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Greenfinit ® is the first container made from a biodegradable polymer that holds your pet's ashes and grows a native tree.

Greenfinit ® is the first container made from a biodegradable polymer that holds your pet's ashes and grows a native tree. Read More
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About this project

Greenfinit ® is a biodegradable container designed to hold your pet's ashes. It is made from a polymer not made from petroleum based materials, but instead is created from the processing waste of agricultural products such as potatoes, biodegrading into biogas and healthy soil, leaving NO contamination at all.



For twelve years I lived with my pet Lana.  

Meet Lana :-)
Meet Lana :-)

We were always together.  We went together to work, on vacation, we ate the same food, slept in the same bed...

If my schedule didn't allow it and she had to stay home, she would wait for me by the door, always ready to see me.  

She was there by my side, no matter what.  She never judged.  She accepted me, she accepted who I am and she accepted my friends.

When Lana got sick, we had to go to the vet every week and every time I was advised to start getting ready to have to say goodbye.

With a lot of care and love, she lived comfortably for a few months.  That was much longer than everyone expected.

I was sad and truly stressed out by Lana’s passing, even though I knew it was going to happen. I couldn’t just let go. I needed more time. None of the options I could find felt right to me.

“Options” that didn’t represent what I had felt for my pet.

“Solutions” that were not what I needed.

Mainly because none of them had a heart.


It's really quite simple: recycle life.  

We designed a container that holds your pet's ashes and grows your choice of a tree species native to your area.

The Greenfinit ® container allows you to take care of your tree from day one:

• You plant the seeds.

• You water them.

• You watch them sprout and grow.

• When you feel ready to let go, you bury the tree on fertile soil.

• The container will biodegrade once it's buried and the ashes will mix with the roots of your native tree.

Every Greenfinit ® container comes with a unique ID Number that you can use to register your pet and tree location with our community, where you and other people will be able to visit your pet's memorials online.

With the registration and location of your tree through our web world map, you will be able to flag the container's burial location, upload and share pictures of your companion, write something you want your pet to be remembered by and of course keep record of how much oxygen your tree is giving back to the planet.


When we started to design this container, we took the challenge to design a product that would perform more than one function at a time.  It had to serve as a container for the ashes, but at the same time, it needed to have the required properties to guarantee the necessary conditions for the successful sprouting and growing of the native tree. 

Also, we wanted the design to be attractive, of clean lines and friendly to any habitat, but that would simultaneously comply with the conditions required to guarantee the germination of your tree.  

Important:  The next pictures are not renderings.  They are photographs taken from real prototypes.  Only the "Kickstarter Edition" text was added.


The classic look of the Greenfinit container is white & green.


Besides the Classic Look, we will be offering different color options from the beginning.  



3 basic concepts:  

Aeration: when working with organics, you must supply the right amount of aeration to keep the needed sanitation.  Without it, compost could get contaminated. 

Drainage: every tree needs the correct amount of irrigation.  And we should be able to water our tree without worrying too much about overdoing it.  Without the proper drainage, stagnant water promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Structural volume: we guarantee that our container has the right size for proper sprout and growth of our tree.


No matter where you are in the World, if climate conditions allow vegetation, there are trees that are native to that specific area.  

The main reason we promote growing native trees is to contribute to fight deforestation.

Just think about it:

• Native trees require a relatively lower input to be established and maintained than foreign species.

• Native trees provide the food and shelter local wildlife needs.

• Native trees are not only tolerant of the local environmental conditions, they strive in them.


50% of our rainforests were lost in the last 60 years.

Forests are much more than just a group of trees.  They produce oxygen and provide homes to wildlife.  

Actually, most animal endangered species live in forests. Furthermore, 22% of the population today rely on benefits forests offer, like shelter, food, fresh water, clothing and medicine.

Nowadays, forests are under attack.

With fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, unsustainable logging and many other ways, human beings are jeopardizing all the benefits we mentioned before.  

We are basically cooking the planet, and reforestation makes a difference!


We want to fight deforestation.  We want everyone to be conscious that we can change things, but we have to act.  

We are planning an innovative website that will let every Greenfinit customer flag the location of their tree and track how much oxygen their pets are giving back to the planet. 

Please check out the video below of our mockup.


So many options came to mind while trying to put together the best list of rewards we could think of to show our deep appreciation for your help.

We believe in what we are doing, and we think that it would be amazing if this product makes it into production, because a lot of people will benefit from it.  

We want to offer the best we can to all our backers.  

But what if you don't have a pet? Or what if you have a pet but are not ready to plan for a moment you don't want to be thinking about today? You can be part of this project anyway! That is the beauty of this native tree concept. Its primary goal is to be a vesel to help our planet. Ashes or no ashes, the container is meant to grow a tree, and we encourage you to do it. We encourage you to join the positively green side of this product and to look at it for what it is, a project you can be part of, and a beautiful experience!

Backing us, you will be helping us to get this project into production and at the same time, you will be doing something very nice and necessary for the planet. 



We have already completed our industrial design and the 1st round of prototypes and samples.  The funds we raise here on Kickstarter will be used to pay for the production molds and to cover the first batch of containers.  

The funds will also be used for logistics and shipping to get our product across the ocean and into your hands!

By funding our project, you will be pre-ordering Greenfinit units, reforesting the planet and kickstarting our first production run.

Let’s launch Greenfinit together.  Let’s do something new.  Something nobody ever did before.  



Production Injection Molds - We have the prototype molds (that you can see below on the pictures of our progress), but now we need to do the production molds to get our product to the world.

Manufacturing - Look and feel is very important to us, so the actual production is a specialized series of steps.

Packaging - Final design of the packaging.

Website Development - We partnered with a small and very professional studio for our website.  It is very important that we get this as the best website we can, because it is a very important part of this project, to show everyone involved how we are helping the planet.  

Rewards - The portion of containers given as rewards also will be fabricated with these funds.

We need you to become a reality.


We have made the prototype mold and we modified it until we were happy with the design and results.  With this prototype mold, we injected a bit more than 300 working containers and they were all fully tested.

This small video shows how we manufactured all our prototypes.

Now, we can move on to manufacture the full production mold that will let us get the final product.  

The final Greenfinit containers will have a silky matte surface finish and we will be able to offer many colors in the near future. 

All the containers you see in our video and pictures are real prototypes made from biodegradable polymer that we have been testing for awhile now. 

From the prototype mold to the working prototypes.
From the prototype mold to the working prototypes.


We are all entrepreneurs, divided between filmmaking and industrial design.  

But what brings us together is our friendship and love for pets.  We work together as a team, so each of us has a say in every step of the creative and development process.


Amilcar Machado - Co-Founder.  Filmmaker.  Marketing and communications.

Amadeo Bologna - Co-Founder. Industrial designer.  Operations and manufacturing.

Pablo Lucero - Co-Founder.  Industrial designer. Head product designer and engineering.

Luciano Peñalba Paulo - Co-Founder.  Industrial designer.  Commercial development.

Natalia Machado - Natalia is an Award-Winning and World-Renowned Chef.  Thanks to her initial investment on our project, we were able to produce the prototype molds and all the prototypes we injected.

You can learn more about Natalia on her Restaurant's website -

Greenfinit Press

So far, Greenfinit has been featured on the following magazines and blogs.  


Yes, thank you for taking some time to look at our project.

If you like what we are doing and you think is worth to pursue it, please share it!  It's crucial for us to get the word out.  

And also, thank you SO much for the support! We will not let you down.


Greenfinit ® is a registered trademark.

Greenfinit products are protected by one or more U.S. and/or foreign patents or patents pending.

All backers are invited to provide us with real-time feedback on our work, to help us build something inspired by you, from color picks to new product designs. 

Visit us online at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter



Music thanks to:

"Zither McPheerson" by Century Of Aeroplanes (

"The time to run (Finale)" by Dexter Britain (

"Telling Stories" by Dexter Britain (

Risks and challenges

All of the video/pictures you see of the Greenfinit ® container are from fully working prototypes.

We need the Kickstarter community help to bring this product to completion. We will be using all of the funds raised for the manufacture of the full production mold and for our first production run.

We have worked very hard to minimize any risks, as we have set the foundation for this product over the past 16 months. Since this will be the first production run, we may have to change some things and will let everyone know about any changes via project updates.

We have experience with large-scale manufacturing and have established solid relationships with our manufacturing partners to minimize our risks and to help deliver the best rewards possible for backers.

We know what it takes to manufacture a great product, we know how long it takes, and we’ve got the experience and know-how to get it done.

We have built in extra time for the manufacturing process and are confident we will ship by the projected dates. We will always keep you informed if things take longer than planned.

Everything is in place, and with the necessary funding we will be able to deliver.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Our goal is to begin shipping in March 2014.

    Last updated:
  • We have the Classic Look (green) and 3 other colors on the Colors Pack (blue, pink and yellow). We'll be offering more color combinations in the near future.

    Last updated:
  • NO PROBLEM! We believe in promoting the cathartic experience that taking care of a new green life can provide. The container will start to degrade only under the ground.

    Last updated:
  • Not at all. It'll work with thousands of different plants. We promote the use of native trees because the world is in urgent need of reforesting.

    Last updated:
  • Because it is not. An urn is just a "box" for you to storage the ashes for life. Greenfinit's container holds to the ashes and let's you grow your own native tree at the same time, until you feel ready to take it somewhere so it biodegrades letting ashes and tree become one.

    Last updated:
  • Every life takes from the planet. We promote a way to give something back.

    Last updated:
  • The Greenfinit container is made of a biodegradable polymer. It'll not biodegrade until it is not buried. Once it's buried, it will biodegrade in approximately 2 years.

    Last updated:
  • We designed it for domestic animals mostly. It won't fit a whole elephant. In case you do have an elephant, you'll have to use just a portion of the ashes or many containers :^)»

    Last updated:
  • The containers are 9.5 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide.

    Last updated:
  • We can't guarantee life. No one can. What we guarantee is that the container has all the properties your tree needs to be healthy. With your proper care, you won't have a problem.

    Last updated:
  • Of course. We created Greenfinit with something else in mind, but if you like the design of the container, we invite you to. It'll look beautiful anywhere.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, it can. We chose to go for pets because the idea started after a pet passing. We didn't get into people, mainly because it's more complex, you have religion, beliefs and other things in the middle, but we encourage the idea that every life can be recycled as a native tree.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we have protected Greenfinit (and all its variations) with worldwide patents.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! We deliver worldwide, but the shipping costs will be higher and we are not responsible for customs duties and procedures.

    Last updated:
  • If your pledge was declined, just log in to Kickstarter and click the “Action Needed” system message on the top of your screen. It will redirect you to Amazon, where you can change your payment method. Backers have seven days to correct payment.

    Last updated:
  • Click on the big blue “Manage Your Pledge” button at the top of this page on the right side. This will take you to a page where you can adjust the dollar amount of your pledge to include shipping. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the big blue “Continue” button.

    Last updated:
  • You can choose more than one reward by adding up the total of the rewards you want and enter that as the pledge amount. Then select one of the rewards you want. International orders may add only one shipping charge. We will send you a form when the funding is completed so we can reconfirm the exact rewards combination you will be getting.

    Last updated:

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    Every container comes with a flag for our website, where you will be able to track the amount of oxygen your pet/tree is giving back to the planet.

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