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A Hardcover book with a gold foil cover (210 x 285 mm), from two of his more obscure writings, “Dagon” and “Nyarlathotep” with PETSCII.
A Hardcover book with a gold foil cover (210 x 285 mm), from two of his more obscure writings, “Dagon” and “Nyarlathotep” with PETSCII.
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    1. Samuli Vuorinen on

      Finally received a tracking number here in Finland. Hope to see the book soon!

    2. Missing avatar

      gert lassitude on

      Did the wave of sends mentioned in the Feb 6th update happen? Not received here (UK).

    3. Missing avatar

      Han on

      any news on Asian delivery? still waiting..

    4. Dennis

      Are there any t-shirts left?

    5. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      The waiting was an unavoidable obstacle because our unexperience doing this kind of commercial movements... One simple change, and we had an hole of -3500 eur for shipping costs... Glad to hear that everybody is happy with the book, doh ::)

    6. Farran Jones

      Arrived today (UK), all present and correct. Lovely thing, shame about the wait but satisfied to have it. Making plans for the stickers.

    7. julian van aalderen on

      Yessssss finally!!! Great book, nice collection of cards and stickers !

    8. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      @Simon Hi! Wich date has the mail? Please contact us via PM

    9. Missing avatar

      Simon Cubasch on

      Hi there. I am so sorry but I only realised now that I received a packlink number end of may but it ended up in my spam folder. What should I do?

    10. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      @David Sweden returned orders must wait until the next wave of orders

    11. Missing avatar

      David Almer on

      I haven’t received any email with tracking number (checked the spam box too). I’m in Sweden.

    12. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      Tracking numbers on the update's comments

    13. julian van aalderen on

      Has anything been dispatched by now for the Netherlands?
      Haven't received it yet...

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Tordera on

      I have moved and updated my address accordingly.
      I didn't receive my book yet (was in Sweden, now in The Netherlands).

    15. Missing avatar

      gert lassitude on

      Nothing for this UKer yet.

    16. Farran Jones

      Was wondering if the UK books have been sent out yet?

    17. Pedro Lambrini on

      Hey. Just wondering how you're getting on? :)

    18. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      @Tim No, people are going to receive the book AT THE SAME TIME than backers, just because we run out of money months ago and we need to do something to make the books reach to each backer ... twice, if necessary, thats next ;)

    19. tim koch on

      How far is Australia down the list? Or should i buy a copy on ebay :(

    20. Missing avatar

      Daniel Tordera on

      Hey Questron!

      You sent the book to me in Sweden on the 16th of May but the tracking webpage says the book is stopped at Stockholm since the 19th of May. Any idea why this happened and how to get it?

    21. Missing avatar

      Han on

      no books received in Singapore yet. any chance when Singapore copies would be sent?

    22. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      Yes, that's ok. No sending to UK. UK is in the next rotation of sendings.

    23. Missing avatar

      gert lassitude on

      No tracking number and no book in the UK.

    24. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      @Oscar tienes un PM

    25. Missing avatar

      Óscar on

      Hola, podrias decirme si mi paquete ha sido enviado y en caso de ser así, el número de seguimiento? Gracias

    26. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      @Matthew Carpenter We only ask you a little bit of more patience :) USA will have his own wave of sendings... Thanks!

    27. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      Those fingerprints are a problem... we didn't thought on it by the time we choose glossy paper for the book... I think we are not going to use again it in future projects.

    28. Dennis

      Received mine today (germany). Great! Within the book there are two loose sheets with an ad for a chinese resort ;-) and nearly overlooked the attached postcard pack at the outside of the package.... be aware of your finger prints - that book paper is very glossy. Nice work though! Totally worth the wait! Thank you.

    29. Missing avatar

      Pablo Lajo on

      Book, t-shirt, stickers and postcards received in Bilbao!!!!

    30. Matthew Carpenter

      I regret my copy has not yet arrived USA

    31. Toni "Zzap! Italia" Bianchetti on

      Received in Barcelona!
      Perfect packaging, with T-shirt and stickers.
      The book is bigger than I expected.
      I'll post photos on social media later today.

    32. Dennis

      haven't yet received the book but a tracking number (it says it's still on the way, so no worries on my side) by - this looked like a spam mail at first sight ;-)

    33. César Bernal Prat

      Received in Spain, thanks!

    34. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      Books were sent, please check last update

    35. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis Equiza on

      Today it arrived here in Spain. Everything perfect.
      Ha sido un parto difícil pero al final ha salido todo bien.

    36. Missing avatar

      Óscar on

      No tracking number and no book. Any news?

    37. Dennis

      it... it... it's coming? is this a tracking number. oh yes. it is. it is. great!

    38. Missing avatar

      gert lassitude on

      Hello - no book here in the UK. Is this to be expected?

    39. Christian Catchpole on

      Unless tracking numbers can be provided I consider this Kickstarter a bust.

    40. Dennis

      Please give us an update, thank you

    41. Toni "Zzap! Italia" Bianchetti on

      Still no sign of my book neither a tracking number. Any news?

    42. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      Hi! We are dealing with a new courier company... Don't worry, all the books are perfectly safe

    43. Christian Catchpole on

      Do you know if the shipping company are sending anything surface mail? My concern is that they offered tracking numbers but can not actually supply them.

    44. Chris Smith on

      Hi, no sign of my book as yet, can you message me?

    45. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      Hi! Yes

      We are finishing the orders (really, I'm very satisfied with the result of everything, but getting all the orders ready is being the hardest part of all this, (besides the work of Raquel, of course ;D) and a real hell!!... Book with T-shirt, without T-shirt, what size of T-shirt. verify that all the postcards are included...) I know that the perfect situation would be to receive the book on xmas, but, due to the fact that some items will travel thousands of kilometers, we prefer to send the books during the first two weeks of January, AFTER the holidays, to avoid delays, orders lost, and all the problems that could appear dispatching something during these days.

      Again, really appreciating your patience

      Un saludo and Merry Christmas to all

    46. Missing avatar

      gert lassitude on

      Hi - any update on dispatch date? Thanks.

    47. Pau on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    48. QUESTRON 2-time creator on

      Doom poster? Dr. Doom's poster or ID Software's Doom poster? :) Anyway is such an honor to replace any of those two icons! :)

    49. Pedro Lambrini on

      The poster looks amazing! It might even take pride of place in my room instead of my beloved Doom poster! Spooky stuff!

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