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$2,525 pledged of $30,000 goal
$2,525 pledged of $30,000 goal

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    1. Fate on September 29, 2013


    2. Luis Rodriguez on February 25, 2013

      I'd still like to pay you for these STLs if this doesn't get funded, please contact me!

    3. Hello Robo Inc. 2-time creator on February 15, 2013

      I understand your concern and have already addressed many of the assertions made in your comments below in the actual Kickstarter; although, the bulk of your assertions are heavily opinionated and unsubstantiated. To call our project a “scam” and “thought up in a day” is terribly inaccurate. I have spent months designing MAKI to be the first commercially available 3D printed humanoid robot and plan to release many more! During that process, MAKI has gone through different design iterations, which in hindsight I should have documented better on the Kickstarter (but was advised against posting photorealistic renderings). Our target goal includes hiring a programmer to develop an ROS URDF and nodes as well as investing in additional 3D printers, servos, etc. The 30k is not a “random number plucked out of thin air”, but an approximate estimation of what is required to Kickstart our comapny. Besides, in the past I have not seen itemized lists on other Kickstarter projects which is why I did not include one.

      If what you feel is that all STL files should be free and available on Thingiverse, I completely disagree with you. I understand that this is a new business model, but one that has been well thought out and that I feel can work. Personal manufacturing is relatively new concept and just because you can find a objects such as a Yoda bust for free download, does not mean that people who spend months designing a 3D printable object should just give it away (initially). I have published a free open source robot in the past and MAKI is not it.

      You say that we should “quit now” and comeback with a kit, but I feel that you miss the point of what we are trying to do; and just because you feel that our goal is not worthwhile, does not mean that everyone will agree (although some might).

      In the future, perhaps your should reconsider boorishly shooting down other people's ideas just because you would have taken a different approach; however, I do thank you for your candor.


    4. NialP
      on February 15, 2013

      Also you say you want the 30K to develop a kit for this MAKI robot... There is your product, re-launch (after some research and see some projects through from start to finish and then set it up with prices for the robot kitts you talk about, thats what KS is here for. No point in releasing plans and files and THEN release the actual device.

      TBH looking at your details it looks like you have hitched on to get a free ride through KS and are trying to make some easy money to "develop another product" which I bet wont ever appear and for a few days work on CAD you think you can sell the files and raise 30K??? Your having a laugh. Just go and drop it on thingiverse if you have no intention of making the model and its kit form available as parts not just a few STL's!!!

      You make money here with good and unique ideas, this is a fail! But if handeled right could of been good!

    5. NialP
      on February 15, 2013

      I like the idea of a 3D printed robot and do own a 3D printer that will handle that size BUT there are not as many out there as you think. Alot of the main printers our for hobbiests without spending $1500 upwards will NOT print that size or if they can it will almost certainly end up a fail due to the design!

      I don't think you have given this too much thought! You have a good robotic project kit but the way you have priced it all on electronic data means that you have no hope of reaching your target of $30k which seems to me to be a random number plucked out of thin air. I dont see how this project as just a bunch of files needs $30k???

      I am very confused as you have taken a great looking little robot kit but kept out around 99% of kickstarter users!

      Finally, whats to stop 1 person pledging and then distributing the files for anyone to print?

      I think personally that this is a scam and you have no real product as such and see kickstarter as an easy way to make money!
      To be successful here you need to have a product available in a range of options and it has to be accessible by all, defiantly not just 3D printer owners and giving them a few simple files that are prob out there somewhere to download anyway or certainly something similar!

      I would quit now and go away and come back with a real product and not something so obviously thought up in a day to be released to only people who own expensive hardware! Come back with a functioning robot kit, for an example go and look at the RoboBrrd project that did well on indigogo last year, now that was innovative and had options for all backers!

    6. Hello Robo Inc. 2-time creator on February 14, 2013

      Hello Keith,
      Thank you for leaving a comment, these are all great questions.

      At this time we are not offering a kit or assembled units; however, we are working on a kit which uses standard hobby servos.

      MAKI was designed specifically to be 3D printed and operates using open source software. We were interested in creating an easily available platform which researchers and hobbyists could develop and share on (particularly ROS).

      Our goal is to raise enough capital to expand MAKI's functionality and to develop a platform which we can later offer as a kit. We are also developing a dual arm version of MAKI. Check out Gizmag for an image:
      Originally we included an image of this version of MAKI in our Kickstarter project and understandably we were asked to remove it because it violated Kickstarter's policy on photo-realistic renderings. As stated in our Kickstarter, at 60k we will send every backer the STL files necessary to print this version of MAKI. If we only reach 30k, we will still develop the dual arm version of MAKI, but we more than likely hold off on releasing the STL files. I will update the project page to prevent further confusion. Thanks again for your interest in our project.

    7. Keith Rome on February 14, 2013

      Hi there, I am somewhat confused by your project and what your goals are with it. Can you provide some more details?

      The home page description pitch makes me think that you are wanting to make these, and offer them as rewards for backers (presumably you need to make many of them to drive down per-unit costs - which is a common aspect of many projects on Kickstarter). However, none of the reward tiers appear to include such a thing.

      Secondly, the project description specifically states more than once that you are making this "open source". Yet from the reward tiers, it seems you are wanting to sell the STL files needed to make it, as well as PDF instructions to accompany them. I don't really see how that is in any way an "open source" project if you are in effect selling the designs.

      As far as I can tell, you are offering to sell STL files and some assembly instructions, T-shirts, and ABS filament (for an absurdly high price).

      Can you help eliminate this confusion? Your robot design looks really cool, but I don't really understand your vision with this project, or why you even need crowdfunding for it.

      Also, what's the logic behind the $30,000 goal, or was that just an arbitrary number? Does that level of financial support open up some volume manufacturing or design aspect?