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INEQUALITY FOR ALL examines the crisis of widening income inequality in the US through the eyes & the influential work of Robert Reich.
INEQUALITY FOR ALL examines the crisis of widening income inequality in the US through the eyes & the influential work of Robert Reich.
1,015 backers pledged $83,392 to help bring this project to life.

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Latest Update!


Dear Kickstarters,

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay. For those of you who have pledged $100 dollars or more and are due to receive the free digital download, please know that we are currently working with iTunes to generate the codes which will allow you to download 'Inequality for All' via their online store for free.

For those of you who are not waiting on the free download and would like to purchase the film, you can do so by going here. Thanks for your support!


The Inequality for All Team

Latest update!

Dear donors,

Hello! We hope this finds you well.

We've gotten some comments and feedback from many of you recently, and have realized we can / need to better clarify a few things and also, wanted to let you know about the amazing things that are happening with the film.

So with that, here we go:

As mentioned prior, we're a 3 person production team (meaning, we're doing our best to keep up with the demands of the film, but we're not always able to tend to everything as quickly as we'd like. With this, our hope is that for anyone who is on Facebook, that you will find us HERE - as we have a robust social action and digital team working on that daily - and it will give you infinitely more information about the life of the film than we can here through Kickstarter (and we don't want to bombard you from every direction).

The other place you can find great information is on our newly built out website. Please go HERE to find loads of exciting information about ways you can get involved further in discussions and actions around economic inequality issues. Finally you can FOLLOW US on Twitter to receive periodic updates about the film, its release, and efforts being made to battle income inequality. 

We are thrilled to report that the film opened on 28 screens nationally last weekend - this is HUGE for a documentary and we were successful in having one of the biggest opening weekends for a doc in years! We'll be expanding to 41 screens this week, and even more in the coming weeks. THIS PAGE on our website is updated daily with new cities/theater listings. 

For those of you who are due a digital download - our apologies as the description of when that would be delivered was unclear. When we said "upon release", due to industry standards and practices, to clarify, this means around the time it is released on DVD and available on digital download commercially. Unfortunately this is not something that can be done while the film is in theaters - distributors are not allowed to release anything in any downloadable form within 90 days of when it's launched in theaters when working with most any of the main theater chains in the US - and thus, this fulfillment has to follow the same rules. We will be working with our distributor on how the downloads will be delivered to you at that time - it's not something they have a system set up to do - but they're very appreciative of what it means for you all to have given to the making of the film and look forward to working with us to actualize this.

Lastly, for those of you with whom we owe the other last rewards, like the lunch with Jake and Bob, or the drawings - thank you for your patience. Bob and Jake have literally maybe been home about 5 days in the past 6 weeks - and so we've been worried about setting a date, particularly for those of you who would be traveling for it - with the worry that a commitment for the release of the film might force us to change the date. But we're circulating dates to come back to you soon with possibilities we can feel good about. And for the drawings...Bob is excited about working on those...but again, he's been out there promoting the film all across the country and is also teaching this semester. Bear with us - but know we have not forgotten and they will happen in due time.

Thank you all again for your support - particularly at a time when our country's government has just been shut down - we believe it's quite meaningful to put forth a film that offers another way in which to try to work together - with respect, civility and with the greater good of our society as a whole as a core belief.

Our best,

The Inequality For All Team

Inequality For All - Behind The Scenes


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Sundance Award, Press, Distribution, and Next Steps

Dear INEQUALITY FOR ALL fans - there is much to share, so let's get right to it!

Thanks to your incredibly timely support we were able to hit our goal of premiering at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in January. The response was truly overwhelming. The film was honored with the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Achievement in Filmmaking and we received standing ovations after all our screenings - a rarity!

In virtually every Q&A people asked us about the support we received from Kickstarter (it’s quite a visual to see so many of your names listed in our end credits - it speaks volumes), which allowed us to tell people how meaningful it was to have funding for the film that was so aligned with the spirit in which we were making it. It can't be said enough – thank you again and again and again for your support.

Here's a picture of us on stage after our first screening and one of our audience during the sustained standing ovation:

We have great news on the distribution front, which is that The Weinstein Company/Radius will be releasing the film theatrically this September! We were fortunate enough to have our wish list of distributors fighting over the film. To have the opportunity to sit down with all the top distributors who have released many of the films we have loved over the years and hear how they would take the movie out, was quite a heady experience. It was an honest-to-goodness Sundance dream come true.

We’ve already begun working with our Weinstein Company/Radius team – and are incredibly excited about their passion and forward-thinking vision for the potential of the film.

We received quite a great round of initial reviews and press for the film. Below, please find several links to enjoy:

Lastly, if you haven't already, please sign up for our newsletter, which will be the best way to receive updates on the project going forward.

As we work like crazy behind-the-scenes to lay the groundwork for the most successful release possible, one of the most important things we can do now is to begin to get people to know about the film. So if interested, please join us on our Facebook page to help spread the word!

We will be playing a few festivals over the coming months – and we’ll be sure to let you know (via our newsletter) which ones they are as we lock them in.

For those of you who are due to receive awards for your donations, we’re beginning to dive into that process. We have our behind-the-scenes video that will be headed your way very shortly – and we’ll be reaching out to you directly if your reward entails more coordination. Please bear with us - we are a small crew and working as hard as we can.

That's it for now. All in all, we couldn't have hoped for a better kick-off.

Thank you again for your help and interest in the film. We’ve dedicated the last two years to making it and your early support means an enormous amount to us. We are charged up and invigorated by this experience, as we hope you are, and can’t wait for you all to see it.


Jake, Robert, Jen, Sebastian, and the whole Inequality For All team

Today, we crossed the finish line thanks to you!

Dear Backers,

This morning, we - a team of a 1,015 from all over the country - together crossed the finish line with a total of $83,392! We are beyond moved. 

Truly, there are no words that can express the outpour of gratitude we feel to have experienced such widespread support. INEQUALITY FOR ALL is a film about all of us: all Americans connected together through our economy and democracy. So, to be crowd-funded by you 1,015 backers gives heightened meaning to our film's urgent message. Thanks to you and your generosity we will be able to cover our major postproduction costs, allowing us to put the strongest film we can out into the world.

So, what happens next?

You are now a part of the INEQUALITY FOR ALL family! As such, we're including you in the long-haul. You can follow us on Facebook for regular updates, how to get even more involved, the latest of what's happening with Robert Reich as well as our film team, and more:

If you feel compelled to contribute more or recruit friends to chip in, you can still make tax-deductible donations through our Fiscal Sponsor, the San Francisco Film Society: Truly, every dollar counts.

If you'll be at Sundance this January, here's our festival listing with screening times: We would so love to see you in the audience!

We'll be in touch regarding rolling out our Backer Rewards over the coming months. Please bear with us, as we first have to finish the movie! Those of you who will be in our Special Thanks, though, will receive an email from us shortly (be on the look out for that!)

And, as always, for more information, here's our web site:

Again, a million thanks. We could not have done this without you. We feel blessed to have 1,015 individual heroes to call our own.

With eternal gratitude,

Jake, Jen, Sebastian, Bob and the whole INEQUALITY FOR ALL team