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Eight original short tales, each adroitly illustrated by one of eight inventive and unique local artists.
67 backers pledged $2,207 to help bring this project to life.

Caroline the Small

Posted by Denice Rovira Hazlett (Creator)

As I thought about creating this short-story project, there was one thing I knew for sure--I wanted company. I wanted something collaborative, to work with some of my favorite people who embrace life in both fists and give it a big, sloppy kiss on the lips. These are folks who are passionate about breathing, experiencing, being, who also happen to be passionate about their art. 

And so I asked those people if they would consider working with me by choosing one story and illustrating it in their choice of media.

Caroline Macomber was one of the first people I asked. 

Caroline is an amazing creature. You'd have to meet her personally to get even a smidgen of an idea of her energy and depth, her beauty and compassion. She's always moving, thinking, loving, caring. She's always, always, always inspiring. 

And creative? Lord. If I had as much creativity in my entire lifetime as she has in her teeny tiny little pinky, I'd love me so much. She can make art out of everything, from a brown paper bag to a bunch of bananas. 

And she's not just amazing at visual art, either. Caroline's also a tender-hearted lyricist, a banjo-pickin' girl, a poet, and a terrific writer. 

I'm so thrilled she has agreed to be a part of this project by illustrating my short story, "To Hit a Moving Target." I can't wait to see which scene or character she chooses to bring to life through her art. And if the project exceeds its funding, the illustrations will be printed in full color. 

Please consider backing this project. You'll earn cool rewards, support people who create lovely things, and make us all pretty doggone happy. And remember, if the project doesn't reach 100% funding, it doesn't happen. Even a dollar helps--and gets you a digital copy of the book!

Caroline's Bio:

Caroline Yoder started as a girl who drew little pictures on pieces of scrap paper in church or in the corners of her spelling tests in grade school and is now essentially an elaborated, older version of the same. While she manages to keep most of her artwork off of important documents like spelling tests, she enjoys approaching art from a similar angle of restriction creating mixed media collages on old cookie sheets or using scraps of fabric and pages of old books to create mixed media paintings on pieces of cardboard.

 This time the "restrictions," or parameters, are intentional. 

She finds that her creativity is spurred and encouraged by boundaries. Rather than fill a studio with all the materials she could possibly want to fulfill a vision, she prefers to let a vision spring from the materials (or lack there of) around her. 

This process works in harmony with her "learn as you go" style. Just like the best of us as people, a piece of artwork may take a different twist than it imagined it would at the start. 

Caroline has exhibited pieces in individual and shared shows as well as in studios and coffee shops in Virginia and Ohio and continues to look for opportunities to create collections. 


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    1. Denice Rovira Hazlett Creator on

      Indeed, we do, Susan!

    2. Susan Semonovich Corl on

      Wonderful art! We need more Carolines in the world : )