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What happens when you're putting your child to bed and your imagination goes wild? Grab your Phaser and find out!
What happens when you're putting your child to bed and your imagination goes wild? Grab your Phaser and find out!
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A sad update...

Posted by Deadpool Speaks (Creator)

First of all let me apologize for not being on here to see all the comments that everyone has left.

As most of you may or may not know my area was hit with Hurricane Micheal, and for a bit, this project was the furthest thing from my mind. I was honestly not aware of a lot of things going on around me.

That's no excuse though. As the creator of this book and series, it was my responsibility to keep everyone informed, and I didn't. It wasn't for abandonment, it was to cover for a friend, whose reputation I was trying to salvage.

Rober always told me that his dream was to work as an artist. I tried to expose his art to as many people as possible. He is not only beloved by my fans, but also by me.

It was because of this that I began to allow him to slip up and miss deadlines. I do understand that things do happen. His laptop was stolen, his job gave him more responsibilities, but still.

Following his Instagram page and having him as a friend on Facebook, I would see him create some beautiful and wonderful art, but it wasn't for me. So I would get on him, but in a polite way. I hate confrontation, and that is my personal flaw and cross to bare, so I let a lot slide.

I even commissioned him to do one art piece for me that had nothing to do with the book and he got that done quickly. So maybe it was boredom with the project, I thought. So I tried other tactics to push him. Nothing worked and he continued to drag his feet.

This obviously hurt me in the long run, as my last book (with art work from a different artist, but that was just as cute) tanked hard. It brought all my projects to a hard stop, as I had felt diminished by failure. Between my health issues and this disappointment, I let a lot sit by the wayside.

Attached to this post you will see my conversations specifically dealing with this book in chronological order.

Four pages from the book are missing, but I believe, if need be, I can finish the book with what I have and some creative editing. I'll leave this decision up to you. I can continue to pressure Rober to get these done and by publicly calling him out get him to finish a project which showcased his daughter, or do some creative editing and bring this project home. Let me know in your comments.

I'll be closely following your responses and I'll make sure that all rewards will get filled. Commissioned art will be completed by me. When needed, I can do some great stuff, and I'll do my do-diligence with what I can.

Thank you, Karim

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    1. Ritarsha Y. King
      7 days ago

      I’m down for either and willing to wait. I just ask that you not ghost and keep us informed

    2. Deadpool Speaks 4-time creator on

      @Robert Abbott: actually reach out to me here:

      message the page and it will go right to me!

    3. Deadpool Speaks 4-time creator on

      I did as I said and blasted this. I know he will see it and I'll make a decision before the end of the month. As I showed in the pictures, this book is ready to go to the printers. I repurposed some of the old art for the back cover and such, just to move it along.

      Robert I will message you personally to give you my info! I want nothing more than to get new and budding artists out there!!

    4. Robert Abbott

      Talked to her and she said she would love to help you out and wouldn’t do you wrong. If you want her to re-illustrate this book she would be up for it...that’s a big deal so not sure you would want to go that route. Anyway, give it some thought...just trying to help you out and if I can get my niece putting pen/pencil to paper more that would be great too.

    5. Terri

      I agree with Robert, you have a better feel for what you want and need. You are pretty talented on your own:)

    6. Robert Abbott

      Do what you feel is right. I’m ok with you just working your magic and edit it to finish or if you want to put on the gloves and go after those last 4 pages then I’m ok with that as well. On a side note, If you are looking for another artist or illustrator, my niece did all the art for my mothers children’s books (3 books). She would get you you art you would need. She loves drawing and has been doing it for years for fun. She is in school full time, not working so she would have the time. I can get her to send you samples or you can ask for something specific and she can knock it out and send it to you. Don’t want to see you call it quits, you have a good talent.