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Many documentaries have been done about the honeybees disappearing, but few narrative films. This is a both a mystery & a love story.

Christine, a young entomologist, comes back to her hometown to find out what happened to her dad’s honeybees.  But she dreads coming back to this little town, and she will discover more than just what caused the honeybees to die. By having to go back, Christine has to confront her prejudiced dad and relive past tensions with him. She will also re-unite with her high school sweetheart Sam, who’s since become the town sheriff.

The story explores how our family’s behavior can trap us but our actions can set us free. It also examines how our actions can positively or negatively affect humans and honeybees. It’s both a mystery and a love story.

This is my fourth short film. My previous short film “Vive La Food!” led me to look into local food. I went on to take a more in-depth look into where our food comes from and the importance of the honeybees and the pollinisators in general in our ecosystem. In writing the story of BEE, I met with many beekeepers, farmers and scientists.

Many documentaries have been done about the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), but very few fiction-based films. I was interested in creating a unique film with a strong story and strong characters, to bring the terrible fate of the honeybees to a broader audience.

I spent over 6 months scouting locations and found beautiful places in the foothills near Auburn, California. While the film is rich in tension, the shooting itself went smoothly thanks to the amazing and very talented cast and crew. You’ve probably seen their work on the big screen as well as on the small screen, in festivals like Sundance, Berlin, Venice, etc.


JB DUNCKEL: Original music score.

JB co-wrote the music for Sofia Coppola's "Virgin Suicide" and many more popular songs.

More details:

BREEDA WOOL: She plays the role of Christine, the young entomologist. Breeda was in the short film "AWOL" by Deb Shoval that premiered at Sundance in 2011. She also appeared in the TV shows "Weeds" and "Law and Order."

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FRANK ASHMORE: He plays the role of Ed, the beekeeper. Frank was in many feature films including "Airplane!" and has appeared in many TV shows including “The Guild”, “V” and "The West Wing".

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LOUIE ALEGRIA: He plays the role of Sam, the town sheriff. Louie recently appeared in the feature film "Go For It!" by Carmen Marron.

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MARIO PICCIRILLO: He plays the role of Mario, the farmer. Mario has appeared in many films and TV shows including "Mad Men."

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AUTUMN DURALD: Cinematographer.

Autumn's  recent  films (features and shorts) have been shown around the world including the Venice Film Festival and the IFC channel.

Her reel:


Check here: 


We shot the film over 3 days at the end of April. We still have to do all the post-production work, produce the music score and then get the film submitted to multiple film festivals around the world. I'm already contributing my own money (and even more time) to get this beautiful film done. Every contribution will get a step closer to our goals of entertainment while educating on the fate of the honeybees. Thank you very much for your support!


By spreading the word about the film, about the Kickstarter campaign, and by becoming a friend of “BEE” on our Facebook page!

Thank you very much for participating in this wonderful and fun adventure of making a film together!


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