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A top quality monster capture game featuring a HUGE explorable world, multiplayer and 100+ monsters for you to find, battle and catch!

A top quality monster capture game featuring a HUGE explorable world, multiplayer and 100+ monsters for you to find, battle and catch! Read More
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NOTE: Actual gameplay looks WAY better than on the video, we will post better videos soon, promise!

Everyday gamers keep asking if there are any good monster capture games out there for their phones. You can browse the internet and you can see how many fans out there are craving these types of games. Few games have tried recreating the unique experience of battling and collecting monsters on mobile devices but the quality and gameplay of current titles were not exactly what most fans were looking for, and that’s why we decided to create Micromon, a game we created based on the feedback we've gathered from fans and we believe won't disappoint.

Mayaska is casting his good luck spell on this campaign... will it work? :)

Micromon is a TOP quality monster capture game for mobile devices. The game will feature a vast overworld where you can search, battle and catch over 100 monsters including rare and epic ones.

When playing Micromon, you can choose one of multiple towns to start your adventure. Each town will feature a unique theme, and from there, it’s up to you where you want to go and how you want to build your adventure. Also, when starting your game, you will be able to choose one initial Micromon from over a dozen initial Micromons, and the initial options available depend on which town you are starting your adventure, making your journey different from other players. 

We've spent countless hours gathering feedback from fans and applying them to the game. After all, this is a game made by fans, for fans.

NOTE: It will be launched for iOS (iphone4, 4s) first BUT if we meet our stretch goal we will develop an ANDROID version too (please refer to the stretch goals section).

Ok, since Micromon is indeed a monster capture game it's inevitable for people to compare it to other games such as Pokemon, but Micromon is a completely different game, think Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat. Here's a list of features that we believe makes us different from Pokemon and other monster capture games out there:

  • Quest system.
  • Sandbox environment, you choose where to start and where you want to end your adventure!
  • Multiplayer rankings & leagues.
  • You can level up your trainer to have access to different leagues online.
  • Fast-paced battles (no more text commentary).
  • Monster's speed affects battle directly (the faster your Micromon is the more turns you get).
  • Terrain has direct impact on the battle depending on what element affinity your Monster has.
  • The turns will be displayed during battle for better planning.
  • You can actually see where the Micromon's are, just by looking for shaking grass, if you don't feel like battling you can just avoid them altogether.
  • Key items (we don’t have HMs).
  • Multiplayer tournaments (We will create different tournaments throughout the year).
  • More than a dozen starter Micromon to choose from.
  • Multiple starter avatars to choose from.
  • More mature and deeper story.
  • Stamina system.
  • Content updates.
  • Micromon social network and centralized community (website).

Just to name a few :). More features will be added! Remember, the community gets to decide what to add/remove!

NOTE: These are ALL pre-alpha screenshots.

A vast world with dungeons and an extensive overworld for players to explore. We believe that being able to actually travel from one place to another (instead of just "teleporting") is what makes Mircomon's world so fun to explore. Making our game very different from others out there.

When traveling between locations through the vast world of Micromon you will be able to find countless secrets and creatures for you to discover and capture. You will actually be able to see where the creatures are located by looking for "shaking grass" so you can choose whether to battle (and/or discover other secrets) or continue to your destination by avoiding the shaking grass.

Exploring Micromon's world will always be rewarding! Trust us!

100+ UNIQUE MONSTERS - What's the point of having a huge world without a vast selection of creatures for you to capture? This is why we are working hard to create 100+ fully animated monsters for you to battle and capture including extremely powerful, rare and unique monsters! (also known as colossals and we are planning to include 6 of them).

Do you like fire monsters? Water perhaps? Or maybe... mechanical creatures? 

MONSTER EVOLUTIONS - YES!!! Remember the feeling you got when your monster finally evolved into an EPIC form after hours of grinding? All Monsters in  Micromon will evolve, remember, it's up to you how you want to build your party.

FAST PACED BATTLES - Micromon will feature a turn-based battle system, elements like monster's speed and battlegrounds will have a significant impact on the outcome of the battle, adding a whole new level of strategy to the game.

We included a bar displaying the upcoming turns for better planning, but turns might change depending on what attacks the opponent uses on you or the other way around, so plan carefully!

FLUID ANIMATIONS AND STUNNING VISUALS - Pixels? Forget about them! The game will feature native retina display support meaning that you will get to enjoy Micromon with the best graphics possible and very fluid animations.

Every character in Micromon will be fully animated.

But not only characters will get special treatment.. Every single monster will be fully animated too!!! Say good bye to static sprites!

ROBUST MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE - One of the best things of making Micromon for mobile devices is connectivity and user base. With millions of players with smartphones out there, chances are you will easily find friends you can play with instantly. Train your party and become the best tamer out there! Micromon will feature leader boards and much more!

Elements like time and weather will affect how and where you can capture specific monsters. Specific events/decisions will trigger a variety of changes in the environment, filling Micromon's world with tons of secrets for you to discover!

OTHER FEATURES - And much, much more, depending on how this campaign goes. The more support we get, the more content and features we can add to the game! With additional funds we want to create more content and more multiplayer game modes!

To all of our backers out there, we will start with a BIG thank you! Regardless of the amount of the contribution you made. For backers who want to contribute and help Micromon become a reality, we are offering some really cool rewards! Don't forget to check them all down below! ;)

You will also have the unique opportunity to contribute to the actual game design since we are building our own private community in which you will help us make important decisions. We will let you vote on some key aspects of the game and your input throughout the process will impact the game development directly…just how COOL is that?

Behold! The REWARDS!

The game will be FREE for a single reason: the more users we have the better online experience and the larger the community will be. Just to clarify we will not sell power (as in nothing that affects the online gaming balance). We will however, offer convenience and some really REALLY cool perks to players and you as a backer will get immediate access to these perks for FREE as soon as we launch the game. So, for all of our awesome backers we will give you a really nice boost from the get go! Trust us it will be worth it!

Clarification Note : By no means any player will be required to purchase anything in order to finish the game with ease. Oh... and did we mention the game will be advertisement FREE?

A really cool wallpaper for your desktop. Designed exclusively for this Kickstarter campaign.

Be part of our team! Join our community and get to vote on some key decisions in regards to Micromon's development!
Digital download of the FULL soundtrack! Check out our demo! Only for backers!

In the process of building Micromon we are generating tons of material that we want to share with you.  It will include early concept work, strategy guide, scripts, exclusive content, developer bios and much much more!

We are offering an exclusive Kickstarter campaign t-shirt and hoodie, wear the coolest Micromon gear!

We will give you a travel partner to join your journey! Just imagine meeting other players online and showing off your exclusive kickstarter pet! Knowing they won't ever get one like yours! 

If you get tired of walking or running we have a solution for you. We've designed an exclusive vehicle only available to awesome backers like you! You will be able to travel in between locations with ease! This will become very handy, trust us.. We know you will love it! 

Do you enjoy decorating your room with awesome stuff? Well let us give you a hand! We designed a poster only for you, our dear backers! It will be a large one ideal for framing.


Have you ever wondered how would you look like as a videogame character? Our talented artist will make a hand drawn portrait of you dressed as a monster tamer, but that's not all, we will also send you the digital avatar! (NPC). You can also choose any monster you like for the drawing!

Are you looking for something more than just cool artwork? If you enjoy collecting resin figures this is the reward for you! Depending on your backer level you can either get the 3,75'' painted resin figurine of your avatar or you can also get the 7 1/2'' resin figurine of any character/monster you want!!! These are HIGHLY detailed pieces of artwork! Perfect for your collection!

Become part of the game! (or help us design one). We will create a NPC based on your looks and put you in the game!  Players worldwide will interact with your character :) 

Ok.. so you want to take it to the next level of awesomeness? Well how about becoming an actual PLAYABLE character!  When starting a new game, players will be able to choose between a number of avatars and among them will be you! Don't be shy, you will become famous!

OK so this is a one on a kind reward! We will give a fully customized iPod touch! Pre-loaded with exclusive content: early beta versions of the game, development videos, pictures, custom wallpaper, thank you video from the team, and many more surprises! Oh.. did we mention that it comes with a custom made case??

This is by far the coolest reward in the list! We have talented artists in MOGA and by talented I mean VERY talented. We will give you a large OIL painting of anything you want related to Micromon, if you don't have any ideas we can send you some sketches and you can choose.

Due to Apple restrictions we are limited to only 100 beta testers (if funded, we will send invites to 100 lucky backers and since we just have 100 we will use a first come first served criteria). Please keep in mind that this is only for backers level 4 and above.

In order for us to meet fans’ expectations, we have to make a top quality game. Pokemon has set the genre's standards and we are planning to meet, if not surpass them (yes, it's a huge challenge but we believe we can deliver with the help of the community). To accomplish this we need awesome art, music and animations. We have a very small team and lack the manpower to add all the extra content we think fans out there want and deserve. We really want to create the next big thing for mobile gaming and this will ONLY be possible with YOUR support. Please check out the FAQ section for more details.

The more support we get, the more content the game will have. If we reach our stretch goal of 80.000, we will start the port to ANDROID immediately. We have always wanted to do an Android version from the get-go, but we had to make a decision based on the resources and time we had available. We will also be able to create and offer cooler rewards for our backers. In the VERY happy event that we meet and exceed our stretch goal, we will offer you this:

We will not just create a high quality game, we want to create an immersive and unique experience for all players. The few people who have played Micromon’s demo have been mind-blown since it’s something that has not been seen on a mobile phone before. We are committed to make the greatest monster capture game in the mobile phone universe, and if you appreciate the genre as much as we do, then we are sure you will love it.

For international backers who for any reason cannot donate directly through Kickstarter other options are available such as a prepaid amazon cash card. You can use the cash card to donate though Kickstarter directly. Here's a guide on how to do this click here (credit to the Double Fine team).

Note: You must add $1 more than the prize amount to make sure the donation goes through (once again, credit to the Double Fine team for this info).

If you have ever played monster capture games, you will understand why making Micromon makes sense. These games are unique and making them available to mobile phones is a no-brainer. This is your opportunity to make it happen and have your voice heard which will directly affect the direction of the game and more importantly, a chance to make a high quality monster capture game available to millions of fans out there.  If you like our project, please support us by pledging and/or spreading the word! Let's make this happen!


Facebook -
Twitter -!/MicromonGame
Official Site -


  • We think these are a couple reasonable guidelines:

    1) No sexual content.
    2) Nothing that can potentially represent a copyright infringement.

    Last updated:
  • Our 43k goal is based on the fact that we want to bring 2 more artists to help us assemble/decorate the worldmaps faster (by far this is the most time consuming part of the game). We need to buy computers for them to use (and a small desk), we also need more time to build more content so add 2 months of operations for the entire team (including the 2 new contractors) that's already 20K+. Now, you factor in Kicksarter's 5% , Amazon's 5% and you also add the fact that we need to save up to 35% for taxes.... so, in order for us to receive the money we need to finish the game with all the content we want to add, we do need at least 43k so after all the deductions we get the budget we need. Also factor in the cost of the rewards (it takes time to make them). I am well aware that normally iOS games may cost less, most games can get by with 1 animator and 1 programmer and that's it, but we are not trying to make another casual game. The amount of animations and assets for the game is not something you would see on any 2D iOS/Android game.

    Note: We are only paying the animators. The programmer and myself are pretty much working for free, and this will remain the same even after funding, all funds will be exclusively to create more content/features.

    Last updated:
  • In regards 3GS support, unfortunately it won't support it ... I know... it sucks... but we tried (really hard) but after looking for workarounds and taking into consideration all the pros/cons we had to stick to iPhone's 4/4s, and hopefully some Android devices too

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Backer Level 1 - A wallpaper for your desktop (exclusive for the Kickstarter campaign) + In-game currency equivalent to a $10 value +
    All the people that supports our project will receive a virtual high five and our most special THANKS, every pledge takes us closer to our goal :)

    Estimated delivery
    35 backers
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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    Backer Level 2 - Access to our PRIVATE COMMUNITY where you will get directly involved in the game development and vote on key decisions! + In-game currency equivalent to a $25 value + ALL previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery
    29 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Backer Level 3 - Do you enjoy videogame music as much as we do? If so, we will give you the digital download of the entire game SOUNDTRACK + Exclusive desktop wallpaper (available to backers level 3 or above only) + In-game currency equivalent to a $50 value + ALL previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery
    12 backers
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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Backer Level 4 - Digital ART BOOK/STRATEGY GUIDE of the entire project (PDF). It will include all the sketches, concept art, scripts, developer bios, game design documents, pictures, exclusive content and much more! + Become a BETA TESTER**+ We will include your name in the art book's and website's CREDITS+In-game currency equivalent to a $100 value + ALL previous reward tiers.
    ** We are limited by Apple to only 100 beta terters, so first come first served :)

    Estimated delivery
    25 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Backer Level 5 - EXCLUSIVE in-game PET FOR YOUR AVATAR (only for backers), designed exclusively for the Kickstarter campaign (will not affect game balance). We will give you 3 options to choose from. You will be able to show them off to other players knowing that they won't be able to get one like yours ;) + In-game currency equivalent to a $150 value + ALL previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery
    5 backers
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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    Backer Level 6 (B) - LARGE limited edition POSTER + Exclusive in-game VEHICLE (available only to backers) + SPECIAL thanks in the game's CREDITS + ALL 3 Level 5 backer in-game PETS + ALL previous reward tiers( this prize does NOT include the T-Shirt). Please include an additional $10 for shipping outside the US & Canada.

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    Backer Level 6 (A) - Limited edition Micromon T-SHIRT +Exclusive in-game VEHICLE (available only to backers) + SPECIAL thanks in the game's CREDITS + ALL 3 Level 5 backer in-game PETS + ALL previous reward tiers. Please include an additional $10 for shipping outside the US & Canada.

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Backer Level 7 - Imagine no more how would you look like as a videogame character...A FRAMED, SIGNED HAND DRAWING of you as a character of the game made by our talented artist (or any Monster you choose) + Micromon HOODIE +Vectorized and colored version of YOU as an NPC!!! + ALL previous reward tiers (NOTE: Includes both the T-Shirt AND the Poster! ).

    Estimated delivery
    0 backers
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Backer Level 8 - Become part of the game! We will create an animated non-playable character (NPC) based on your picture (*or help us create a design of your liking) for the game. Imagine yourself being part of the game and get bragging rights for it =) + ALL previous reward tiers. (*Must meet a few reasonable guidelines check FAQ).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $2,500 or more About $2,500 USD

    Backer Gold Master - Ok..let's take this to the next level! Ready?...We will create a PLAYABLE CHARACTER of YOU (or whatever design you want*). Players worldwide will be able to select YOUR avatar (you will be famous!)+ Small RESIN FIGURE (3,75'' tall) of your avatar+ We will include you in the hall of fame (in-game building) for all players to see (not just your name but your picture too!) + ALL previous reward tiers. (*Must meet a few reasonable guidelines check FAQ).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Backer Diamond Master - So you enjoy collecting cool artwork? We will give you a 7 1/2 " tall RESIN FIGURE of ANY monster/character you want from the game + Help us design YOUR OWN MICROMON and decide how and where it can be captured by players! *+ Signed framed picture of the team w/thank you note+ ALL previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Backer Grand Master - First off... you are AWESOME (and probably We will give you an unique and exclusive AWESOME LARGE OIL PAINTING of whatever you want (related to the game) painted by our talented artists + brand new IPOD TOUCH with a custom designed case signed by the producer of the game and preloaded with tons of content (wallpaper, pictures, exclusive videos and various beta versions of the game pre installed.)+ Thank you video from the Team+ ALL previous rewards tiers.

    Estimated delivery
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