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PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
21,412 backers pledged $1,232,612 to help bring this project to life.

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Guess What? We’re back!

Posted by Shai Goitein (Creator)

Hey backers! 

We’ve had such a great time with the Kickstarter community, we’ve come back with another amazing product for you.

There’s that old saying that one thing leads to another and our POWERUP FPV lead us to this…


A Simple Solution for Better Smartphone Photography 

Use your phone's camera better. 2 eye viewfinder | anti-glare | stability | foldable

Compatible with any phone and any case
Compatible with any phone and any case


 We actually came up with the idea while we were working with our POWERUP FPV Video Paper Airplane - the need for a high-resolution viewer inspired us to adapt the technology for our camera phones. The OKO can also double as digital binoculars - so perhaps you can keep a better eye on your POWERUP planes as they zoom off into the skies.

Our campaign is live, so come over, check it out here! Backers will also get 40% off the retail price and help POWERUP bring this innovative tech product to life!

Thanks so much, as always, for your support!

We hope you’ve been enjoying your POWERUP planes,


Project we love


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign our friends at Nisnas Industries just delivered their amazing Vortex Shadow Leather bag to rave reviews: 

 "BLOWN AWAY by it. Most beautiful leather I ever touched. Fantastic build quality. THANK YOU, guys. You nailed it! Wish I could thank you in person."

Grab one for 50% off using code: SC50OFF in cooperation with Sweatcoin

Hey Backers! We're Back At It!

Posted by Shai Goitein (Creator)

4 Years ago you helped us fund the massively successful PowerUp 3.0. Then again 2 years ago you helped us fund the awesome PowerUp FPV.

Now we've just launched our 3rd campaign - the incredible POWERUP DART!

It's a smaller, cuter, PowerUp that can do incredible aerobatic tricks with your smartphone.

We can't really do it justice in an update, but take a look over HERE and grab an early bird while they're still available : )

Thank you!


12 Hours To Go!

Posted by Shai Goitein (Creator)

Hey Backers!

We're busy with CES and proudly showing the PowerUp 3.0 and our new PowerUp FPV to the world. With only 12 hours left in the campaign, we're thrilled to be able to put the FPV in your hands!

This is our 2nd CES, and we wouldn't have been here today if it wasn't for your help to launch 3.0. because of your help we've been able to grow and develop the PowerUp FPV. 

While here, we've been fortunate to meet with some you, and the feedback is great. Best of all, we're encouraged when we see everyone's eyes get big with excitement after checking out the FPV up-close.

The press have also been exicted. Check out what they're saying: TechCrunch USA Today Fox News CNET Reuters 

If you haven't backed the new project already, please do so and claim your bonus battery! (a $20 value)Go to PowerUp FPV

Lastly, if you're in Las Vegas come swing by our booth #74647, say hello and let us get a picture with you!



Happy New Year!

Posted by Shai Goitein (Creator)

Hi Backers

Happy New Year!

We’re ringing in the New Year with over 400% success and only 9 days to go on our new project - PowerUp FPV - A paper airplane with a LIVE streaming camera, via Google Cardboard - Take a look at the videos below demonstrating what we have achieved and what you can experience if you support this project.

CES 2016

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is right around the corner, thanks to you we will show PowerUp 3.0 and now also the PowerUp FPV. We’re making our final preparations to show the first public demos of the PowerUp FPV. If you’re planning on being in Las Vegas, come visit us at our booth, Sands Convention hall, Booth #74647 - OR, watch the flying demos at the Drone Rodeo, on Jan 5th!

Come by, give me a handshake and see the PowerUp FPV for yourself!



6 hours left for FPV Early Birds

Posted by Shai Goitein (Creator)

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