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A pour-over coffee maker designed to elevate the ritual of making coffee by hand.
A pour-over coffee maker designed to elevate the ritual of making coffee by hand.
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Alternative ways to brew with MCM

Posted by Craighton Berman (Creator)

Just a quick update to share a few alternative ways you might choose to brew with Manual Coffeemaker No1. I've had a few questions around these three, and wanted to share some pictures to better explain:

1. Is there a reusable filter option that fits MCM?

Yes—the Kone by Able Brewing is a 60º cone that fits in the MCM, and produces a great cup of coffee as well. Metal filters let more of the oils through, giving the coffee more body and a distinctive mouthfeel closer to that of a French press, but with a bit less grit. I personally prefer the delicate clarity yielded by a paper filter—which is completely compostable—but I can understand a desire to have a reusable option. In the production version, this filter should fit a little lower and closer to the sides.

2. Can you use Chemex filters?

Chemex filters do fit in MCM—although the square filters will stick up much higher than the Hario 02 filters that we recommend for MCM. (The rounded Chemex filters would be a little more subtle.) Aesthetics aside, the larger papers will give you more to grip when pulling the filter. We have not done extensive taste testing with the thicker Chemex filters as of yet. 

Other filters, such as Melitta, will not fit well in MCM and are not recommended. The Hario filters, Chemex filters, and Kone brewer are based on a 60º angled cone, which means they will fit MCM.

3. Can you use a scale with MCM?

Yes - the base fits well on top of a Jennings CJ4000 scale, a common scale used in coffee shops. However MCM is designed to be used without a scale—instead coffee volume is measured by mL markings on the carafe (or even brewed directly into your mug). We think this makes for a more seamless, intuitive, and beautiful experience. We do, however, recommend you use your scale for measuring your beans to ensure accuracy when brewing by the cup.

4. Can you measure the internal temperature of the cone while brewing?

Ok, no one has asked that one yet. But our friends at Supermechanical, launched an iPhone cooking thermometer called Range on Kickstarter last year, which we have been using to run some tests with to see how MCM performs while brewing. Ideal coffee extraction temperatures vary, but generally it's recommended to stay between 195º and 205º for best results. So far MCM seems to stay pretty stable, but we're aiming to share some cold, hard data with you soon!

Hope these alternative ways to brew answer some questions you might have had. If not, I hope they inspire you to try some different brew methods to see what suits you best. In the end there's no "right" way to brew coffee—the "right" way is the way you like best. And of course as often as possible.


If you missed the last two updates on our coffee partners and the roasting process, be sure to check 'em out! We'll be posting more educational updates next week as well. 

As for the campaign, we're cresting just over 43% of our funding—thank you for your support thus far! I'm optimistic that we can push over 50% funding in preparation for our last 3 weeks, so we can keep the momentum going upwards! 

If you know of any friends of yours that are into coffee and still haven't pledged, give them a nudge today and send them this link: Thanks in advance for spreading the word about MCM. Let's do this.


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