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A pour-over coffee maker designed to elevate the ritual of making coffee by hand.
A pour-over coffee maker designed to elevate the ritual of making coffee by hand.
A pour-over coffee maker designed to elevate the ritual of making coffee by hand.
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    1. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on September 24, 2015

      @ dennis: drop me a line and let's work this out!

    2. denise on April 6, 2015

      I'm sad to report that while washing missus slipped and the MC1 glass body got cracked n crashed. No more manual drip coffee for me then I guess...

      everyone be very very careful when handling. the glass is really prone to break and just small drop to the sink is enough for to crack all the way... :(

    3. denise on March 7, 2015

      Missus bought a pack of ground bean from our local Gloria Jeans Coffee chain store and we had the very first go at it. :)

      Very smooth! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Jules Gross on January 7, 2015

      Brewed my first cup in Dunedin, New Zealand last night - yummy!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      jerry on January 6, 2015

      I have been using mine for a few weeks now and wanted to say thanks. really enjoy the MCM #1! Great job and project Craighton!

    6. Matthew Hutchison on January 6, 2015

      For all those in Australia, expect to see your Manual any day now as I came home to find mine today. Couldn't be happier and tried it out right away!

    7. MrTerenceChan on January 3, 2015

      Hi Craighton, I received my 2 sets of MCMs just yesterday. Do they come with a pair of mugs for each set?

    8. Rohan Thompson on December 31, 2014

      Hi Craighton. Just checking to find out if my MCM should have shipped by now. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival.

    9. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on December 31, 2014

      Feels so good to hear of MCMs that have arrived to far away lands safely! Apologies to those who aren't so lucky: we'll work it out!

    10. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on December 31, 2014

      @dennis Go for coarse at first, and start saving for a burr grinder! ;-) recommendations here:

    11. Missing avatar

      MELISSA CHUA on December 31, 2014

      Got mine here in Singapore! Reached me safe and sound, look forward to brewing my first cuppa :)

    12. denise on December 30, 2014

      a question. if I buy grind bean from supermarket which grade should I aim for? Coarse? Medium? Or Fine?

    13. denise on December 30, 2014

      Am glade to inform mine arrived safely - other than one corner piece of cardboard protector broken.
      Now I washed and waiting for it to dry ^^

    14. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on December 22, 2014

      Australia and all international has shipped as of last week. Message me if you would like shipment info—it went out via USPS, so tracking may not be global, but we'll do the best we can here.

    15. Missing avatar

      David on December 22, 2014

      Yeh I was thinking the same Dennis. Has anyone in Aus received theirs?

    16. denise on December 21, 2014

      Is there a way to find out whether mine is on its way to Down Under?
      Haven't seen any e-mail in relation to the shipping yet?

    17. Missing avatar

      Christopher Ryan Jones on December 20, 2014

      My brewer arrived in Finland yesterday in perfect shape. Looks beautiful, and I've already made three brews with it. Love it.

    18. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on December 18, 2014

      @ariane try a coarser grind than what you would use for a V60. Start your pour aggressively in the middle, avoid the sides. Check out the brewing guide for some tips: More to come there.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ariane Mather on December 18, 2014

      Received mine today in perfect shape. Thanks!

      So, of course, had to immediately make a cup of coffee. Unfortunately the filter really wasn't letting much liquid through. so will have to experiment with different grind or filter.

    20. Chris Hardeman
      on December 12, 2014

      Craighton, I received my beautiful Manual Coffeemaker #1 today. It was perfectly packaged and there was no damage to my unit. I look forward to making my first cup o' coffee. Cheers, Chris

    21. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on December 12, 2014

      @james Glad you like it! As for the discount...check the last update!

    22. James Conn on December 12, 2014

      mine came today, nothing broken, very cool looking. Two things: One, the base for mine is quite a bit darker than I was anticipating and two, I really love the mugs, awesome addition! The packaging is super nice too! Whens that discount for Manual products coming?!

    23. Jeremy on December 11, 2014

      Hi received my manual today in about 15 pieces. :( how do I go about getting a replacement

    24. Missing avatar

      on December 9, 2014

      Received mine today in Boston. Be careful the glass seems very thin and susceptible to breaking by the opening.

    25. Bretton Berman on December 9, 2014

      Manual got me out of bed early on a rainy day this morning for a cuppa that sweet sweet Adado. Cheers!

    26. Jeff Whittier on December 8, 2014

      Super happy to have received mine today and taken it for its maiden voyage. Gotta dial in the right grind size, but it produced a tasty first cup, for sure. Congrats on a successful launch, Craighton!

    27. denise on December 1, 2014

      Got e-mail confirming the shipping e-mail so I guess it's only matter of days before shipped to our way...

    28. James Conn on November 25, 2014

      how are we looking on the shipping side

    29. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on November 24, 2014

      Patti- so essentially the Kinto metal filter is a possible alternative to the Kone? Great info!

    30. patti flynn on November 24, 2014

      i was in kyoto last week and visited the new tokyu hands store in the city.
      they had a whole section upstairs with chemex and hario gear, and kona filters and a japanese brand called kinto.
      i had a kona in my hand to buy in anticipation of the incoming MCM, and it was ¥8000. the kinto was almost idential...same stainless steel, same size, same angle, same perforations...but it was only ¥2000.
      we tried it out in our holiday apartment, with the in situ hario dripper, and it worked perfectly.
      just thought i would pass that along!

    31. James Conn on October 24, 2014

      Very excited, looking forward to a pre-Christmas delivery!

    32. Jeff Whittier on October 22, 2014

      Terrific. Thanks for the quick reply!

    33. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on October 22, 2014

      Jeff, you're a fast one! I'm working on an update for this week to talk about next steps. No survey has been sent yet, but will within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned.

    34. Jeff Whittier on October 22, 2014

      Glad to see on Twitter that it looks like shipment from China is about to begin. I haven't received the survey yet for fulfillment information. Has it been sent already, or was it delayed a bit since the units aren't yet on the boat? If it's been sent, what is the best way to troubleshoot not having received it?

    35. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on September 26, 2014

      @Nelson Update posted Sept 24th!

    36. corgimas on April 19, 2014

      Super sweet... Glad to be a part of this!!!!!

    37. denise on April 19, 2014


      Realistically for start ups there's no choice when it comes to manufacturing. I mean would you prefer to pay substantial more extra on top of pledge to get the same thing? Don't think there will be too many takers...

    38. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on April 19, 2014

      @jo holzer
      Manufacturers for the borosilicate glass used for MCM are not widespread. After contacting over a dozen US manufacturers, none could make this piece. I'm an advocate of US manufacturing, and plan to use it for future projects, but for some materials and processes it just isn't viable. Thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jo Holzer on April 19, 2014

      I congratulate you on your successful K ickstarter campaign and on your innovative design, but I am distressed to hear you are not k eeping your manfacturing in this country.

    40. Chris Gansen on April 18, 2014

      So excited that this was successful!

    41. Joe Krueger on April 18, 2014

      That was pretty stinking close.. Nice!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Aaron Sturm on April 18, 2014

      Congratulations on the successful campaign!

    43. Alan Robertson on April 18, 2014

      Awesome! Checked in this afternoon and were over!

    44. Jonathan Pautlitz on April 18, 2014

      YYYYYYEEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!! It is funded! So excited!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on April 18, 2014

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    46. MrTerenceChan on April 18, 2014

      Increased to us$210. Thanks. T

    47. Craighton Berman 8-time creator on April 18, 2014

      @mr Terrance Chen

      The total for 2 overseas would be $210 ($80x2 & $25x2). I request that the shipping be doubled because the final package size may require each unit to be shipped separately.


    48. patti flynn on April 18, 2014

      so excited to check in here tonight (australian time) and see the pledges at $101,610 and 13 hours to run!

    49. MrTerenceChan on April 18, 2014

      I have increased my pledge to us$185. Let me know if it's the right amount for 2 mcm, with overseas shipping included. Thanks. T

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