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Arabic printable tabletop terrain. Stl files for your arabic wargame or modelling. You will get traditional and modern buildings.
Arabic printable tabletop terrain. Stl files for your arabic wargame or modelling. You will get traditional and modern buildings.
Arabic printable tabletop terrain. Stl files for your arabic wargame or modelling. You will get traditional and modern buildings.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Parsons 6 days ago

      Just like to say, I really like your models and have had few if no issues with printing at least at 15mm, look forward to trying a few at 28mm great work

    2. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      look into the Folder, it´s updated.
      From time to time take a look at >>> file updates.
      Here you can always see updated, renewed files.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Wilcox on

      The mosque tower seems to be missing a part. What about the dome at the very top?

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Parsons on

      Are the 2 weeks up yet 👍🏻

    5. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      Patrick. Kickstarter needs 2 weeks after end to arrange all payments. So file sending begins then.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick Ortiz on

      Have the files been distributed yet? I've yet to get anything.

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam Parsons on

      Ron, how about Force on Force or Skirmish Sangin, also Spectrei think some rules, most 20 or 28mm but scale down fine

    8. Ron Weaver on

      Oh man... now I need to find a game to use these for!! 15mm scale so I can print all of these files. LOL

    9. Roberto Elia on

      What about an airport hangar for the next stretchgoal?

    10. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      Patrick, of course, no problem.

    11. Patrick Diederiks on

      Hi Jens
      I do love the palace
      Would it be possible to have an option for the dome without the cracks ?

    12. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      @Lev good suggestions.
      Due we have days left, I guess we can realise that

    13. Missing avatar

      Lev Vykopal on

      Nice work Jens.
      My vote for a 8500 stretchgoal would be a police/ army checkpoint. Then possibly an airfield control tower like the one at Bagram airbase. Possibly a power generator or mobile comms unit.. all good objectives!

    14. Missing avatar

      Adam Parsons on

      I have included the 2017 Kickstarter and there looks a nice intact building and mosque or 2 in their 👍

    15. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      If you look carefully, you will see that every building that is destroyed or slightly damaged has an intact counterpart. Except for the camp and the helicopter, we have no military existence. A small mosque is still in the strechgoal, as well as a government building

    16. Hakan Tandogan

      While there are many interesting military (and partially destroyed) buildings , a few peaceful ones would be a welcome addition. Maybe a mosque which is not already crumbling?

      Not all arabic places are battlegrounds, you know :)

    17. Missing avatar


      Yes please Jens! I could use them to makethe unfinished improvised dwellings seen in Blackhawk Down
      Thank You

    18. Drakken on

      How about a crashed black hawk as an addition to the hotel Olympia?

    19. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      @Tobe, you mean like on Picture in the left groundfloor the indicated rows of stones, only in this case as a closed wall with with door opening to the next section or in front with openings for windows? That is no Problem.

    20. Missing avatar


      Hi Jens,
      could you possibly make some brick or block wall inserts for the unfinished tower block?

    21. Stephen

      Love the Vehicles

    22. Missing avatar

      Lev Vykopal on

      Great petrol station Jens..nice work! Also the destroyed Hotel gives a lot of options.
      Hope we can get to some markets possibly, though I reckon a checkpoint with blast walls would also be very useful.

    23. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on


      the question is legitimate. I had deleted the pictures while editing. My mistake. It´s actual now.

    24. Missing avatar


      Loving this campaign!
      Sorry to ask a stupid question, what was stretch goal 4?
      Thanks again

    25. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      @Lev, thank you. Yes some of your suggestions will come.

      @Kevin, welcome on board ;-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rolko on

      Thanks for answering my question! Now I am all convinced and happy to back, also for the frist Arabic KS!

    27. Missing avatar

      Lev Vykopal on

      Hi Jens
      Great kickstarter, I'm all in.
      Just about to put some more images in the dropbox for, petrol station, a roundabout, roadside checkpoint and a school would be my vote! Also some damaged/ destroyed versions of the modern hotel/ apartments would be useful.
      My favourite so far is the army camp/ tents/ hesco barriers. Very evocative.

    28. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      Yes. No Problem, I guess I scan myself with AK47 and work on this scan, so maybe we will get some different "bad heroes" ;-))

    29. Piotr Adamiak

      Just a very quick suggestion, could you do a generic dictator monument thing so that the rebel scum can destroy it?

    30. Paul Dobson

      Excited about this one! Looking really nice!

    31. 3D-Print-Terrain 15-time creator on

      Hi Churchill,

      the multistorey printed out each storey. Openlock makes no sense for that kind of models I create. And look onto their site. Their buildings also do not use their own system. For tiles and dungeons it makes sense.

    32. Churchill

      Also: How are those large multistory models going to be printed out? One story at a time and stacked ontop of each other? How will you arrange the models, parts, and pieces so we can put them all together. Ever think about contacting Matt @ and getting your free OpenLock license and using that system?

    33. Churchill

      Jens does a Kickstarter. I throw money at the screen. This is how it works.