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Eight original short tales, each adroitly illustrated by one of eight inventive and unique local artists.
Eight original short tales, each adroitly illustrated by one of eight inventive and unique local artists.
67 backers pledged $2,207 to help bring this project to life.

Ace Lord Grizzly (aka Devin Steiner)

Devin oozes the artful life. As long as I've known him, he has been seeking out purpose and pursuing adventure. Each moment is intentional, each step a gift, and he soaks up depth and beauty and meaning through the smallest things every day. Here's a guy who guzzles up life and never hesitates to let us selflessly in on what he witnesses, through his poetry, his photography, and, as you can see here, his kinetic and colorful art. 

I'm thrilled to have Ace and his talented and lovely wife Danielle collaborate with me on this project (look for Danielle's profile in an upcoming update). He has shown a boundless enthusiasm for the project and has washed me with a roaring waterfall of encouragement in these first few days since the Kickstarter has launched. Below is a sampling of Devin's past projects. For Bradbury, Devin will be illustrating the short story "Etynom."

So, meet my friend Devin. And then, if you feel even slightly as connected to this thing as I do, consider backing the project--even just a dollar or two-- so Devin and Danielle's art can accompany my short tales in black-and-white print. If we don't reach the minimum, the project doesn't fly (that's just the way Kickstarter rolls). But, if we bust open the minimum goal and make even more than I had hoped for, we'll do these pieces justice by printing the illustrations in full color, which would be awesome. 

Devin's Bio: 

"Devin was confused from a young age about skin and bones. He was puzzled and outright perplexed with having no recollection before the womb. Late nights were spent thumbing at the chest, convincing himself that those raised bumps across the skin surely formed no skeleton below the epidermis. 

After all...skeletons were no more. 

The breath contained within, or whatever had moved its mouth and muscle, passed beyond into the realm where memories could not take him. Ever since, he has been haunted by dimensions not gripped by the senses. And sometimes...just sometimes...he is convinced that the great beyond inspires some of his earthly animations. 

Until that day, he becomes more and more awestruck by the complexity of simplicity, and of selfless Love in its truest forms. Devin currently resides in Austin, TX with his beautiful best friend, Danielle, and their two dogs, Cash and June Carter."

Those pledging at the $50 or $75 levels will receive a print reproduction of their choice of one of the eight illustrations in the book custom-created by Devin and other imaginative artists. Backers at the $100 level will receive their choice of one of the original pieces (in order of date pledged). 

Thanks so much for your amazing generosity. I'm overwhelmed and weightlessly buoyed by your support. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Colleen Carpenter on

      Creativity, self expression and a deep fascination for all things make one a true dreamer...a true natural in the talent of expression. When these special hearts joined forces...the world became their canvas....I am one who has been fortunate enough to have experienced it and gained knowledge in things that otherwise would have remained unseen This is Devin and Danielle...always gracious and grateful...exploring the beauty of simplicity with expressions in complexity.

    2. Susan Semonovich Corl on

      Very Fun!! They will make a great addition to the book!