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Support for Montreal FRINGE Festival!'s video poster

(c)ollaborate 78 is an artist collective working in and out of Lafayette, Louisiana, merging visual art, music and dance. Read more

Lafayette, LA Dance
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This project was successfully funded on April 29, 2012.

(c)ollaborate 78 is an artist collective working in and out of Lafayette, Louisiana, merging visual art, music and dance.

Lafayette, LA Dance
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(c)ollaborate 78

(C)ollaborate 78 was founded by visual artist, Marla Kristicevich and choreographer, Paige Krause. Both were drawn together as collaborators to merge and explore the shared space of performance and visual art in which the nature of the work creates an environment which captures an audience for a given time.

(c)78 is interested in the dialogue between other contributors and between the community which surrounds them, examining the relationship and integration between contemporary dance, sculptural design and original sound. Their work and events have taken place in both traditional and non-traditional spaces. Often, they are interested in bringing art to an audience, staging events in backyards, vacant neighborhood lots, glass stairwells, galleries and reinvented apartments, just to name a few!

St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival

Here is where we need your support!

We were recently selected to perform this June 2012 at the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival! The festival highlights music, comedy, dance and theatre including local, national and international artists. This being our first international festival we are so very excited to showcase our work!

The festival is less than three months away, so due to a quick timeline, typical funding channels (grants, etc.) aren't available. We are holding 3 local fundraisers, applying for individual artist grants and saving money on our own! 

All together, our budget totals $8, far, we have $2,000.

We are asking for your support in helping us reach our Kickstarter goal of $4,000. Your generous donation will go towards:

  • Travel expenses, including airfare and van rental
  • Housing accommodations for our 11-day stay in Montreal
  • Small daily stipends for a cast of 7
  • Supplies to re-create a portable set

We hope that you will consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign and help us on our adventure to the Montreal FRINGE Festival this June!

No donation is too small! Thanks for taking the time, spreading the word and supporting our work!


An intimate performance that follows four performers as they challenge the line between reality and fantasy. A physical manifestation of the compartmentalization of past memories and imagined realities.

Choreographer, Paige Krause, has been working as the artist in residence for the past year at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. Her work dissolves the traditional idea of the stage into a plane on which performers journey through the delicate lines of the human body, unfolding an intimate voyage of movement. 

Composer/musician, Philippe Landry, performs a live, original score in the space with the performers. The mix of folk, experimental, classical and vocal music, creating awkward associations and juxtapositions, punctuating each section of movement, suggesting dreams, memories and spaces.

Sculptor/visual artist, Marla Kristicevich, constructs and creates an environment through her work that activates the space not only for the audience but also for the performers, articulating I'VE STOPPED HAVING THAT DREAM I'VE BEEN HAVING as a live installation.

Lighting Designer:     Brian Schneider

Performers:  Esther Winn Burley, Kara St. Clair, Jamie Faulk & Chad Trahan

Videographer:           Jessalyn Newton & Trey Hopson


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    Your name will appear in our program at the Montreal Fringe Festival this June!

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    A very heartfelt thank you for your support!
    The above + a personalized postcard from Montreal from the cast!

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    We couldn't do what we do without YOU!
    The above + a surprise photo, printed and framed, of the cast in Montreal...pure Entertainment, WE PROMISE!

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    Your making us blush!
    The above + an invitation to our final week of rehearsals and our dress rehearsal, complete with an adult beverage to sip on while watching! (and if you don't live in the south you will receive by mail a handmade book with some of the best southern cocktail recipes, including a printed photo from the original work taken by photographer Gwen Aucoin-she ROCKS!)

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    Our heart beats for YOU! The above + a limited edition compilation from composer/musician Philippe Landry, including selected 'acoustic' interpretations and remixes of the dance score, field recordings, sketches, and studies made during spring and fall 2011 rehearsals. In addition each disc will come in handmade packaging with original artwork!

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    You love us, you really LOVE us!
    The above + an original and amazing stencil of you created by visual artist, Marla Kristicevich! Just send us three things: 1. A picture of you 2. Your favorite color 3. An answer to a question that we will email to you. And what does that equal? A personalized piece of art made just for YOU!

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    You have stolen our HEARTS!
    A personalized, handmade book created by choreographer, Paige Krause. This book will include photos, texts and notes that she collected over her year long development of I'VE STOPPED HAVING THAT DREAM I'VE BEEN HAVING and tickets to our performance at FRINGE, or if you can't make FRINGE, tickets for our performances at a future date!

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    Mad, mad love from us to YOU!
    The above + an invitation to a beautiful backyard brunch the week before we leave for Montreal! The cast will spend a Sunday morning in the shade with mimosas and music as we begin our adventure to FRINGE! (if you live somewhere other than the South, we will make sure you receive a big box of love from won't be disappointed!)

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