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Our limited-edition mug with our Caribou illustration surrounded by 100 hand painted stars in an indigo glaze sky
Our limited-edition mug with our Caribou illustration surrounded by 100 hand painted stars in an indigo glaze sky
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Introducing the SKT Ceramics Caribou & 100 Stars Mug, designed exclusively for Kickstarter. 

Visit us on Instagram and Facebook @sktceramics to see the mugs in production and to keep in touch.

SKT Ceramics is a porcelain pottery and illustration studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

SKT was founded by artist Susannah Tisue while living in New York City, as a refuge from the chaos of the urban environment. Each of our pottery pieces is considered a landscape, with calming glaze colors and hand detailed imagery. Our pieces are designed to provide moments of calm, and reminders of the vast natural environments that surround the fast-paced metropoles that many of us inhabit. 

For this limited edition line, we're offering the Caribou and 100 Hand-Painted Stars illustration on our large mug. 

We chose the Caribou for this project because they exhibit an incredible amount of endurance as they migrate over 1,600 miles each year. Caribou live in herds and traverse some of the harshest environments on the planet. In this time of political transition and conflict, we at SKT believe that our strength lies in our connectivity. By moving forward together, we can protect our environment and its inhabitants. 

Each mug features 100 stars, hand-painted over the entire landscape of the mug with the same wax that we use to define our raw porcelain "ground" on our pieces. 

Front and back of our Caribou Mug with 100 hand painted stars
Front and back of our Caribou Mug with 100 hand painted stars

In the spirit of the 1,000 cranes or 1,000 stitches on Japanese Senninbari, as we hand paint each individual star at SKT, we address each piece with the intention of crafting a more welcoming global community. 

Japanese Hand Stitched Senninbari
Japanese Hand Stitched Senninbari


With 100 mugs available, the group of mugs, each individually detailed with 100 stars, forms 10,000 stars. The ten thousand things is a Chinese expression denoting the indefinite multiplicity of the material world. Each of us may only hold 100 stars but together we possess the potential to move the world in a positive direction. 

Our group of mugs forms 10,000 stars
Our group of mugs forms 10,000 stars

For this limited edition piece, we are dipping the mugs in Korean Celadon, a glaze recipe used at Queen City Clay, the site of our first Cincinnati studio. Korean Celadon was refined during the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392) and celadon was established as the main type of ceramics produced on the Korean peninsula. Similar to their approach thousands of years ago, we rely on the dynamic atmosphere in the kiln to develop our complex and luminous glaze results.


The use of Korean Celadon appropriately commemorates this time for SKT at Queen City Clay- a pottery school and ceramic supply retailer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their studio welcomed SKT Ceramics and the RAM press to the studio for a 2 year period while we renovate our future studio and retail space in Cincinnati. We're grateful for the community and the ability to continue to produce our gas kiln fired work. 

Risks and challenges

All of the SKT Ceramics pieces are hand crafted in our Cincinnati studio before being fired in a gas kiln. The gas kiln provides the dynamic firing atmosphere and we occasionally have to make and remake pieces until we are happy with the results. This occasionally causes delays, but the SKT team regularly processes hundreds of pieces a week to meet the needs of our retailers and web customers so we see no reason why we wouldn't be able to meet the delivery date. We will communicate any delays as they happen.

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    Caribou Mug

    One limited-edition Caribou Mug, screen printed with our exclusive Kickstarter "Caribou and 100 Stars" Illustration. Dipped in Korean Celadon Glaze. Our large mug is 4" tall, 3.5" at rim and holds 12 oz.

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