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Eight original short tales, each adroitly illustrated by one of eight inventive and unique local artists.
67 backers pledged $2,207 to help bring this project to life.

Deanna Maze

Posted by Denice Rovira Hazlett (Creator)

She really should be called Deanna a-Maze-ing. 

I first met Deanna Maze when she and my daughter were housemates during college. Her wall was dotted with clusters of the used herbal tea bags of a housemate who drank the stuff to combat cancer. Her workspace was burgeoning with found objects from nature--bird's nests, sticks, pieces of bark, stones. Her art was made from natural and recycled materials, intricate landscapes sculpted from the pages of books. All of her workspaces were surrounded by such meaningful and intentional items that every time I'd visit the "D" house, as it was called, I'd have to visit Deanna's work corner to see what she was working on, what intriguing collection she was cultivating. 

And conversation? She was always willing to engage in an in-depth chat about art or life or spirit. I knew that, at some point, I'd have to collaborate with her on some type of creative project. 

When selecting the artists for the Bradbury project, she came immediately to mind, and I was so glad that she agreed to be a part of it. 

Deanna's Bio: 

"I've been making ever since I can remember. I am most in my element when my nails are caked with dirt, my hands are covered in hot glue gun burns, and my table is dripping with string, bits of paper, feathers, and leaves. 

"I'm inspired by Nature herself more often than anything else, and my cupboards are overflowing with the twigs, grapevine, seashells, pebbles, and bits of bark to prove it. 

"The materials I'm drawn to most are cloth and paper, and I incorporate found objects from nature in my work. Every stone and feather I weave into my art has a history. 

"As of late, I have been particularly taken with birds. The process of creating a nest is one I can relate to. In my gathering of useful and beautiful items, I attempt to create a sense of home."

Please welcome Deanna to the wonderfully creative artists collaborating on the Bradbury project. Now that we've reached the minimum goal of $1,200, the next goal is to drum up enough money to print the artist's illustrations in full color, which is an expensive process and will add about $450 to the initial printing but will make a huge difference in the final project, representing the artwork with the vibrancy it deserves.

Thank you SO much for your interest and support of this project. So excited for the final product!


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    1. Denice Rovira Hazlett Creator on

      She is an artist down to the bone, that's for sure. Her batiks are just beautiful, aren't they? You two really have to meet. :-)

    2. Susan Semonovich Corl on

      Beautiful work from a very creative soul! : ) I'm excited to see the finished project!