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Iron Galaxy Clik Records is officially being launched by indy hip hop alumni Cannibal Ox. Help support the label and sophomore album.

Support the IGC REC movement!

Cannibal Ox is launching their own label Iron Galaxy Clik (IGC) Records and have reunited for their long awaited sophomore album.  Cannibal Ox has already completed their first leg of their tour and funding will help us with videos, more US and International touring, the label, our spring 2013 single entitled "GOTHAM {OX CITY}" and most importantly the completion of the album.  Instead of complaining about the quality of hip hop, make a change and support a real movement.  100% of your pledges will go to the funding of the sophomore album of Cannibal Ox, new videos, touring support,  marketing and promotion, street teams (physical and digital), and production budget for other featured artists on the album.  This label and album is 10 years in the making and needs the fans support to bring it to life. 

Vast Aire - CEO IGC Records

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As we all know the creation of an album as well as touring doesn't always go as planned. Fortunately I have been in this industry consistently for over 10 years and with my experience in dealing with production, touring, and recording I have learned how to avoid most potential setbacks. I have recently been accomplishing this on my own with no help from any management. My fans are extremely important to me as well as the completion of this project and will be in constant communication with my supporters/backers throughout this process should any challenges arise. I am confident if there should be any they will be seen through and fulfilled.


  • The project must reach it's goal in order for the packages to follow through. In the event that we dont reach out 30,000 goal, we IGC wanted ALL BACKERS TO RE-BACK us at end of the month when we restart the KICKSTARTER. The reality is if we dont reach our goal none of the money will be available to label.

    At that point...we will have an idea of all THE REAL backers and will be able to reset the kickstarter with a number we are sure of. So please push this out and lets reach our goal. if not we shall try again! IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED...TRY TRY AGAIN!

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    Freshman package - Receive a shout out on twitter, facebook, etc. and various other social networks.

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    Sophmore package - Receive freshman package and your very own IGC button pack and signed cd from artist and label.

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    Junior package - Receive freshman, sophomore packages plus an IGC t-shirt.

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    Senior Package - Receive freshman, sophomore, junior packages plus an IGC hoodie and a free admittance to artists' performance of your choice.

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    College Package - Receive freshman, sophomore, junior, senior packages and accompany artists with a friend to one of their studio recording sessions.

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    Graduate Package - Receive all of the above mentioned packages plus a liner note credit on Cannibal Ox's sophomore album. It will be placed in the "thank you section" along with producers.

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