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A memoir about an inter-ability marriage- love, intimacy, disability and perseverance- these are the tracks that run through our lives.

Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll

Our journey together is etched in wheelchair tracks, carved by laughter and love; these are the stories of our lives.
-Barton and Megan Cutter

As a child, Barton Cutter dreamed of walking his bride down the aisle and whisking her over the threshold in his arms. His vision dwindled as he grew older, but he never fully accepted the reality of a motorized wheelchair or the label of cerebral palsy. Megan McLeod let the hope of marriage fade away as she boxed an unused wedding dress, mourning the loss of a failed relationship and the death of her mother. This unlikely couple encountered each other for the first time at a martial arts seminar in Tucson Arizona, and when they realized they were both writers, their curiosities were piqued.

Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll is more than just a memoir of Barton and Megan Cutter, an inter-ability couple. Together, they dive into the themes of intimacy, family influences and dynamics, communication, direct support staff and the balance of care giving, creating external and internal support networks, jobs/finances, losing faith in each other and themselves- and finding it again.

And the question that all of us are asking, “How does a couple, any couple, flourish in the midst of so many challenges?”

With new trends emerging to acknowledge the value and potential of people with disabilities and increased focus on inclusion in the community, these themes become a vital part of the dialogue and conversation that create sustainable change.

Currently there are few resources for individuals, couples or families that discuss the many aspects of intimacy, marriage, and relationships for those with disabilities. Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll looks at the personal experience of a married couple impacted by disability, with practical insights, discussion topics and a healthy dose of humor.

Need Subtitles to our video? Find a translation here!
We make every effort to make all of our material as accessible as possible, but IMovie was not conducive to creating subtitles or closed captioning. For your sanity (and ours) we have a large print word document on our blog page.

Check out our chapter list!

Check out Megan's blog as she discusses the collaboration process!

We need your help to provide a much-needed resource to thousands of individuals, families, direct support staff and professionals in our communities impacted by disability!

How You Can Help

We are looking at $6,500 for production cost for Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll. Here’s a breakdown: Editing ($500); Cover Design, Interior Layout and Logo ($3,000 base); Book Trailer ($2,000 base); Marketing ($1,000 base). We will also be looking for an accessible van to use for our book tour from October 2012 to October 2013.

All we are asking for is 50% of our base costs ($3,250). Kickstarter is all or nothing, and we need your help to succeed! If we are able to exceed our goal, we will be able to reach a wider audience with the potential to inspire more communities.
What we need is your investment to make our vision a reality and inspire families all across the world that children, youth and adults can live active and vibrant lives, no matter what their circumstances.

Help Us Spread the Word

Our goal is to have our manuscript be an inspiration for individuals with and without disabilities, youth, families, educators, and professionals in the disability field. We hope to reach beyond the disability community into the areas of relationships, youth and independence, health and community safety.

We know not everyone may be able to financially contribute to our project, but chances are you know someone who is involved in philanthropic efforts. Please feel free to pass on our needs to those in your community who may be able to help us!

As an inter-ability couple who is open about our experiences, we have the potential to impact many families, couples and individuals. We welcome any questions, comments or feedback about our project, or about anything else for that matter!


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