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Human 2.0? A documentary about disability,  super-ability, and how technology is changing the body. 
Now YOU can help finish FIXED!
Human 2.0? A documentary about disability, super-ability, and how technology is changing the body. Now YOU can help finish FIXED!
371 backers pledged $29,138 to help bring this project to life.

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Put FIXED on TV and make "ableism" a household word.


Dear Kickstarter supporters, 

With your support, we were able to create a damn good film. 

The Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival called Fixed "an ethical and philosophical mind-bender" and held two special events featuring the film. Numerous disability studies professors have shared that they believe Fixed is the best film in their field and bound to become a classic. 

Since its release, the film has screened and won awards in film festivals around the world. It has also been a keynote at eight academic and professional conferences. The United Nations licensed the film for their work on the Convention for the Rights of People With Disabilities. It is now being taught in classrooms at over 200 colleges and universities, including medical and engineering schools, and has inspired 2 symposiums based on the film. Our "little film that could" has been kicking butt, right? Thrilling? Yes.  I hope you are all proud of what you helped make possible. But even with all its success, Fixed has still only reached around 20-30,000 people and mostly at festivals and in college classrooms.

Now, with your support, we can get this film in front of MILLIONS of people via public television, distributed through American Public Television. 

Please consider matching your original contribution by making a tax-deductible donation today to bring Fixed to public TV this summer, to be broadcast in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the ADA, and for the next three years. 

We have 7 days left to raise $20K more to cover all the costs and fees associated with remastering the film and getting it "PBS-ready" (insurance, re-editing, sound mix, captions, audio description, hiring a stations relations consultant, etc...)

Imagine millions of people turning on their TVs to find Fixed and being exposed to the refreshing perspectives of Gregor Wolbring, Patty Berne, Dominika Bednarksa, John Hockenberry, Hugh Herr, Silvia Yee, and so many more. Learning about human enhancement technologies and grappling with ableism, eugenics, disability rights, transhumanism, responsible innovation, and bioethics, in many cases for the first time. 

As you know, this has been a grassroots, community-supported film since day one. To enter this exciting new phase, we need our larger community more than ever to help make it happen.

Please support our fundraising campaign to put Fixed on TV today! Feel free to contact me with any questions at 


Regan Brashear, Fixed director/producer

PS - A huge thanks and a virtual high five to those of you who have already donated!

PPS - We are still looking for additional underwriters, sponsors who can donate a larger amount starting at $2.5K whose name will be announced at the beginning and end of every broadcast for the next three years. Great advertising for your company or non-profit for a great cause! Ask me for more details!

You, Me and Public TV - Let's get FIXED on television!


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FIXED needs your address!


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FIXED, coming soon to a town near you!

Dear friends of FIXED,

There is lots of great news to share, but first of all, the biggie: FIXED IS DONE!

Thanks to your moral and financial support and the critical time provided to me through my Arizona State University filmmaking residency this spring, we, all together, were able to birth this film into being. Seven years in the making! In infinite large and small ways, you have all helped make this film a reality.

Thank you all so much!

Now let's share it with the world!

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And please don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

In gratitude,


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From Oakland to Tempe to Lisbon!

Dear friends of Fixed,

Much exciting news to share from these recent months!

  • Artist residency at ASU
  • Pre-release screening in Lisbon
  • Work-in-progress screenings
  • 2013/2014 college screening tour, booking now!
  • Film update

Read all about it here!

In gratitude,

Regan Brashear, Producer/Director

“‘Fixed’ combines some of the most challenging questions facing the disability rights movement with the cutting-edge science of human enhancement. The result is eye-opening and raises provocative questions our civilization struggles to answer. Yet ‘Fixed’ doesn’t fail to fascinate, and communicates on so many levels. Everyone should see this film!“

– Marilyn Golden, Senior Policy Analyst, DREDF

‘Fixed’ presents an incisive, balanced, and mind-bending look at the opportunities and challenges the technology revolution has wrought for the future of human culture and the meaning of being human... Beautifully edited with multiple dance sequences that transcend preconceived notions of disability and normalcy, ‘Fixed’ poses the question, ‘What sort of world do we want to live in?‘” — Mary Lou Breslin, Senior Policy Advisor, DREDF