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A monster zine for the OSR DnD crowd. 13 new monsters with lots of fluff to read, adventure seeds, paper miniatures and VTT tokens.
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I started making monsters for the 5th edition of DnD on Patreon in January of 2018. The goal has been to bring a little oldskool flavor into the newest edition. Lately I have been putting them into booklet/zine format and tweaking them for different rules. This is an OSR adaptation of the first collection and is intended to be more rulings over rules presentation.

I may fine tune the layout a bit as well as update the art on a few of the monsters, but the work is essentially complete.

The first monster entry, the Arbori.
The first monster entry, the Arbori.
A sample of the Arbori paper mini design.
A sample of the Arbori paper mini design.
A sample of the Arbori VTT token design.
A sample of the Arbori VTT token design.
Stretch Goals for final week
Stretch Goals for final week

Risks and challenges

There are virtually no risks involved in backing the project. As you can see in the video, the work is 99% done. I will be tweaking some of the art, layout and writing as the campaign progresses, but backers need not worry about getting their goodies.

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    1.) A PDF of the zine.
    The pages are designed as A5 facing on an A4 page. All you need to do is click the "Print as Booklet" dialog in Acrobat and break out your stapler. :^)

    2.) A booklet of paper minis.
    The paper minis are presented on both a gray and white background for your preference in visibility or ink conservation.

    3.) A folder of VTT tokens.
    The VTT tokens are 500px .PNG files with a 40 to 50 px semi-transpartent border.

    Fulfilled via DriveThruRPG.

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