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Help eight youth videographers, photographers, writers & producers complete video work from the 2011 UN Climate Negotiations, Durban

The latest round of climate negotiations in Durban were a whirlwind of activity - as global talks slipped into crisis, nearby homes were washed away by floods and the global grassroots movement flexed new muscle to make our voices heard before it's too late.

We need about $5000 to finish and release a few key films about Durban so that we can tell these stories and share the key lessons from this year's summit.

Between now and January 9, donate, definitely spread the word, and be a part of the team that makes sure that voices under-represented in the political dialogue around climate change are heard!

This November 27 - December 12, Project Survival Media took an all-star team of eight youth photographers, videographers, & writers to the UN Climate Negotiations in Durban, South Africa.

Our team hails from Kenya, India, the Netherlands, and the United States.

We were accredited as press through Grist Magazine and LinkTV - and we were also proud to partner with,, Yes! Magazine, EJCC, and more!

Our role at the negotiations is specific. We travel to the UN to:
- Share frontline accounts from people whose lives and homelands are already at stake because of climate change,
- Discover international coalitions, and networked solutions that are emerging despite the failure of our highest institutions,
- Bring critical youth perspectives to the wide-spread coverage of climate change and the UN,
- Craft engaging narratives that are about real people, and less about statistics.

Media Snapshot: PSM at the Durban UN Climate Negotiations

At the UN this year, we produced the following video work:

- “The Frontlines of Durban: A Video Short.” On the eve of the UN Climate Negotiations, the township of KwaMashu, just twenty minutes north of Durban, experienced a torrential downpour costing ten people their lives and demolishing several homes. Our team was invited to their community, to help illuminate the connections between this disaster, climate change, and the need for increased focus on adaptation.

- “Women and the Green Climate Fund” This video short explores the perspectives of women, from vulnerable communities to policy experts, on the need for adaptation funds and implementation that recognizes women as agents of change. The three women we interviewed discussed the Green Climate Fund, hailed as the first climate adaptation financing mechanism that has incorporated gender concerns from the outset.   

- “South Africa, Inside and Outside the UNFCCC” is a photo audio slide-show juxtaposing the efforts of two young South Africans: A young man organizing around anti-pollution and climate change efforts in his community, and a negotiator to the UNFCCC.  This piece reveals how at odds these two roles currently are.

- “Why the UN?” is a documentary short that combines the perspectives of Harish Hande, Solar Entrepreneur, Pablo Solon, former Bolivian Lead Negotiator, and Tom Goldtooth, Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, asking: Why do people continue to focus their efforts on the UN? Why do they continue to fight for climate justice? Is there a breaking point? Is there a point where people should stop focusing their efforts on influencing the UN process, and work solely on the communities they can directly impact instead.

All of this is very exciting! So what do we do now that COP 17 is over? 

Two of these pieces are still in post-production. Our new website is under construction. We need just a mere $5,000.00 USD to finish these media pieces, push them out to media outlets, and  complete the re-launch of our new website.

The $5,000 raised through this campaign in the next two weeks will support our team to:

- Edit their interviews and conference footage into documentary shorts,
- Enable our photographers to edit their amazing photography into photo-essays, accompanied by written narratives, and
- Support our website relaunch, enabling us to more easily share our content with our partners and media outlets for years to come.

THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who have supported Project Survival Media so far!

We are on the edge of something great, and this Kickstarter campaign can truly push us over the top. Please help us by donating what you can, and spreading the word FAR and WIDE!

More about Project Survival Media at the UN:
The international conversation at the UN is no longer just about “climate change” or “global warming”.  It is also about Survival. People’s livelihoods are at stake--right now--and these same people(s) most impacted by climate change are often given disproportionately low attention as the leaders of the world decide their fate.

At the UN Climate Negotiations, PSM focuses on peoples who are most impacted by climate change -- indigenous peoples, peoples from least developed countries, small island states, young people, and women. We seek to give a human face to an issue often discussed solely in terms of political drama or abstract scientific targets.

In 2009, PSM coordinated a global team of 93 youth, worked with 18 young people at the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen, and produced blogs, photo-essays, and mini-documentaries. Throughout the negotiations, PSM was one of few sources that not only empowered youth journalists, but also brought to light untold stories of countries and peoples whose lives are at stake.

Photos By: Bunker Seyfert, Shadia Fayne Wood, Joe Lukhovi, & Josh Lopez


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