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A survival prepper and his videographer daughter are forced to survive for real when Phoenix is hit by a nuke.

The Story

Jack Phoenix is the story of John Stanford, who quit his job as CFO of a major corporation to become an online survivalist sensation. While shooting some videos for Doomsday Survival Skills, a nuke obliterates Phoenix, and now Jack, his daughter, and his video crew must survive in the Southwest desert.

As food and water become scarce, Jack faces life-threatening heat and declining civilization, and he will uncover the mystery of why his former employer became a terrorist threat. 

The Style

The movie will have a camera style similar to Cloverfield and Blair Witch. Instead of being the means by which we observe the movie events in the third person, the camera is “live” in the story, which means that the characters are aware of it and it forms part of the action. The camera’s presence is a plot point.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple:  Raise $10,000 in order to produce this film.


What if we reach our goal but people still want to give?  You can keep on giving as much as you want.  We will put that all directly into the production.  Remember, "More is better".

What if we don't reach our goal?  We will make the movie anyway.  Remember, if we don't get ALL our funding we don't get any of it. So if you gave and we didn't get full funding then your money goes right back to you. But let's not let that happen:)!

The Producers

Manny Edwards - Producer / Director / Writer

Manny is an attorney, movie producer, traveler, and self-styled “freedom expert.” He is the author of The Truth About Liberty. His previous feature films include MYSTERIOUS WAYS, COME WHAT MAY, starring Kenny Jezek, and HERO, starring Burgess Jenkins (REMEMBER THE TITANS).

He was born in North Carolina, USA, in 1967, and moved to Switzerland when he was seven years old. He has also lived in Quebec, Florida, Maine, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, and most recently in Tennessee. 

Manny has visited nearly every state in the United States, as well as several European countries; he speaks fluent French and some German and Spanish. He has friends in Canada, China, Russia, Nicaragua, England, Spain, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Australia, Philippines, India, Congo, Morocco, Japan, South Africa, the United States, and several other countries.

After receiving a B.S. in Chemistry from Abilene Christian University, Manny attended the University of Toledo College of Law and obtained his J.D. in 1992. He was Note and Comment Editor for the Toledo Law Review. For two years Manny was a law clerk for a federal judge, then he was a trial and appellate lawyer licensed in Tennessee and Michigan. In 1999, he began writing and producing movies. He has produced three feature films and was the co-director of the 2006 Georgia Independent Christian Film Festival.

Kenny Jezek - Producer / Lead Actor

As an actor Kenny has had lead roles in three independent feature films,  “Come What May”, “Karla Faye Tucker - Forevermore” and “A Father’s Heart”.  He also starred as Lars Englund on “Days of Our Lives”.  He has had guest starring roles in “Hill Street Blues”, “St. Elsewhere” and “FAME”.  As one of the top working dancers in the country, Kenny often toured teaching master jazz and tap classes in the US, Europe and Canada. Some of his dancing credits include the Los Angeles (National Touring) companies of two Tony award winning Broadway musicals; “Cats” and “42nd Street”, a regular series dancer in FAME, and a featured dancer in the movies “Pretty In Pink” and “Fast Forward” the latter directed by Sydney Poitier.

Kenny has worked with some of the most recognizable names in entertainment in capacities that include, dancing, choreographing, directing and staging.  Some of them include; Chita Rivera, John Travolta, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Helen Hunt, Sydney Poitier,  Jamie Lee Curtis, Dinah Shore, Paula Abdul, Olivia Newton-John, Gordon MacRae, Kenny Ortega, Gregory Hines, Howard and Fayard Nicholas, Jeffery Hornaday, Jaime Rogers, Trevor Nunn, Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber, Jillian Lish, Vincent Paterson, Michael Peters, Rick Atwell and Gloria Loring.  He has numerous national and local commercial, music video, industrial and community theatre credits as well.

Kenny holds black belts in several martial arts disciplines and is a Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts and the Filipino Martial Arts.  He is currently the martial arts program director for Aspire Kids Sports Center in Chandler, and continues to teach a select group of students JKD/FMA at his home.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at Glendale Community College teaching tap as well as Jeet Kune Do Concepts and the Filipino Martial Arts and as if that isn’t enough, Kenny and his wife Karen head up a Chandler based theatre production company called Command performers which has produced 5 successful productions since it’s inception.


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