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PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
21,412 backers pledged $1,232,612 to help bring this project to life.

Here comes the home stretch!


Hello Backers!

Well, we’ve turned a major corner and here comes the home stretch! 

Beta testing is complete and it was an incredible success. To each and every backer who pledged and participated in our Beta program, your support and insights have been more than I could have ever asked for. I cannot thank you enough!

To give you all an idea of just how invaluable Beta feedback has been, here is a list of changes we have made to PowerUp 3.0 just in the past two months:

  • Latching locks added to the module’s casing for more secure transit and storage
  • Redesigned and retooled motor mount and rudder for drastically improved durability and easy rudder replacement 
  • Enhanced rudder functionality and durability 
  • New carbon fiber material for better durability
  • Re-spec of the motor to generate 15% more thrust 
  • Redesigned module clip to better position rudder and propeller on the center axis 
  • Improved balancing of the propeller to minimize vibrations 
  • Added several quality control requirements to production protocol in order to reduce potential defect rate 
  • Improved user guide based on specific feedback  
  • Added instructions to build an easy-to-fly “Invader” airplane to the user guide 
  • Shipping: transit test and drop test to assess durability of packaging (to ensure they arrive safely in your hands!) 
  • Safety testing: FCC and CE testing to meet the most stringent of international standards for communication devices.

Checkout this cool Japanese Beta backer report.

Final Assembly, Here We Come! 

This will be my last update before flying to Hong Kong in 2 weeks, where I will oversee the pre-production process of our final assembly. Factory pre-production begins May 27th and will take 3-5 days. Before we ramp up production to 10,000 units per week, I want to personally ensure that every one of your PowerUp 3.0 modules are assembled with great care and in accordance with our quality control production protocols. This is what pre-production is for, and the first 3-5 days of will be a close look at the assembly and packing of the first few hundred modules.

Once the assembly line is monitored and approved, we will kick into full throttle – 10,000 units per week! – and all 30,000 of your PowerUp 3.0 modules will be ready for shipping to our fulfillment warehouse within 3-4 weeks of that time. Following this schedule, we estimate all Kickstarter Backer modules will be ready to ship by late-June. Stay tuned for an update from China, and an inside look at pre-production! 

Happy flying! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Bobby on June 2, 2014

      Looking forward to receiving the product.

    2. Eric Kinkead on May 13, 2014

      "Following this schedule, we estimate all Kickstarter Backer modules will be ready to ship by late-June."

      So excited! This will make an excellent Summer gadget. :D

    3. Andi Irwandi Langgara on May 13, 2014

      So... when it will be ship ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Neal on May 12, 2014

      Hi Shai! Very excited for this. One thing of note - my address is going to be changing at the beginning of June so it looks like I may need to change that. What's the best way to go about updating it?

    5. Sameh Bijo on May 12, 2014


      I haven't received the address and data form yet , was it sent to me

    6. Prashant Vaibhav on May 12, 2014

      Android beta is almost ready! Shai will post more info soon. :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Jose on May 12, 2014

      Wow, I'll probably get my order in December at this pace. I'm not happy either that manufacturing is overseas instead of locally where I would pay extra

    8. Missing avatar

      Marshall Scholz on May 12, 2014

      Stiofan, while I'm sure the creators check the comments, you may want to send them a message on this issue as it only affects you and may not be appropriate here. You could also try re filling out the survey to change your shipping address if it is still open, but I'm not sure on that.

    9. Stiofán Ó Catháin on May 12, 2014

      Since I live in HK already, can I just get my shipped directly from there, rather than waiting for it to make it to the USA, and then shipped back? It'll save you money on postage...

    10. Jeremie Lariviere
      on May 12, 2014

      Thanks for the update! Ditto on below comment, I'm looking forward to the Android app's release :-)

    11. Kevin Firth on May 12, 2014

      This looks great. Any update on the Android App. I've recently switched away from iOS and had forgotten about the implications for this project! :/

      Thanks, and great job to date!

    12. Eric Karr on May 12, 2014

      This is great news, and I really look forward to the pre-production update. Thanks for all the hard work Shai and Beta testers.

    13. Missing avatar

      mr.left on May 12, 2014

      China where? Can i get it direct from the factory?

    14. MF Calub on May 12, 2014

      Thanks Shai! Looks like you've meticulously aligned everything. Good luck and thanks again!