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Does your duffle bag convert into a backpack? Does your gym bag have a laptop pocket? This one does and then some... Read more

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Does your duffle bag convert into a backpack? Does your gym bag have a laptop pocket? This one does and then some...

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Considered one of the greatest Full Forwards in AFL's history, living legend Peter Hudson has backed the Douche. Nothing more 'Australian' than the little guy and have a laugh and backing the underdog.He's a top bloke, and wants you to get on board with us. 

A note to those new to Kickstarter:  

With your order (pledge) we can achieve our target and pay for the manufacturing set up costs. If we don't hit the target by the end of the campaign, you're not charged, but Douche doesn't get made either. So please show us your support, order/pledge and spread the word.


Pledge today, tell your buddies! 
You'll get a choice for either at the end of the campaign

Why call Douche a douche when it's dressed to the nines with innovation and creativity? Douche is a bag that can stand on the strength of its design and quality, regardless of the name bestowed upon it. 

Shakespeare said something like: 

"who gives a shit about names. If you call a rose a 'Douche' it's still an awesome smelling flower." 

He's right. 
Who gives a shit about names. We care just a little bit too much about that stuff. It's what's underneath that counts. 
That goes for you too. So stay awesome, and pick yourself up this awesome bag, that just so happens to be called 'Douche'.

Design wise, it is ahead of the game. The Douche bag is the product of a threesome between a duffle bag, laptop bag and a backpack. Packaged on the outside as a duffle bag, Douche has a padded laptop pocket on the inside and a convenient zip pocket on the side. But the most unique feature of Douche is its removable shoulder strap and clever backpack straps that are discreetly hidden in the back panel (as you've seen in the above video).

Instagram: @dizzy_fitness
Instagram: @dizzy_fitness

The design is minimalist and the construction is solid.
It's a bag that's good for anyone who needs to carry a tablet or laptop with other stuff; like gym stuff, books or whatever. The standard gym duffle doesn't protect your stuff, and it sure as heck doesn't turn into a backpack if you need it.

Below is a video of me talking a bunch about how it came about, more design features below...

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Some design features: Douche has two padded backpack straps hidden in an underside pocket of the duffle that can be pulled out and clipped on when needed. The padded backpack straps are also there to provide additional protection to whatever device you have in the padded laptop pocket inside the bag. 

 For greater portability without compromise on volume, the bag is 5cm shorter than a standard duffle, but 5cm wider. This makes it sit on the hip better as an over-the-shoulder and is less intrusive when you're crammed on a tram. 

A small and convenient pocket on the outside will make it easy for you to access your keys, wallet, phone, bat-a-rang and whatever else you need at a moment's notice. The 16oz cotton canvas lined with padded nylon will ensure your Douche is in awesome shape 50 years from now.

With your support, I'd like to gather enough pre-orders to cover the manufacturing costs to get this bag into your hands. It also makes a great gift, so I've opened up higher pledges for those of you who want more than one.

Your support is greatly appreciated! 


P.S. The Douche bag is selling here for $50 as a limited pre-sale Kickstarter price. After this campaign, the bag will retail for $85. 

The estimate date is for Australian delivery. International shipping will take longer. 

Douche Specifications: 
- Padded laptop pocket
- Shoulder strap
- Backpack straps
- Material: 16oz Cotton Canvas exterior, Nylon interior
- Metal alloy clips and rings 
- Diameter: 300mm
- Length: 500mm
- Weight (including all straps): approx. 1.2 kg

Risks and challenges

Risk - Actual Douchebags will want a Douche bag.
Mitigation - Douchebags are super concerned about what people think of them, the name itself is enough to deter actual douchebags.

I'm not ashamed to say I've dumped almost 1000 bucks into prototypes. This not only enhanced the design and quality but was an effective way to source someone reliable to make our Douches.

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    The lucky dip Douche: For your support, I will send you an image of a Douche, I cannot guarantee if it will be of the bag you want to be seen with or a person you wouldn't want to be seen with.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    It's nice you're looking at this pledge amount, but it'll only get you my respect and a super nice email from me with my picture (i'll be wearing clothes). If I were you, I'd call a mate and get them to go halvies with you for a full Douche (see below)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $50 reward

    100 backers All gone!

    Early Bird Super Special:
    Along with the bag, shipped FREE to you, I will say your name out loud at my next important meeting.

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    Douche and Proud: You'll get the Douche you've always wanted, not to mention our thanks for your support.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    20 backers

    Two Douche bags, one for you and one for a friend. Douches make great gifts for birthdays, mothers day, christmas or anniversaries. Let me know if the second bag is for a mate or a loved one and I'll write them a card.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $200 reward

    5 backers Limited (95 left of 100)

    The family package: Four Douches for the whole family, or for you and 3 buddies. If you're in Australia, we got the shipping covered. Let me know if it's for someone's birthday/christmas and I'll write each of them a card.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world

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