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We want kids to have a place where they can CREATE, SHARE & BE INSPIRED!

We want kids to have a place where they can CREATE, SHARE & BE INSPIRED! Read More
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Cupcake & Cookie Decorating Parties for Kids!

Our Story

Bittersweet Cake Design was founded by Pastry Chef & Custom Cake Artist, Lisa Jackson, who wants to relocate and expand her Custom Cake business. We are currently in a small studio and wish to relocate to a bakery located in the heart of South Orange, a family oriented and diverse community, that will facilitate Cupcake and Cookie decorating parties for kids as well as a delivery service of our freshly baked goods!

Chef Lisa has enjoyed baking for more than 15 years and always enjoys making baked treats for her friends and family and sharing her baking secrets and recipes with her daughter passed down from the matriarchs in her family.  She enjoyed it so much that in 2009 she decided to go to culinary school to pursue her dream of becoming a Pastry Chef while working her full time job. She began her culinary education during a very difficult time when her Father was terminally ill with Alzheimer's.  Along with her Mother she assisted in his care until he passed away in 2010. He never got the chance to be a part of her journey or attend her graduation but she proudly completed her studies at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC and graduated with Highest Honors (thus the name, Bittersweet). With the support of her family, especially from her Mother, who is her source of great encouragement, she continues to follow her dream in dedication to her Father because she realized life was too precious and too short to not do the things you love to do. She made the tough decision to walk away from a 20 year career in Corporate Finance, cashed in ALL of her savings to purchase supplies, ingredients and equipment and started Bittersweet Cake Design in 2010!

All of our baking is done from scratch using the freshest, highest quality and local ingredients available. Not only do we make custom cakes, we make moist delicious cupcakes, buttery custom sugar cookies and gourmet TrufflePop cake pops all crafted by hand, not by a machine, and everything is made fresh to order.


Currently, we are limited on how many custom cake orders we can take per week because of insufficient space and unavailable funding options to begin this project. Sometimes we have to turn away business because of it, which we really hate to do, because we simply have no choice. In addition to our clients always inquiring from Chef Lisa if she would be willing to give classes to their children, we are always being asked ...."When are you going to get a bigger place, you should open a bakery" or "My daughter/son wants to learn how to make cakes like the Cake Boss", or " Wow, your cookies are the best around, we can't get these in a store anywhere."  We feel it's time to start giving our customers more of what we have to offer and with your assistance we will be able to do just that!

So, here we are! We are putting our plan into action. We want to expand by relocating to a larger location that will provide a decorating studio for kids where they can have decorating parties with their friends. It would be a great asset to our historic community and will allow us to continue servicing our customers as well.  There are no other bakeries in our town or surrounding areas offering such amenities. We would like to be that place. The new location will continue to be a "by appointment only" operation and will not be open to the public but will continue to raise revenue for the new space by offering home/office delivery of our freshly baked cupcakes, cookies and brownies, and call it BITTERSWEET-DELIVERY TREATS! 

All of the bookkeeping, advertising and inventory control, including website design and maintenance is currently handled by Chef Lisa at the moment. Her extensive background and experience working in customer service and  corporate finance gives us the ability to reserve costs for other needs than to hire someone to oversee these operations.  However, we would like to invest in a marketing campaign that will allow us to focus on getting the word out to schools and churches, local newspapers, local officials and news outlets to announce our project. We would also like to hire a part time college student to handle phones and make appointments. It is important to us to that we be able to keep the pricing affordable so that ALL children (ages 8-12) can participate and get involved. We will be offering group discounts to the local schools and churches and also advertise discount coupons in the town paper.

Flower Topped Cupcakes
Flower Topped Cupcakes
Halloween Cookies
Halloween Cookies

Since these parties will more than likely be held on the weekends during the school year, we anticipate having at least 6 parties per week and during the summer we wouldn't be limited to just the weekend. We will continue to make our custom cakes but our primary focus will be getting the buzz out about the latest attraction for the children to visit. (Another option other than hanging at the mall or riding the couch playing video games all day). With the addition of the BITTERSWEET - DELIVERY TREATS delivery service we will now offer, this will also give us some added cash flow we need to keep the design bakery operational. We will have a well trained culinary staff including a retired, NYC Public School Vice Principal/former teacher (who is also Chef Lisa's mom), on site to help out with party setup and coordination and be able to assist with instruction and guidance. Occasionally Chef Lisa's daughter lends a hand as well. Currently we have a total of 2 culinary school student interns(non paid) who assist us when needed and we would like to hire at least one of them full time to be a permanent part of the staff and continue to have interns help out to keep our costs down.

Let us share our love of baking and decorating with those that want to learn! It's no wonder with all the fascination of cake shows on TV nowadays showing how fun it is to decorate for adults that children are becoming more intrigued with what goes on at a bakery, so why not have a place where kids can come and learn all about what goes into creating delicious edible works of art and have fun doing it?

The decorating parties would include an "empty canvas", so to speak, of our cupcakes and/or cookies freshly baked on location, ready to be decorated. They will not only learn how to use a piping bag and roll out Fondant but will also learn about the science of baking along the way. We want it to be a FUN and MEMORABLE experience! Each party guest will get to take home all of their creations to share with their family and friends!!

Our ultimate goal is to be able to give children a chance to unleash their creativity, share their work and become even more inspired! With so many school programs cutting their Art programs, we want to be able to supplement those cuts with this project and continue to give kids the opportunity to dream and use their imaginations more. 

Let The FUN Begin!

The parties will be 3 hours and will consist of:

  • 1st 1/2 Hour - First everyone gets an apron. From there we take a tour of the bakery, meet the staff and answer any questions the kids might have about the baking process and try some baked samples.They then get to pick up their cupcakes and/or cookies from the baking rack and head back to the party area. If there is a party "theme" we will match the theme with icing colors and cookie shapes. (For example: It's a cookie party and the theme is "Under The Sea".  We will have fish shaped cookies and starfish shaped cookies and seashell shaped cookies, etc.


  • For the Next 2 Hours - Let's get the party started!!! There will be a station set up with a variety of colored frosting to choose from (for cupcakes) and colored fondant (for cookies), all sorts of decorative elements available, and edible food coloring for painting on cookies.  For the cupcakes each guest will have their own piping tip kit and we will give a quick demonstration on using the tips to help them create the designs they want. For the cookies we will demonstrate how to use a rolling pin to roll out fondant and how to apply it.
  • For the last 1/2 Hour - Everyone shares their designs with each other and then pack up their creations to take home. There will also be a "shop" area where their parents can purchase a prepackaged "at home kit" for their children to continue decorating at home if they would like.
Cookies made for the Arts In The Environment fundraiser event
Cookies made for the Arts In The Environment fundraiser event
Snowman Cupcakes
Snowman Cupcakes
Kids Spa Party Cookies
Kids Spa Party Cookies


We will only be able to continue our project with your assistance. First, we need to begin renting and renovating the space to accommodate a commercial bakery and turn it into a Baking Wonderland!  We will need to hire a contractor to begin the work, and pay for licensing, permits and inspection fees that are necessary before opening. Our goal is to be up and running by October 15, 2012. Since many commercial equipment supply manufacturers won't rent the big ticket items, a large amount of the funds will go towards the purchase professional equipment such as mixers, refrigeration, ovens, workbenches, tables and chairs to facilitate the parties, which we are hoping to buy used to help cut the enormous cost of buying new. We will also need other items such as baking racks, baking utensils, cookie cutters, packaging (recycled), ingredients, piping kits, rolling pins and aprons. The final phase of this plan will be to have a soft opening the weekend before the grand opening where we will invite some local kids to come be a part of the 1st class. Parents and visitors will be able to come in and look around and ask questions and book parties. The other component of the soft opening is to take our treats to the streets giving out samples and flyers to passers by informing everyone about the delivery service we will have as well!!!

AirForce1 Sneaker Cake!
AirForce1 Sneaker Cake!


  • Additionally by Spring of 2013, private instruction and group sessions that would consist of cake decorating and baking classes for both children and adults would be offered to increase revenue.
  • By the end of 2013 we will become mobile and take our treats on the go with a cupcake truck! We are passionate about our project and will continue taking the steps to reach the next level not only to succeed but to help others along the way.


  •  You will be helping us give children a place to be creative and learn the science of baking with REAL ingredients, exploring a world of possibilities in a clean, safe environment with a team of professionals! Who knows? We might inspire the NEXT GREAT BAKER, SWEET GENIUS, TOP CHEF or even the next CAKE BOSS!
  • You will give us the opportunity to share what we love to do EVERY DAY and continue contributing as an active member of our community by raising the bar in leadership and service.

  • You make it possible for us to continue providing work for our interns that are trying to make it through culinary school by gaining experience and learning how to operate a business, as well as, allow us to provide jobs for our local self employed  contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc with this project.

  •  No more buying over processed cupcakes and cookies for your child's party. Let them come to the Bittersweet Design Bakery to create magic, HAVE FUN, party like a rock star, we get to clean up the mess, and you (MOM or DAD) score an AWESOME and delicious treat after you pick them up!

 Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated and to show our appreciation you will have the opportunity to receive some of the delicious REWARDS we worked really hard to put together just for you:

***FOR INTERNATIONAL PLEDGES: Before pledging please send me an email with your postal code and the reward you would like so that I can calculate the cost of shipping for you.

Our Coffee mug, great for dunking cookies in!
Our Coffee mug, great for dunking cookies in!
Bittersweet Tote Bag
Bittersweet Tote Bag
TrufflePop Cake Pops
TrufflePop Cake Pops
Corporate Logo Cookies
Corporate Logo Cookies

Please help us bring this relocation/expansion project to life. We can not do it without you!

Remember, the Kickstarter program is all or nothing, which means if we don’t reach our goal in 45 days, we will not get any funds from any of you.  Even if you can't make a pledge, we would be so grateful if you spread the word about our project to everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, your job, your family and friends. Every bit of help counts and any donation you make will bring us closer to our dream and your reward!  If we build it...they will come. (smile)


It has always been our belief that, the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to share that gift. We hope that you will consider us and, we thank you for your much needed support! Once the project is under way we will post updates, pictures and videos to show our progress. We can not wait to get started!

The Bittersweet Cake Design Team

Check us out at:


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    About $5 USD

    2 backers Limited (48 left of 50)

    At this level you get a Bittersweet Cake Design refrigerator magnet and huge Thank You on our Facebook page for your support!

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    Pledge $25 or more
    About $25 USD

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    At this level you get the magnet as well as a 1/2 dozen of our most popular treats which include (3) gourmet chocolate dipped Trufflepop Cake Pops, and (3) Buttery fondant decorated sugar cookies with "Thank You" on top!

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    Pledge $50 or more
    About $50 USD

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    At this level you will receive a dozen of our gourmet treats which include 1/2 dozen Trufflepops, AND a 1/2 dozen "Thank You" Sugar Cookies AND your very own Bittersweet Cake Design Tote Bag!

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    Pledge $100 or more
    About $100 USD

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    At this level you will receive 2 dozen "Thank You" Sugar Cookies, 2 dozen Trufflepops, Bittersweet Tote Bag and a Bittersweet logo coffee mug!

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    Pledge $200 or more
    About $200 USD

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    At this level you get 50 custom designed sugar cookies and 50 Trufflepops(2 flavors), magnet and tote bag! This option is also our CORPORATE LEVEL OPTION: WITH THIS OPTION THE COOKIES AND TRUFFLEPOPS WILL FEATURE YOUR COMPANY LOGO AND WE FEATURE YOUR BUSINESS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $500 or more
    About $500 USD

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    At this level you will receive a Cookie or Cupcake decorating party held at our new location(hopefully) for 10 children(ages 8-12) which includes all materials and take home treats made at the party! You will also receive everything offered at the $100 gift level!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $750 or more
    About $750 USD

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    At this level your will receive a 3 hour PRIVATE instruction class(ages 13 and up) on cake decorating and take home the decorated fondant cake you created. You will also receive 2 dozen gourmet cupcakes (2 flavors) with 2 dozen matching custom sugar cookie favors designed to your specification for your next party/celebration! (Pickup only)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    At this level you not only get the magnet, the coffee mug and the tote bag, you will receive a custom designed specialty cake made to your specifications enough for 75 people as well as 50 matching gourmet cupcakes (2 flavor choices) and 50 custom sugar cookie favors and 25 Trufflepops(1 flavor choice) to have at your next big party/celebration! We will also feature you on our Facebook page and Website and you will receive a handwritten Thank You letter on our letterhead signed by Chef Lisa! (Local Delivery Only)

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