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ZATSIT is a kit to build a delta robot and 3D printer, innovative in its technology, architecture, construction and performance.
ZATSIT is a kit to build a delta robot and 3D printer, innovative in its technology, architecture, construction and performance.
174 backers pledged €43,033 to help bring this project to life.
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ZATSIT, the awesome delta robot and 3Dprinter with hinges ! project video thumbnail
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ZATSIT, the awesome delta robot and 3Dprinter with hinges !



What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

I want to talk to you here about excellence in 3D printing. Not about 3D printers that barely do the job, without any ambition for performance, for a more or less low price.

Zatsit strives for excellence! It implements a radically new technology that overcomes problems, transcends them, and changes most criteria. Thanks to that, it makes real a simplicity and a performance never seen before, with any machine, at any price, but that you can get here at unexpected conditions : ZATSIT!   

This delta robot and 3Dprinting machine innovates for near every function. Just have a look at this video :

Yes, Zatsit is fast ! Really fast, when it is drived with best electronics and ancillary components. I'm not showing this to be the king of the hill, but to justify the statement that Zatsit offers an awesome speed/quality ratio, and that's what counts for a 3D printer.

This is achieved thanks to Zatsit's very unique specificities: 

  • It is built practically without mechanical components. About everything is made from a sheet of a special composite with polypropylene core, Hylite, engraved by Computer Numerical Control (CNC), to create hinges and folds, and thus constitute the mechanism, and all the other necessary components. The accuracy and precision are therefore those of the CNC.   
  • The overall architecture optimizes direct and symmetrical force transmission and minimizes cantilevers. What moves is ultra-light, what does not move is ultra-stable, and respects a very exact geometric layout. 
  • The hot-end is water-cooled, and never jams. It is really ultra-simple (so simple that you won't believe it!), ultra-light, all metal, and nevertheless compatible with what already exists (Nozzles, heating blocks, etc...)
  • Accessories such as extruders, fans, flystruders, are always gimballed, thanks to Hylite technology, to minimize parasitic forces on the printhead, and minimize the length of the Bowden tube(s). 

None of these innovations are there by accident. It is a coherent and integrated design...  

Lightness (through the use of engraved Hylite, and thanks to the so simple hot-end), accuracy (through CNC cutting and engraving), architecture (through optimal transmission of forces, and gimballing critical components), everything converges to obtain these exceptional performances.   

One point I would like to highlight, in addition to speed and quality, is the excellent dimensional accuracy of the printed objects, when the extrusion is correctly calibrated.   

Accuracy is not usually a quality of delta 3D printers, whose demanding geometry is difficult to achieve. But thanks to Zatsit's technology, it is acquired as soon as the Hylite is cut by CNC, and spreads to the printed parts, without you having to worry about it. There is no dimensional adjustment to be made. The machine is accurate from birth! This implicit accuracy is a very unique and valuable quality.   

There is another specificity of Zatsit : It is an only mechanical kit, very easy to build, even if you have no skills, and no tools. You are free to associate the non-mechanical components (electronics, stepper motors, extruder, heating bed, power supply) that you prefer. (More on this later.

The best way to understand everything about the Zatsit mechanical kit in detail is to watch the videos describing the assembly, in the "Prototypes Gallery" section above.  

 Do not miss these videos ! It's worth looking! BET YOU'LL BE SURPRISED

(Vous trouverez les mêmes vidéos, avec sous-titres en français, dans la section "Montage" du site 

After seeing these videos, you know near all about Zatsit, but I'm sure you now have questions that are in your head.

How does this perform in the Kickstarter benchmark test ?

Kickstarter and Autodesk have worked together to develop a clear and discriminating benchmark test that allows 3D-printers to be rated. You can examine the method used and interpret the results yourself in this link.

It should be noted that this test is not well adapted to Zatsit, which is a mechanical kit only, whereas here various non-mechanical characteristics are also tested.

Nevertheless, let's see how Zatsit, complemented with high-end components, performed:

Remember : Excellence!

So, you think that such live hinges will break, over time ? 

 Although billions of Polypropylene objects with integrated hinges have been used for decades for all kinds of applications, I wanted to make sure that the hinges made of engraved Hylite would, within the framework of the Zatsit application, ensure impeccable robustness and durability. 

So I performed endurance tests on 14 million bends, and then resistance tests: 

In addition, I have been running a prototype for two years, which has printed tens of kilograms of plastic, and whose hinges are exactly as on the first day! 

This technology is very reliable, probably more so than any mechanical alternative, inevitably subject to wear. Polypropylene does not wear out: its long molecules behave like cooked and oiled spaghetti. You can't break this easily! 

Why is it a mechanical kit, and not a ready to go thing? 

Because what I propose can lead either to a very high-performance machine (which is the best, in fact...), or to a very economical one, but upgradable without any restriction.  

What differentiates these two orientations is a set of components (electronics, motors, extruder, heated bed, power supply), that have become standard objects in a very competitive market, and on which I would not bring any added value.  

Addendum 27/10/2018 : Take a look at n°4 "News", about a 20% rebate coupon on some Duet controllers!

Why should we (you, like me) freeze either the technical possibilities or the price target? Why should I impose my trading mark-ups on you, on things you can buy on your own, online? 

Do you remember the "PC compatible" market a few years ago? Millions of people have assembled their own computers, and then upgrade with this or that component, to keep up with technological progress at the lowest cost, and/or best performance. 

We are at the same point with 3D printing today: there are standards, excellent specialized suppliers for high-performance components, others for economical ones. Documentation is very abundant on the web. Assembling your own machine has become easy! Especially by following my detailed advices! 

By limiting my supply to what I excel at, I will probably lose some potential users, but I think I will gain many more, who will understand that this organization is very beneficial to them, and that it guarantees them that Zatsit will not be obsolete soon! 

Makers, make your machine! Yours, the one that suits you!  

You are a very demanding user? Complete Zatsit right away with the very best components on the market. You can do whatever you want, it will still be very cheap, for such a machine of excellence! 

You are a geek student, but broke? Complete Zatsit with recovered elements, and very cheap esoteric stuff, that you only, may be, will be able to operate, and start like that, with an evolutive machine that will have cost you peanuts. Since you are a geek, you will nevertheless end up, in a while, with one the most capable FDM printer in the world! 

In any case, if you choose it, Zatsit's innovative mechanics will be optimal, now and for long time.

So, you think that you will not be able to assemble the whole machine ? 

October 30 update: I propose a limited edition of fifteen Zatsit, assembled and tested in an optimal configuration (with a top-of-the-range Duet WiFi controller, and two interchangeable Hot-Ends), for those who do not feel the taste or skills to do the assembling themselves. Read Update #7!

Let's not beat about the bush: you would like to create things with a computer to print them in 3D, right? If you have the technical skills to do this, you can of course assemble a Zatsit! 

The mechanical kit itself is child's play: you saw Manon and Nathan building one in the "prototype gallery" section. Do you not? Then you should do it right now!  

There are other components to be integrated: electronics, motors, extruder, etc., and some wiring... You don't have to invent all this: I give you detailed advices on my website You can follow them as if the components you bought were part of a complete closed kit. 

Believe me, it's easy now! And you will have more ease, then, to master 3D printing, if you have first assembled the machine yourself! 

So, you don't know what to think... There are so many proposals in 3D printing! 

Yes, you're right ! The market is "noisy", to say the least!  

Why don't you take a look at what the 3D printing enthusiasts who follow the forums have to say about Zatsit? These people have experience, sometimes they own several machines, and they know what they're talking about. Read them, I'm quite proud from their feedback

For example:  

  •,824251 (where I'm "M_Xeno"

 ou bien en français :  

  • (La saga du développement de Zatsit, depuis le début!)  

Damn it, I just bought a not-so-good 3D printer kit!  

Unfortunately, low-end kits are often the result of adding the cheapest products in all areas. They are difficult to improve: everything should be changed.    

Nevertheless, some Zatsit accessories can benefit to most existing 3D printers. Water cooling of the hot-end, for example, can substantially lighten the moving parts, thus improving a slow printer, suffering from ringing (defects in printed objects, resulting from oscillations).    

Similarly, gimballed accessories can be installed on all machines with T-slot profiles. And the gimballed flystruder can fit any delta.  

This delta robot could do something other than 3D printing, right?   

Of course! It's even been my ambition from the beginning: that Zatsit be the basic robotics platform for all kinds of projects.    

You can adapt any tool, not too heavy, that fits into the central hole of Ø66mm. I even provide in the kit a blank adapter plate for this, but you can also 3Dprint an ad-hoc adapter!    

I would be happy to see Zatsit used in laboratories, for manipulators of all kinds, or to make Pick&Place machines, efficient and cost-effective.

What I hope is that this time I'm the one who's surprised!  

Well, maybe I could use this for my 3D printing services business...  

Yes! For professionals, or Fablabs, I imagined Tri-Zatsit: rather than having machines running side by side, I combine them, by three, to form a 107cm wide parallelepipedic module.

What could be Tri-Zatsit in a Fablab
What could be Tri-Zatsit in a Fablab

It's about simply replacing the six HPL machined plates with two large rectangular ones. The assembly becomes even more rigid, and is easy to hang on a wall, or a metal structure, to form modular farms of 3D printers, operating in parallel.     

I'm willing to bet that the price per printing station will be strictly unbeatable, and the printing quality and speed, too!  

Is that Open Source?  

Yes, all this stuff is Open Source CC-BY-SA 4.0.  

Why is it not priced to $99.90, mounted, and all included ?    

Just because I'm serious, and you, too!  

What about shipping costs, VAT, customs, etc.  

Whatever the destination*, the shipping is included in any pledge level, except tri-Zatsit. That simple!  

V.A.T. or custom duties are NOT INCLUDED, except for European Union residents.  

(*) except for some countries, at war, etc...  

When will I receive my reward?  

As indicated in the description of the pledges, I think I will be able to deliver everything before Christmas (2018, yes!), except Tri-Zatsit (Tri-Zatsit is not the kind of item we offer at Christmas anyway!).   

I'll ship the super early birds rewards first, then the early birds, then all the others, according to the date of their pledge.  

Why do you say "I", and not "we" like all the others?  

Understand : I'm a creator, not a merchant. An individual, not a company. 

I am addressing you in the most authentic spirit of crowdfunding: I have created something, I propose it to you, and if you like it, we can make it happen together. And I could then finance the other projects I have in mind, in the continuation of Zatsit and the engraved Hylite technology, or completely different.  

Being an individual rather than a group does not mean not being trustworthy, quite the contrary! I have organized myself to be able to respond effectively to any possible success, since the very beginning of Zatsit's project. Yes, it's a lot of work ! Being a retired architect, I can manage that.  

Most of my work is done, now. Production prototypes are done. Negotiations with suppliers are done. Everything is ready. Even my packing room is ready!   

If you make this campaign a real success, I might need to hire some help, though. We'll see about that...  

I'm alone, but I have to say that Vincent Castellin ([email protected]) helped me for the graphical stuff. He's a talented guy. Thanks, Vincent! 

Detailed content of the Zatsit mechanical kit:  

The components of the frame :  

  • 3 MakerSlide anodized aluminum alloy profiles, 600 mm long, threaded M5
  • 2 8mm thick HPL connection plates, machined by a precision CNC machine
  • 2 wooden stiffeners, with end joints
  • 1 T-slot anodised aluminium alloy profile, type 2020, for fixing stiffeners

The various Hylite elements, cut and engraved by a precision CNC machine, namely: 

  • 3 plates, engraved with precision hinges, constituting, each, 1/3 of the delta mechanism
  • 2 identical plates, to be folded, to fasten and integrate the whole mechanism 
  • 3 identical plates, to be folded, constituting the NEMA17 stepper motor's housings (motors not supplied) 
  • 1 round plate with hooks, to be folded, constituting the main support of a "flying" extruder (Flystruder), suspended from the carriages 
  • 1 round hinged plate to receive a "flying" extruder, gimballed, compatible with the Titan extruder from the company E3D (Titan not supplied) 
  • 1 hinged plate, to be folded, constituting a gimballed support fo a DC blower fan (6028 format), to be fastened on a T-slot of MakerSlide profile (always right model in the kit)
  • 1 Ø80mm plate, to be folded, sloted according to Zatsit's fastening system, constituting the 3D printing effector, which supports the water-cooled Hot-End 
  • 1 Ø80mm plate, engraved, to make a precision hall effect Z-Probe, to snap with magnets under the hot-End 
  • 1 Ø80mm plate, sloted according to Zatsit's fastening system, to be drilled and/or machined by the user, to allow the adaptation of any other type of effector or tool, according to his imagination 
  • 3 elements, to be folded, to form the 625VV pulley supports, with spacers 

The set for water cooling the Hot-End 

  • 1.20 m of silicone hose Ø4/6mm 
  • Connectors for above 
  • A silent 5V submersible pump 
  • An electronic voltage-reducing module, allowing the pump to be powereded from any voltage between 25 and 8V 
  • The stainless steel tube adaptor, with M6 end for any heating block, E3D compatible 
  • Tools (Punching tool, insertion tool) to ensure watertight connection with the silicone hose 
  • One 200ml tank bottle (the support for it has to be 3Dprinted by Zatsit itself, using an easy temporary setup)

A set of screws and small accessories completes the kit: 

  • Bag of special self-tapping microscrews for Hylite (~40) 
  • 12 M5x20 countersunk head hex screws  
  • 10 hex screws M5x16 cylindrical head  
  • 3   spacers 5 x 12 mm  
  • 3   625VV (19x5x6) V-grooved ball bearings 
  • 3   F605ZZ (14x5x5) flanged ball bearings 
  • 8   spherical neodymium magnets Ø5mm (magnetic fastening system)
  • 3   cylindrical Ø3x1 neodymium magnets (endstops)
  • 4   cylindrical Ø4mmx2 neodymium magnets (flystruder articulation
  • 3   Aluminium spacer 5mm (magnets fastening
  • 12 M3x5 stainless steel screws  
  • 15 M3x8 screws 
  • 3   M3x10 screws 
  • 5   M3 nuts + spacers 
  • 3   timing pulleys 20 teeth GT2, each with 2 set screws  
  • 3   timing belts GT2 620mm  
  • 3   Kevlar cables 1m  
  • 3   connecting joint between Kevlar and GT2 belt  
  • 20 rectangular M5 nuts for 6 mm slotted profiles  
  • 20 bolts M5 for above nuts 
  • 6   slot cover, length 600 mm 
  • 1   PTFE 2x4 tubing, 200mm long 
  • 1   Hylite stirrups + push-on star washer (to connect PTFE tube
  • 1   special brass fastener (for the Hot-end stainless steel tube
  • 4  Hall effect detection module (for endstops and Z-Probe) +spacers  
  • 1  Elastic cord 1m (to mount the flystruder support)


There is a pledge for an accessory, not included in the basic kit, but which can be useful in particular configurations (bi or tri-colour printing, for example), or for other 3D printers:

  • Hylite plate, engraved for hinges and folds, in order to build a gimballed support for any NEMA17 extruder, to fasten to any 6mm T-slot, right or left model.

There are also pledges for most of the removable accessories already included in the kit, to allow either to complete this basic kit or to equip other 3D printers (Flystruder, gimballed blower fan, etc.).


  • Operating temperature range : +12°C to +85°C  
  • On desk rectangular footprint : 34 x 32 cm  
  • Overall dimensions : 40 x 38 x 66 cm  
  • Overall weight : 4.5kg kit, ~6kg complete  
  • Overall weight of all moving parts, in a 3D printing context : 212g (excluding the almost no moving flystruder, and half of wiring and water hose, which are fastened to a no moving part)  
  • 3D printable volume : Ø200mm x (295 to 320mm height, depending of the effector and bed choosed)   

About printing speed specification  

Unlike most other 3D printer specifications, let's be clear and precise: Zatsit's speed is between 0 and 560mm/s, depending of so many parameters!

In fact, what really limits the overall printing speed is the maximum extrusion rate, and the ability to cool the plastic deposited at that rate. What makes Zatsit excellent for speed is that it allows you to always go to these limits, without complicating things with mechanical problems, like ringing, poor repetability or accuracy.

Let's be pragmatic: assuming that you use high-end electronics, extrusion systems and motors, a common material (PLA or ABS), and that you have set the parameters correctly:     

  • At 90mm/s, you will print simply perfect, for exhibition or photography.  
  • For day to day use, Zatsit will be comfortable between 150 and 225mm/s, with a very high and consistent quality produced.  
  • Speeds above 225 mm/s are only accessible for particular combinations of object geometry, filament nature, extruder type, hot-end and nozzle type, and user experience.  
  • Zatsit's maximum speed is unknown. I have reached 560mm/s, but you may do better, by improving this or that component, material, or parameter...  

What Zatsit promises you is a quality/speed ratio two to three times better than what you will usually find, at a comparable price. Only some other delta machines can go so fast, if any! But then, let's compare the accuracy, and print quality, at the same speed! And let's not talk, then, about the price.... 

 Don't forget : Zatsit strives for excellence !

Risks and challenges

During the development of this project, I always considered production methods to be an integral part of the design. Every time I had an idea, I asked myself: "Who will produce it, at what price? And above all: "Can I avoid that, and make it simpler?"

In addition, I chose to present an only mechanical kit, avoiding creating technical dependencies and unnecessary commercial mark-ups in areas where I would have no added value.

The result of these efforts is that Zatsit uses very few suppliers, only one of which is specific: the one who produces the parts cut and engraved by CNC (Hylite and HPL).

Finally, I present my work on Kickstarter only after two years of intensive testing, on prototypes closely in line with what is offered to backers.

I chose the price of the different pledges, and the financing objective, in order to be sure that, if the campaign is a success, the project will be completed with certainty, and that my backers will be happy, when they receive their reward, when they will have set up their Zatsit, and several years later, when it will still be in the game.

For all the above reasons, I can say that this project reduces uncertainties to a minimum.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

Funding period

- (30 days)

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