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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, January 21 2014 3:00 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $10,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, January 21 2014 3:00 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Jeremy Batts on

      Nice send off, guys. You got so much style. You look great in these pics. Can't wait to clone you in February.

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      Kim Magloire on

      Hi Quincy, I want you to know that there are many backers looking forward to the Quin doll. At SciTech Kids, we teach kids STEM and see the Quin doll as an excellent tool to reach girls and inspire them to use their imagination. We'll be ready to buy it as soon as it is released. KM

    3. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the support and interest! Although it's unfortunate that we didn't hit the goal, Quin isn't out in the least! I'll be posting an update tomorrow morning (Jan 21st) with the plans for release. ... It means a ton to us that everyone was so excited and supportive. We really appreciate it. ~Q

    4. Donald D. Parker

      Hi Quincy, Sorry for the outcome, can't believe it did not go. It is a great project and I will be on board when she flies... Don't give up, you are on the right track.

    5. ideaz3d on

      Hi Quincy. Greetings from Northern Mexico. We, at ideaz3d (the first 3d print shop and show room in Mexico), are rooting for you to get this project funded. If not, we would love to have Quin as soon as possible. We have great expectations for this doll and the impact it could have in our country. Even Mattel had to create a mexican-origin Monster High (Skelita) given de popularity of these dolls in Latin America. Kind regards. Cesar

    6. David Chase on

      Cool, I hope it makes it but that is great that we will still be able to get it later via your website.

    7. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      Hey everyone! If the campaign doesn't make it (which is looking likely) we do plan to have Quin available on 3DKitbash.com asap.(Very early Feb) Thanks so much for helping to support her here on Kickstarter. ...I'll be posting an update to let everyone know the plan very soon. ...Until then I hope backers continue to roll in and hopefully help fill the bucket. ~Q

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      Jon Parriott on

      While I'm still hopeful to see a wave of funding that can push this project to its goal, I'm a bit curious as to what will be the next step for Quin if the funding doesn't come through? Will she be sold "as is" on the 3DK shop, or will there be a second try?

      I would love to see this project make a comeback. Or related projects for a Parametric Quin or a Quin Accessory Set would be great to see as well. Best of luck and never give up!

    9. Gabriel Morgan on

      I don't have a 3D printer, but the concept for this is amazing and it's definitely something my girlfriend would love.

      I hope your project gets funded!

    10. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      @Jeremy @Michael You guys kick butt! Thanks for the support and interest you've shared on Quin!

      For those late to the party - Great tips and tricks are described below from tinting filament, to building in 3D.

      Thanks so much guys! ~Q

    11. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      Hi Ralph,
      Thanks for the kind words and interest!

      Safety was a concern when developing Quin. (Q here) The way I saw it was that Although Quin is marketed as a 'Fashion Doll', she's primarily going to be built by adults, for modding and inventing purposes. For those occasions when Quin is being created for a kid to play with, it would generally be happening (her creation / printing) under the close scrutiny of an adult who can help monitor risky behavior. ...If it's seen that the kid may still be inclined to swallow something, Quin's very easy to glue elements together and thus make the parts of her far too large for swallowing.

      As for take-apart-dolls... There are still plenty of them to be found by the largest companies. Monster High from Mattel is the first that comes to mind. They're of a similar scale to Quin. About 11in tall. ... And Polly Pocket (3.5in tall) still does an occasional take-apart-doll. ...Being a Take-Apart-Doll isn't usually the issue when it comes to safety. Instead the issue resides in how those parts fasten together. For example, Polly Pocket was famous for issues caused by a magnet snap-together system. Unfortunately the magnets on occasion would fall out and be swallowed. If two magnets were swallowed (which did happen on occasion) it caused all sorts of trouble.

    12. Ralph Hulslander on

      I really love the Quin concept.

      But today when a little three year old was showing me her doll collection I wondered how much "Child Safety" thought had been put in to it?

      A lot of the parts appear to be swallowable. I know print it from PLA and it will naturally degrade but still I can picture the lawsuits even if the child is not hurt.

      Maybe there is a reason take apart dolls are not marketed any more.


    13. Jeremy Batts on

      Heh, no problem. Kinda what makes the whole maker community great, imho.

    14. Michael Baird on

      @ Jeremy
      You're the best. I'm downloading Repetier now. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help in finding my way. Thank you so much!

    15. Jeremy Batts on

      Might be a tough goal to meet?

      FWIW, I'll buy Quin from 3DKitbash directly, if the kickstarter fails. I'm making an assumption here, but this work will not go to waste. Would hate to miss out on a great pledge point, though. Considering what I have seen elsewhere in regards to similar doll projects, Quincy has got a significantly better product going on. Keep it up!

    16. Ralph Hulslander on

      You definitely want to be using Nylon for the Rit dying. The hair would look great died, it would not have that solid printed look.

      Besides using a Wacom tablet,which would be fun to have, there 3D mice. I have the top line 3DCONNEXION which is a waste, unless you are into buttons. The very basic laptop model would do everything the top line would do saving you at least $100.00.

      13 days to go I sure the goal is meant, I have 3 granddaughters that by the time I get everything figured out with Quin they will be ready to play with dolls.

      Definitely need a dual extruder if not a quad.


    17. Jeremy Batts on

      Hey, thanks for the update. Guess I'll need to upgrade to a dual extruder sometime soon, heh. In any case, if you haven't already seen Rich's writeup on dying filament, check this out: http://richrap.com/…

      He's using nylon here, but you may find decent results with white ABS? In any case, I think the approach is more successful dying the filament before printing an object.

    18. Jeremy Batts on

      The model is considered a "solid" object, but you don't necessarily want to print it as a solid. Total waste of filament in most cases. That is where all the settings in print workflow software comes into play. You can set how thick you want the "shell" to be as well as how dense to "fill" is. The solid objects you see are really a shell with a honeycomb fill inside for rigidity. Plenty of tutorials/vids out there, but it all comes down to what you want/trying to do, mixed with a lot of experimentation. I'd suggest downloading Repetier (or any other software for printing workflow) and importing your model. You can tweak all your settings, slice it up, and use the slider to progress through your "virtual printing" and see exactly how your setting affect the structure.

    19. Michael Baird on

      @ Jeremy
      Thanks. I've already downloaded Sculptris and I had been thinking about Zbrush too. As an instructor, the price isn't too bad.
      My only question now is, how do I make these surface sculpts into printable forms with wall thicknesses and such?

    20. Jeremy Batts on

      cont... I forgot to mention, if you don't already own a Wacom tablet or similar...get one, asap. A must have for Zbrush and other paint sculpting software. The difference between a stylus with pressure sensitivity and a mouse are like night and day. Cheers.

    21. Jeremy Batts on

      Considering your background sculpture, I would suggest zBrush or Mudbox, as you'll find them to be a close to virtual "sculpting" as you can get. Go ahead and download Scupltris as well for a free venture into the the tech. Ultimately, much like most computer arts, you will find that your workflow will often require moving assets between programs to utilize their strengths and complete your task. Zbrush will be great for your artistic sculpting, but you may find CAD, Sketchup, 3dsMax, Inventor, or similar to create mechanically accurate pieces. Good luck!

    22. Michael Baird on

      I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for software to use for creating and manipulating for 3D printing.
      I'm a sculptor who is about to take the first steps into 3D scanning/printing. I am hoping to create sculptures, scan them, and work on them in an easy-to-use software that will also allow me to prepare them for 3D printing. Of course, I am also wanting to make pieces and parts for Quin once she is ready.
      I appreciate everyone's help. I know this is the best possible group to ask.

    23. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      @Jeremy Batts:

      Hi Jeremy! Thanks so much for backing and the input. I've been traveling an unable to update, but I'm finally at a point where I can start dressing up some images and offering new things. Firstly, the blank eyes will be addressed and an additional eye kit will be announced as an include with Quin. This will create more options for eyes. ...Also a construction demo and a coloring ABS demo. We were working with what we had for the colors, but I think I can create some decent custom colors for everyone to see.

      Anyhow, thanks again and be on the lookout. Cheers! ~Q

    24. Jeremy Batts on

      I'm in! Well done, both of you. I'm looking forward to modifying Quin a good bit (if she doesn't mind). My three girls are gonna need me to whip up a mermaid tail conversion, asap. FWIW, the general consensus with my 3 doll experts (ages 2, 5, and 7) are a little weirded out by the eyes. Beyond the "dead" look of the printed white example, I think the general size of the eyes isn't going over well with them. It may not be as easy for them to look past color and etc, to realize the potential, but figured I'd throw that out there for you as creative critique. In any case, I plan on making those mods as well in hope to suit my "clients". Cheers in the new year!

    25. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      Hi Stephen! Thanks so much for all the support this year, and a very Merry Christmas to you from Natalie & me!

      And a Merry Christmas to everyone else as well! ~Q

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      Yes, Pirate3D, please do a print of Quin and the other 3DKitbash kits too. I've backed all their projects so far while waiting for the Bucanneer.

      Merry Christmas Q & Natalie!

    27. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      @Donna Crawford:

      Haha! Thank you! And thank you for backing Quin. We appreciate the support!

    28. Donna Crawford on

      Great product. I'm going to have to get myself a 3D printer now ;)

    29. David Chase on

      Yeah, welcome aboard Pirate3D.
      You found me out and one of the things that I am wanting to make on your printer that I purchased from you guys.

      Yes, Lets see it printed out on a Buccaneer.

    30. Pirate3D Inc on

      Hey guys,

      Looks way cool! Can't wait to get our hands on that file and make prints in Jan. Hope your project is successful!

      Pirate3D Crew

    31. Michael Baird on

      That. Is. Awesome!

      I simply cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with. Also, I visited your website and I must say, I love your products. Once my new printer comes in, I will have to invest in a skull pack or two. (Maybe add-ons? Hint hint)

    32. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      Hi Again Michael! (This is Q. Last was Natalie) I'll be posting sharing info on this in the main project body shortly to help explain how we see Quin be utilized by the community. ...In short, the goal is that the community edit her and offer their interpretation onto the net. Possibly even as their own mod kits that the creator can market themselves. ...Again, I'm posting that info asap.

    33. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      Thanks, Michael! At the higher backer levels we're offering some special add-ons now...and there's more to come. The possibilities really are endless,and we're excited to sculpt more versions of hair, accessories, hands, etc...more on STL files in a bit...

    34. Michael Baird on

      Oh! And I was wondering if you were planning to offer any digital file add-ons. I would love to have different styles of ...well everything. I know a little girl who will simply go nuts for this!

    35. Michael Baird on

      I'm in. This is a great idea and I can't wait to work with it. I had one question though. I am a sculptor who is starting to dabble in 3D print/scan and I was just wondering if the files you send will be editable. Say, perhaps, STL files I can mess with to give her longer/shorter this and that, wild-er hair, a tail, etc.
      Thanks for such a great project!

    36. David Chase on

      I am looking forward to a male counter part. Though I do not draw a lot, I own both Male and Female wooden drawing figures.

      With the ability to scan faces, I can see toys like this becoming even more cool and personal.

    37. 3DKitbash 11-time creator on

      Thanks David! We really appreciate it. ...Lots of stuff planned and setup for this for the next couple of days. Should have a couple of promotional test prints featuring unique designs on Thingiverse in the next day or two. Hopefully you'll like those too. :) Thanks again! ~Q

    38. David Chase on

      Yeah, I have been waiting on this one.

      I will not promise to back all your projects, but I will for sure always check out any and all of your projects.