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Todd Boston joins forces with Grammy Winning Producer Will Ackerman to record his next album. Please help the funding for this project
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Todd Boston

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Todd Boston ~ 9 ~ Recording ~ Charlie Bisharat Violin

One of the most beautiful instruments in the world has to be the violin.  It can capture such grace, fire, passion, beauty and express as deeply as the human voice.  When we use the word Virtuoso in music it is meant to describe a player who has reached mastery in both emotion and technique of their instrument.  On April 3, I was able to witness a true Virtuoso in a Grammy Winning Violinist named Charlie Bisharat.

We were in LA to continue our recording sessions with producer Will Ackerman and to say we were floored by the work that Charlie Bisharat pulled off is an understatement.  There are many great violin players in the world, Charlie is one the of best and we are so honored to have him on this record!

This project has taken me from coast to coast to coast to I type these words I sit next to one of my best friends, Ramesh Kannan.  We are flying all night to Boston, picking up a car and going straight to Imaginary Road Studios, VT for a full day of recording Tabla and Percussion.  The day after we are in the studio recording with legendary bassist Tony Levin!

This is a gift beyond my expression as I feel so fortunate to be having this experience, sharing it with my long time music partner and friend Ramesh, and meeting another one of my musical heroes.  It is 1am or 4am depending on which coast you are on, I am sitting on a plane at 30,000 ft going 500 miles per hour typing on the internet...I may be dreaming but I am pretty sure this is all happening ; )

Thank you so much to everyone that is now a part of this album, as of today we have 6 days left on our Kickstarter project and have raised over $15,000 for the project...we are so close to our $22,000 goal...truly unbelievable!!!!  

We must reach the goal by midnight on May 2 in order to receive any of the money so please share the Kickstarter Project and the videos/blog with anyone you feel may be inspired...THANK YOU!!!
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