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PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
21,412 backers pledged $1,232,612 to help bring this project to life.

Last Chance To Get Your PowerUp 3.0!

Posted by Shai Goitein (Creator)

Greetings, backers!

As we wrap up our campaign and get ready to finalize our project, today we’re looking back at two full months of a truly awesome Kickstarter campaign. What started as an idea has been developed over two years of designing, 57 prototypes, and two months of Kickstarting — and today it’s Kickstarter’s 6th-most funded project in the Design category. My team and I could not be more amazed by the awesome support we’ve received from backers like you!

The key cornerstones of our campaign
Looking back, the key cornerstones and turning points of our campaign were: reaching our initial goal, reaching the Android stretch goal, starting tooling & production, giving backers the opportunity to vote for stretch goals, producing the first products, and finally meeting our backers in person at CES. Again, thanks for your great and continuous support, your advice, your comments, your questions, and ideas — we couldn’t have done this without you, our fantastic backers!

Our fundraising campaign on Kickstarter ends two days from now (Saturday, January 25, 10am EST)! With the finish line in sight, you’re probably asking yourself what the next steps will be.

Testing and first shipments
Since we returned from CES, we’ve done some test flights on various airplane designs. I enjoyed how easy it was to invent new paper airplane designs that work well with PowerUp 3.0.
We’re currently preparing and testing the first BETA units for our BETA PACKAGE backers which are planned to ship late February.

Pledge for more than one PowerUp 3.0
If you want to play dogfight with your friends, fly continuously or make a multi-motor airplane, here’s how you can pledge for more than one PowerUp 3.0: In Kickstarter, simply click on "Manage Your Pledge". Scroll down and select your reward. If you want more than one reward, select the first reward you’d like to receive. Then, at the top of the page, update the "Enter your pledge amount" field. Here you’ll need to include the total amount for all the rewards you wish to receive (including shipping if you live outside the United States; shipping inside the U.S. is free). For example, if you want 3 BAREBONE packages, simply choose the $30 BAREBONE pledge level and update your pledge amount to $90 (=3x$30). (Add international shipping costs if necessary.)
After the funding period has ended on January 25, your credit card will be charged with your total pledged amount.
In April, you’ll receive an invite to login to BackerKit. Once logged in, you can apply extra pledge dollars to any of our available rewards. Here, you can tell us, for example, that you’d like to receive a TOTAL of 3 BAREBONE packages. If you haven't pledged enough to get everything you want, you’ll have the option to enter your credit card data and pledge additional funds for more rewards and spare parts, such as extra propellers. Confirm your shipment address and submit your final selection via BackerKit.
We’ll fulfill this final order and send you tracking information once your shipment leaves our workshop.
Check out BackerKit’s FAQ and post your questions in this update so we can make the answers available to everyone.

Projects we like
Since the Kickstarter community has been so great to us, we want to give a little something back and help other project creators. One way of thanking our awesome backers, is by showing you other projects we find really worthwhile! Here are three projects we really like because of their usefulness or their outstanding design:

1) JUMP - The Smartphone Charger That Charges Itself
The JUMP is always fully charged when you need it. JUMP is available for Lightning and Micro-USB, so you can charge your smartphone or your PowerUp 3.0 with it!

2) ALL-DOCK - The World’s Fastest Dock!
ALL-DOCK is a fine piece of design that conceals your cables and manages charging multiple devices at the same time, including PowerUp 3.0! Plus, it’s currently the fastest docking station in the world and charges ALL your devices.

3) Moment - Amazing Lenses For Mobile Photography
The team at Moment has set out to empower mobile picture takers everywhere to capture incredible images with their phones. Capture your PowerUp 3.0 moments and the dogfight battles with your friends using this awesome device that turns your smartphone camera into an amazing photography tool.

Don’t forget — our campaign ends on Saturday, 10am EST! Last chance to pledge for your PowerUp 3.0!
This is your last chance to get your very own Kickstarter edition of PowerUp 3.0 with Kickstarter edition packaging and a limited-edition Kickstarter Green LED cockpit light! Now’s the time to make your final pledges!

And lastly, a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to all the people who support us: our family, friends, bloggers, and backers!

This campaign has been a wild ride, but our journey is only just beginning. Stay tuned for more updates as we enter the production phase.

Happy flying,

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    1. Philip Bumgardner on

      So everyone that backed will get the kickstarter exclusive, is that correct?

    2. Frank on

      Im so excited to fly my plane and get into my first dog fight. Thank you for a great idea and hopefully an equally as good product. My only request is that you keep the process transparent and keep us all up to date. (PS backers like pictures in our updates)

    3. Jayanta on

      Awesome! So, with ALL-DOCK, one could charge up to 6 PowerUp 3.0 modules at the same time!

    4. Jonathan Gabriel on

      Same with Daniel, I live here in the Philippines and would like to get two Barebone kits. Do we have to pay double for the shipping too or just add $5 for the extra kit, since they will probably be sent in one package? Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Holt on

      Can't wait for my plane!!! Thanks for creating something Awsome

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      Great stuff! One question: If we order another kit, do we also pay double for shipping, or just the once? Thanks again!

    7. TanC on

      I wouldn't be doing this but I was wondering if backers are able to re-pledge for the limited packages like the Beta Package. In essence - there will be more than 50 Beta Packages requested at the end of the campaign. Just a thought to take into consideration?

      Love the package design, will up my pledge. :)

    8. SupperDog

      Project creators advertise for each other?

    9. ankh on

      I'm so geeked. Thanks for the update!

    10. Missing avatar

      JDole93 on

      This will come with instructions on how to use it, right? Like how to know when it's done charging, how to pair it to your phone and stuff like that?

    11. Ali Al Rahma on

      20k backers! Excellent achievement!!!

    12. Ali Al Rahma on

      That packaging looks really good!