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One Part Circus, Two Parts Burlesque, a Pinch of Class and a Dash of Trash; Circ X rocks The Fillmore @ the Jackie Gleason Theater.
One Part Circus, Two Parts Burlesque, a Pinch of Class and a Dash of Trash; Circ X rocks The Fillmore @ the Jackie Gleason Theater.
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    1. Kenneth Wilcox on

      And damn, too late to pledge another 65 dollars - I want one of those bedazzled shirts just to make Lucky Mule work it a little harder! ;-) Love it!

    2. Kenneth Wilcox on

      I could not be happier to see that the goal was made and that my fav performers here in Miami will be back and be on the big stage where they deservedly belong! Thrilled! SoBe FABULOUS!

    3. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Sundquist on

      Whooooooo Hooooooo! I'm in town, and it's now on my calendar. Hangin' on the Love Couch. :-) Great job on goal! So excited for you guys!

    4. Natasha Tsakos on

      This is Fantastic! I am thrilled to finally have the stage we deserve!
      THIS IS A MAJOR "CIRC X" COME BACK, and potentially the start of what should be a Miami-based theatrical residency! I encourage fans and supporters to keep contributing regardless of having matched the goal, as this is going to be a dazzling production. (and we certainly could start saving for our second show!)

    5. Erich Wong on

      @Diana Lozano, yes for date please! I need to lock it on my guests schedule ;)

      @All, let's push (facebook, twitter, g+, YouTube, etc..) support for our local talent; more funding, better (crazier?) show, isn't it? 12 days to go Miami!

    6. Diana Lozano 2-time creator on

      Yay!! Thank you Macro and Carlos!! I am sooo happy and grateful for you all!!! Now the we just need to figure out the date!! =D Hope to have it by next week or so. =D.

    7. Carlos Santamariña on

      Congrats Diana! So happy you met your goal! :D

    8. Marco Landi on

      You did it ! Congratulations Diana !!!!!

    9. Diana Lozano 2-time creator on

      YES!! Goal has been reached!!
      @ Erich!!! Thanks.. can't wait to meet you and your guest at our big Night!! =D

    10. Erich Wong on

      @ Diana Lozano, done for 2 tickets sets, and.. congratulations on reaching funding!

    11. Diana Lozano 2-time creator on

      Hi Maxime! Yes of course I remember you!!! That was very interesting client Congratulations on your own Kickstarter. It looks great.!! Just be prepared for lots and lost of emailing. =D. Best of luck. Hopefully you can come an check out our show once it's up. We are getting closer to securing the big date. =D

    12. STARcise on

      Dear Diana,
      Congrats on your amazing project. I doubt you'll remember me, you brought your amazing Circ X troupe to Ft. Lauderdale several years ago for a couple of special events I organized for a nightclub. I recently joined Kickstarter myself, check out my page I'd love to hear from you when you have a chance to catch up,

    13. Diana Lozano 2-time creator on

      Ahh Thanks MOM!

      @ Erich. Yes I believe that doubling your pledge will do.:) I will just write it in the notes next you your pledge in case it does not automatically register as such. Kickstarter alerts me whenever there is a change with a pledge.

      I am also in the progress of working on individual Ticket Rewards based on popular demand. These will be less $$ then the ones that will go on the market through live nation, because we wont need to deal with those "mandatory" ticket fees... but slightly more $$ than the 69 value. *just to make it fair for everyone =). (they also wont get the special surprise.. ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      Maxy Lozano on

      Thank you so much to all fans and friends for supporting CircX project. First I hesitated to make a comment because coming from someone so close to the founder could be interpret as too biased. But I thought it twice and said to myself that knowing all my daughter's hard work behind this project and knowing every one of the talented and genuine artist members of the group, I owed them my public support and recognition.

      Thanks again to all of you and keep on spreading the news. Hopefully I'll see you soon...

    15. Erich Wong on

      Looking forward to it! first experience with CircX (please be gentle).. I wonder what the very special surprise will be ;)

      @Diana Lozano, I'd like to get another 2 general admission tickets (to give away), will doubling my pledge do?

    16. Diana Lozano 2-time creator on

      Thank you All for your glorious comments.!!!! Almost at Goal!! well we just have another 14% to go.. =D

    17. Missing avatar

      dechelle on

      The Fillmore will be lucky to have CIrc X. They are an amazing group of artists. So creative and artistic and always pushing the boundaries. I wish I could get down there to see it! CONGRATS Diana and company!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Maria Rivero on

      We are in for a real treat! Diana Lozano will follow her many successes with the best show yet! She lives and breathes entertainment, and is the creative talent behind Circ X. Her whole energy is behind this project and I know this will be the show to top all others. Let's form a conga line of support! 1-2-3, go!

    19. Carlos Santamariña on

      The coolest of the cool, who knew Miami would be home to such a talented group of "Out of the box" entertainers. Quite refreshing to see this type of modern twist on vaudevillian culture. Loves it!
      Honestly, I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us next!

      Yours and everyone else's,

    20. Missing avatar

      JM Valdivia on

      Diana thanks for continuing to push your troupe, I've enjoyed seeing them for a few years now and it's always highly amusing. Your acts keep the night active and going. I look forward to your debut at the Fillmore! Make it happen! {see you there!}

      --JM Valdivia

    21. Heather carroll on

      I'm so excited!! Circ X at the Fillmorewould be an amazing show!! A great opportunity to really display all the talent and creativity!!