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$276 pledged of $2,000 goal
By Daniel S Helman
$276 pledged of $2,000 goal

Recent updates

Thank you for your interest this project -- I'll keep you posted

To all of those wonderful souls who'd backed this project, a Study in Temporary, Man-Made Ice Sields to Combat Global Warming -- though unsuccessful on Kickstarter, I think I will be looking for another funding platform in the next few days, which would have more of a scientific (or ecological) focus. I plan to launch a new campaign, and will be doing the research (regardless!) as it seems like a worthwhile pursuit, to be sure! I will send out information on the next update. In the meantime, don't lose hope for combating global warming. It is true that if everyone who has heard of global warming were to plant a few trees every year, that would fall short of the need, especially in the short term. The average global carbon footprint per person is about 4 tons of CO2 per year. A tree can pull out about 1100 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over a hundred year period, as a round number, and that translates to about 1 ton. Because of this hundred year delay, it's not just as simple as everyone planting 4 trees a year. But what if everyone on the planet plants 100 trees a year, on average? I should think that this strategy is a good one to promote, as it really can make an impact in the short term. Easy? Not exactly. But not impossible! I will keep you posted regarding the ice shield study, and in the meantime, get busy planting! Warm Regards, Daniel Helman Long Beach, California, USA

First Milestone!

I am thrilled to report that we've reached 10% of our funding goal, with nearly two weeks left, and some very good prospects.  The project has been written up in print (see and I'm pretty confident that the hard work of writing press releases and generally being steadfast in sharing this idea will lead to very good things -- and hopefully a fully-funded Kickstart!

Thank you so much for your kind support, and generous thoughts.  It really is a joy to be involved in this work.  More to come ...


Daniel Helman

Long Beach, California, USA