oh... Behind the Scenes - Episode 1

October 18th How to play / Gameplay Video added 

October 14th - Update 3 - ALL GONE! 3 days later and all of the 100 pre-cut print 'n plays have been claimed. However, a new $11 backer level for pre-cut print 'n plays has been added for those that want the printed version of the game now without doing all of the work.

Launch Party - October 11th in Atlanta, GA. It was awesome and one person even brought home made What Oh cupcakes.

My first review (scroll down) "A hypnotic, addictive game... it's easy to hit a rhythm and play over and over" - Tasha Robinson at Gameological 

In What?!? Oh... players turn quibbles into jokes, bickering into banter, and all around ridiculousness into a winning distraction. It's a game of easy improv where the sport of talking meets the challenge of listening.

This game started as a class project where my very first playtester laughed out loud while playing. That one piece of positive feedback turned into 5+ years of testing cards and tweaking rules.

So, you're starting your first round of What?!? Oh... Your opponent flips over one of each Starter card and reads them out loud. 

He says "I'm overdramatic. We're driving off of a cliff... 'We need to talk.'" 

Now the round has started! So you choose a card from your hand to say or to act out. 

Players continue adding to the conversation with their cards, always drawing back to four cards. 

How do you win?

You win a round simply by catching a player with a Question or a Demand. If you play one, no one can play a card. They must answer you with their own response and then the conversation continues. Sound easy? There are also Specific Questions and Demands that must be answered correctly. Still sound easy? What's the first question I asked you this paragraph? You lose!

Here is a full How to play video. If there is still some confusion after watching, shoot me a message!

You tell me! I want to start this campaign out with a bang, so the first 100 people that give me their mailing address will get a printed, cut, and even pre-shuffled* copy of What?!? Oh...

* I did not actually use my hands to shuffle the cards, I just made sure they were printed in a random order

Doing the math, there's about 30,000 cards cut up in that box. Booya!
Doing the math, there's about 30,000 cards cut up in that box. Booya!


However, I added a new $11 pledge level for backers that want me to ship them a print n play version of the game. After pledging, send me your address by clicking the 'Contact Me' button to the right, under my profile picture, and I will send you a copy. 

If you don't want to wait, you can just print it out, cut it, and play it yourself for free here:

You may. To start, the Conversation Deck - the deck with all the lines and actions - contains 240 totally different cards. There are also 20 Starting Emotion cards, 20 Starting Setting cards, and 20 Starting Line cards. **The pictures above show 1 Starter per card, but the actual game will fit 3 to a card (which means there will be 60 of each Starter).

With the large number of Conversation cards - half of which are fill-in-the-blanks (think Mad Libs) - and the random assortment of Starting cards, I can literally promise you that you will never have the same conversation twice. It's just impossible.


Unfortunately, I'm not. 300 full color cards adds up pretty quickly and if I hit my $10,000 funding goal without going much past it, I won't even make a penny off of the game. However, if I do go past the base goal, I promise to make the most of your 25 dollar pledge by giving you sweet stretch goals.

The game box will not be the elongated box shown in the video. It will instead be the same size as a small USPS flat rate box:

The new box size
The new box size

I sincerely apologize for any confusion that may arise because of this. This change was purely made so that I could have a lower price for the game (25 instead of 30-35).

I have many-a-notebook filled with cards and ideas for What?!? Oh... These range from thematic expansions to gameplay expansions and even extends to other fields like language learning and therapy. However, it all depends on if this gets funded or not. Why pursue something that no one wants? This is all your decision!

My name is Chris Henderson, I live in Atlanta, GA, and I am a programmer by profession. I love bantering with my wonderfully supportive second half. I enjoy both tabletop and digital game design and I get most excited about building new game mechanics from the ground up.

Graphic Design: The amazing Anne Brogdon. Check out more of her stuff here.

Video: James Fleishel Great photographer and he just became a pilot, too!

Photo: Felipe 'hold the light for me' Seiber. Thank you for the last minute photos (especially the sweet cover shot)!

Audio cleanup and Social Media afiacondo: Tony Ross

Card and rulebook editor: The very helpful and friendly Lauren Ligterink

Best friend / Leaned on her / helped me way too much: Audrey Geller. Thank you.

Kickstarter Experts who spread their knowledge into the world: James Mathe and Richard Bliss

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Please note that the cards in the above pictures may be tweaked before they are sent to production.

For the manufacturing of the game, I am already working with the president of Ad Magic, Shari Spiro. ( If the game is funded, she will receive the green light (and the money) to start printing the game.

I plan on shipping the game by hand in USPS flat rate boxes. However, if I happen to sell a LOT of copies of the game, I have a slew of fulfillment services to choose from.

I have taken the 'slowly but surely' approach to finishing this 5 year project of mine. You know, like your parents always say "Keep your real job and work on your other ideas in your free time." I have finally brought the game to a point where I can put it out in the world and I will certainly make sure I get it out to everyone that wants a copy.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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