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We have the heart! We have the art! Please won't you help us build the cart?

Let’s Art Cart Together!

Art Cart is a mobile consignment shop selling unique hand made work and giving artists an everyday vending opportunity.  Like traditional street vendors, Art Cart will bring goods directly to the public. We’ll appear on various corners and in parks across the city, creating a unique stage and an outlet for artists city-wide, encouraging makers to keep on making. With each outing, Art Cart will present rotating collections showcasing a variety of personal styles and interpretations of a theme. Throughout the year Art Cart will host public workshops and events bringing art-making into the streets and inviting passersby into a collective creating experience. 

This project is about artists taking it upon themselves to create a way to sell work. We, Jacqueline Quinn and Sarah Kodish-Eskind are artists/designers based in Philadelphia - a city brimming with creativity. You can help us initiate this innovative approach to bringing art to people. Wouldn't you love to stumble upon a one-of-a-kind, hand-built cart selling straight-from-the-artist products to grace your living/work space, or that of a friend or loved one? Who wouldn't?! We can build this thing, but we need your help to do so. And imagine when you see this cart on the street. You will know that you made it possible. And hey, maybe you will be wearing that tee shirt we sent you. Then we will know you made it possible too.


Please keep your eyes out for updates! There will be photos and drawings being posted as we lovingly hand make each gift. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We expect to hit some bumps along the road in finalizing the details of our cart's design. Art Cart will constantly showcase an array of products. We will need to make sure it is fully functional for this wide variety of work. Not to mention, it needs to be compact, sturdy, more-or-less weather proof and BEAUTIFUL.
These are challenges we eagerly accept and look forward to conquering!


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