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A beautifully designed alarm clock in high-end materials, waking you with freshly brewed coffee or tea.
A beautifully designed alarm clock in high-end materials, waking you with freshly brewed coffee or tea.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph bruns on

      Maybe an extra perk included with the Kickstarter backers Barisieur would go a long ways to soothe the disdain over it being cheaper now on indiegogo, i.e. Extra cup etc.

    2. Barisieur Ltd. Creator on

      Hi Hannah,

      Sorry for the delayed response, we've been super hectic lately and we will update you guys on the progress soon. We really appreciate you getting in touch with us with us again. We have to apologies as initially there was confusion with the launch on the Indiegogo platform and what currency we were raising in. We also had issues with the conversion rates. We corrected this when it was voiced. We are sorry that you feel disheartened by this, It was not on purpose we promise. We totally understand where you are coming from, however we really hope you continue to be excited about this project/ product :)


      The Barisieur Team

    3. Hannah N. on

      Hi guys, I appreciate your response to my comment, but still see a huge issue. Historically, looking back at who has backed the Indiegogo 8+ days ago, you can see 19 people got the Early Bird special for $286. That's including shipping and the product.

      It looks as if you changed the pricing on Indiegogo about a week ago, after I voiced my concern. This does not change the fact that there was, a week ago, a huge price difference between the early funders on your Kickstarter (me) and those on Indiegogo.

      So, yes, now the pricing between the two is nearly the same. But at the time I voiced my concern, there was over $100 difference.

      I am still extremely excited about this product and am happy to support it, but still feel disheartened about this subject. I have only recently graduated from school and started working, so when I spend my money in large amounts like this, it's hard earned and usually takes a long time of saving up.

    4. Michail Drakomathioulakis

      Hi Josh and the Team,

      Thank you for the quick answer and clarifications!

      You should apologize for the Brexit only if you voted in favour of :) ! I'm kidding, of course.

      Well, the Kickstarter Special level was £265, no £260, and I thought delivery wasn't included in the Kickstarter pledge levels (at least, it isn't in the Voucher level). If it was, then, OK, the difference between the Kickstarter Special and the Indiegogo Barisieur levels is £5, which is acceptable considering currency exchange.

    5. Barisieur Ltd. Creator on

      Hi Michail,

      We appreciate your concerns with regards to the price units as well. We must stress that we are not selling the Barisieur cheaper on Indiegogo then we did to you guys on here.
      Barisieur Indiegogo Price = $299 +$39 (Delivery)= £260
      Barisieur Kickstarter Price = £230 + £30 (Delivery) = £260
      (We have also removed the Super Early Bird Price after discussion amongst the team.)

      We can not stress how important you guys are to us, and we do not want you to be misinformed. All we can do is apologies for Britain wanting to leave the EU which has had a huge effect on the conversion rate. If we could have raised in Dollars on Kickstarter we would have.

      We hope this answers your questions.

      Josh and the Team

    6. Michail Drakomathioulakis

      Hi Josh and The Barisieur Team,

      I have a similar concern as the one expressed by Hannah N. .

      Using OS X Spotlight currency conversion tool (data provided by Yahoo!), with today's currency exchange rates, I get the following:

      Super Early Bird: £200=€236,03=$261,62
      Early Bird: £230=€271,43=$300,86
      Kickstarter Special: £265=€312,74=$312,74
      Barisieur Voucher: £295=€348,14=$348,14

      Indiegogo Early Bird: $286=€258,03=£218,64
      Indiegogo Barisieur: $299=€269,76=£222,58

      So, there IS a difference. The Indiegogo Early Bird is somewhere between the Kickstarter Super Early and Early Birds, but the Indiegogo Barisieur is almost as the Kickstarter Early Bird and more than £40 cheaper than the Kickstarter Special!

      Although currency exchange rates and the sterling drop can to an extend explain the difference if someone compares prices in US dollars before and after Brexit, it's difficult to justify why there are such differences when someone compares prices in the same day, given that you're based in the UK, so your reference currency is, I suppose, the British pound.

      That gets even worse if someone compares the prices in Euro; the Indiegogo Barisieur comes cheaper than the Kickstarter Early Bird!!!

      I'm also excited about this project, that's why I decided to back it, although it was hard at the time to secure £265 (I lost the Early Birds), so I opted for the Voucher, but now I see that through Indieogo I could get it cheaper...

    7. Barisieur Ltd. Creator on

      Hey Hannah,
      We really appreciate you getting in touch with us. You are not the first person to get in touch with regards to the price. We would like to clarify that there is no difference, and the price has not dropped from the early birds or the Kickstarter special price vs Indiegogo special price. The only difference is that we are raising in Dollars on Indiegogo and raised in Sterling on Kickstarter. Due to ‘Brexit’ the sterling has taken a huge beating and has considerably dropped. Therefore you will have been paying more with regards to the dollar and its conversion rate at the time.

      I am not sure if you were aware, but towards the end of the Kickstarter campaign we were struggling and we were really far away from the goal. Therefore we opened up the 2nd early bird tiers (also spurred on by a lot of the backers who wanted us to reach the target) which was the reason why we hit our target in the end. We are more then happy to offer you a refund if you feel that you have been cheated, but we hope you do not feel like that as we would never wish that on anyone. If that is the case, all we can do is apologies as that was never intentional. It has just been a crazy process and we totally understand where you are coming from, however we really hope you continue to be excited about this project/ product :).
      Barisieur Team

    8. Hannah N. on

      I'm confused. If the Kickstarter backers are top priority, why did my final price in USD come out to $388.73 for the Early Bird, and I'm now seeing I could have waited for the Indiegogo and paid only $286 for the Early Bird? So now someone who wasn't as invested in the initial funding gets to save more money than someone who was excited to put their trust into the early stages.

      I feel like I was cheated out of $102.73, which makes me sad because I was extremely excited about this project.