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Update #12

Today is Launch Day


Today is the official launch of The Clown That Lost His Funny, my daughter's book and the project you helped make happen!

We've got 1,000 of these beautiful hardback books in our guest room, and we would love to sell at least 100 of them today.  So I wanted to ask you to do two specific things.

1.  Even if you already have a copy, will you purchase at least one today?  You can order right from and Lauren will personally ship it to you.  Order one for your kid's teacher, a neighbor, a family member or your local library.  They make great Christmas gifts for any kid.

2.  Will you help spread the word to your friends?  Update your Facebook status, share a tweet or fire off an email with the link.  Be sure to let people know you supported this project on Kickstarter!  Just point people to

Thanks again for making this possible, and thanks in advance for helping this be an awesome launch day!

- Michael

Update #11

It's On Amazon and We Need your Review


Hey everyone.

I'm working to make the book available on - the largest bookstore in the world.  And in prep for the launch date on October 8, I'd really love your help.

Will you go to the product page on Amazon and leave a review?  Here's the link:

Every review helps - whether it's positive or negative.  Of course, I hope it's positive.  

I'll tell the world to go order beginning on October 8, but the Amazon order page is live and working now.


Update #10

Pre Order The Clown That Lost His Funny


Hey backers!  Thanks again so much for your support - it's been a fun project.  In the next couple of weeks, your awards should be on the way.  Just to remind you.

If you gave $25 or so, you're getting a thank you note and a copy of the eBook.

If you gave $50 or more, you're getting a copy of the physical book.  We'll mail it to you before the official release date on October 10.

Today, you can pre-order the book written by by 5th grade daughter.  Every book that's pre-ordered will be autographed by Lauren, and the pre-order price is less than retail.  Here's your chance to buy some as gifts and give away the book you helped make possible.

Preorder at and be sure to tell everyone you know to go visit that site.


P.S. We printed the name of every backer in the physical book because we're so grateful for you making this happen.

P.P.S. Here's the link to preorder one or more copies.

Update #9

The Books are Here!


Yesterday, a shipment of 1,000 books arrived in our garage...hardback copies of The Clown That Lost His Funny are finally here! 

The books look great - quality hardback construction with bright illustrations.  We're so excited and we're grateful YOU are a part of this.

Lauren is sending thank you notes, bookmarks, and autographed books next week, so depending on your donation amount, something is on the way.  Watch your mailbox.

We will send another update on Monday when we open up the pre-sell.  Every pre-order will be signed and shipped the first week in October.


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Update #8

Almost Ready to Send to the Printer


Big news!  The final illustration is about to be added to the layout and we should be able to send the book to the printer in the next 7 days.  Once that happens, we'll have books in hand in just a couple of weeks.

Lauren will be sending bookmarks and books to all of the backers before anyone can get one of the printed copies.

Here's a sneak peek at one of the 24 illustrations in the book.  You'll see Hairy after he's lost his funny.

Will update you again when the book is at the printer.

Michael (and Lauren)

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    You'll get a thank you email from Harry the Clown as well as a bookmark with Harry's picture. You can put this bookmark in the book when you order it from or you can put it in another book.

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    You'll get all of the above, PLUS a private reading for your group. This would be really cool for your classroom, birthday parties or neighborhood group. I'm just a kid and my parents will have to drive me, so this will be for groups in the Atlanta-area only, okay?

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    You'll get a bookmark, digital copy, and autographed copy of the book, PLUS you (or your child, friend or anyone you choose) will be illustrated right into the book. You'll be a part of the audience at the circus and your drawing will be in the book. How cool is that! Since this award is so cool, it's limited to five people.

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