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Maury C. Moose is a children's book with puns, rhymes and quirky animal characters written for parents and kids to enjoy together!
89 backers pledged $5,725 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You & Top 10 Reasons To Back My Kickstarter Project

Posted by Adam Baker (Creator)

First off I would like to say that I have been overwhelmed by the support for my Kickstarter project. As I am writing this, I have 60 backers totaling $4,050. That means we've achieved over 80% of my goal in just 1 week!

I can't thank you guys enough for your support so far. I am on pace to not only meet my goal, but to blow the antlers off of it (haha, subtle moose joke).

I wanted to send an update to thank you, but also to answer a couple of questions. I've had a lot of people ask the following three questions:

1. Who did your artwork?

2. Who created your video?

3. Are you allowed to receive funds in excess of your goal?

Here are the answers:

1. The artwork was done by an awesome artist named Jennifer Marshall. And what's even better, she is a 2nd grade teacher and a parent of 3 young kids. Her and her kids’ feedback has been so valuable as I continue to make the book better. I am truly grateful to have her as part of this project.

2. My video was created by a good friend of mine named Dorrell Edwards. He is a very talented graphic designer and video producer. I had a blast shooting the video with him.

3. One great thing about Kickstarter is that they allow you to take home all funds you receive surpassing your goal. By going over the goal of $5,000 I will be able to afford more artwork, better printing rates and get many other things that will allow me to create a better book.

With three weeks left on my campaign, I continue to ask for your support in getting the word out about Maury C. Moose. For those of you who are still on the fence about passing the info along to friends and family, I've created a list of the top 10 reasons I think someone should back my project. Here they are...

Top 10 Reasons To Back My Kickstarter Project

10. Moose need more attention. Reindeer hog the spotlight around Christmas

9. You are looking for a new book to read with your kids

8. You have more money than you know what to do with

7. You are related to me and you don’t want the next family party to be awkward

6. You aren’t related to me, but you want to make up for the cheapskates in my family

5. I need your funding to do more pun-ding

4. You want to get some Christmas shopping done early

3. Moose are your favorite carnivores (Moose aren’t carnivores, are you even paying attention)

2. You are wondering if #3 used the right plural form of Moose

1. If I don’t get funding, my mom will have to do the artwork

Thanks again for the awesome support so far.

Adam Baker


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