PowerUp 3.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

by Shai Goitein

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    1. MF Calub on

      Congrats Shai! I'm so excited for you.

    2. Patin Yann on

      Thank you so much shai, remember to post on G+ too, if you have time... Now your are surely very busy and I'm very happy for you.
      Waiting may month, for the perfect package of my son, for his birthday, I continu to be very exited, patiently ;-)

      Thank you my friend.

    3. royblumenthal on

      21412 backers... That's a palindrome. Well done, dude. This is an awesome gadget.

    4. Omid Sadeghpour on

      Im super excited. Looking forward to the PowerUp 3!

    5. Daniel Tan on

      Hi Shai, will u be sending out emails or survey to confirm order & delivery add? :)

    6. Paul Grimard on

      Congrats on going from Inventor to Entrepreneur virtually over night. I am not only excited to get my hands on the 3.0 (I have a great round air-plain design I can not wait to try it on) I also can not wait to see your next invention :)

    7. Lim Jian Nan on

      Hi, in the market most of the android phone are using Android 4.2 and no update of android 4.3. Is it possible to design the apps for android 4.2 too?

    8. Петр Кушнир on

      Hi Shai, will you send out emails or survey to confirm order & delivery add? :)